Clowns of Cabala


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Clowns of Cabala

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The Cabalists that originated in the Languedoc in the 13th century spread their fantasies and disruption through the fake Messiahs Sabbatei Tzevi and later through Jacob Frank to the Christian world and beyond.

The results of this can be seen in Rosicrucian Freemasonry and even in the warped thinking of the New Age and the language of the present times.

It is a cult based on untruths and subversion of the natural order of the universe.

The term Cabala refers to a particular variety of Jewish mysticism, which first emerged in the 13th century in Provence and Catalonia. It was concerned with “the inner structure and processes taking place within the divine realms, on whose metaphysical dynamics the Cabalists tried to exert influence.”

Born in overheated brains and fed by megalomania, obsessive mystery and fantasy.

Also an attempt to interpret biblical texts and creation through “mystical” ramblings.

It includes gematria, the decoding of words with numbers and revolves around the 22 letters of the Hebrew language.

The descendents of the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, are generally credited with inventing the 22-letter alphabet letters, each representing a sound, at about 1300 BCE.

The Phoenician trunk of the alphabetic tree then branched out into three distinctive alphabetic sets: Greek (about 1100 BCE), ancient Hebrew (about 900 BCE) and Aramaic (about the 8th century BCE).

At this point we have to point out that the alphabet we call Hebrew today is, strictly speaking, not Hebrew at all.

About the end of the sixth century BCE the Hebrew language discarded the ancient Hebrew letters and adopted Aramaic ones. This dramatic act is documented in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Bible and commented on in the Talmud and in Greek sources.

Hebrew is the word of God in letters according to the Cabalists but this is another false claim as can be seen from the history of the Hebrew and Aramaic languages.

                                               Sabbatei Tzevi

Jacob Frank


It was to negatively influence many thinkers and was introduced to the European lodges of Freemasonry from the 1700’s, its influence can also be seen in today’s New Age Cults.

The Fake Messiah’s of Sabbatean Frankism Sabbatei Tzevi and Jacob Frank lead millions of followers and after the conversion of Tzevi to Islam the followers became crypto Muslims, know as the Donme.

See our shows below for a full history.



The Ten Sephiroth, the “Tree of Life”.

Cabala influenced The Age of Reason, and the Enlightenment of the 1700’s which became the age of unreason and the current post truth world where facts are subjective and now ultimately depend on whether they are deemed to be harmful to others.

It is used  as a reversal of the natural order through the belief that man can control and usurp nature and the natural order of the universe.

It was a major influence on the Rosicrucian Order and The New Age


The Rose Cross Mystery

Bernard Pick in his book published in 1913 “Cabala and its influence on Christianity” gives the whole system a thorough examination and the conclusions are the same as anyone who has objectively studied the it.

He quotes a professor a well regarded Professor Wünsche,

By making the Bible a text-book to elicit deeper ideas, the greatest nonsense and rubbish came to light. The so-called hidden mysteries and revelations were nothing but fancies whirling in the heads of the Cabalists.”

“It is also clear that The literature of the Cabala clearly proves that its representatives had completely lost the sense for a suitable understanding of the words of scripture.”

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