Messiah of Israel

“I doubt that, in the entire history of the Jewish people in the Diaspora, a period of 2,000 years, one could ever find a man comparable in stature to the incredible character that was the Baron Edmond de Rothschild – the builder of the Jewish Yishuv in our renewed homeland”.

(David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, eulogized the Baron)



Edmond de Rothschild 1845-1934

Baron Edmond de Rothschild


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Pawns in the Game – Israel and Beyond

In this show we look at The Greater Israel Plan and the Messiah who set up the project known as Modern Day Israel.

We will be looking at:

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer: aka Father of the Third Return to Zion D: Rabbi Kalischer’s Letter to Baron Rothschild – Introduction [25th August 1836. Nathaniel Mayer (Puggy) von Rothschild (1836-1905)


The Red Shield


The Rothschilds (Yiddish for ‘Red sign’), used the hexagram symbol of Saturn or Repham in the red color of the Sabbatean “Red Letters” widely circulated in Europe at the time when  Jews were advised to convert outwardly to Catholicism.

The “Red Letters” as they were in red ink were widely circulated in Europe at the time.

The Red Letters letters which may have been the real inspiration for Rothschild were circulated by Czechoslovakians and called upon European Jews to convert to Catholicism and warned of impending disaster. They were not converting to Christianity but outwardly to Catholicism.

It was Amschel Mayer Rothschild that changed the banking firms name from Bauer to The Redshield firm when he took over the business.

Mayer Amschel had a known association with Jacob Frank (the founder of the Frankist sect of Sabbateanism), and there are accounts of meetings between Frank, Rothschild, and Adam Weisschaupt (founder of the Illuminati) in Frankfurt.


The Holy Sin of False Messiah


At least one son of A.M. Rothschild is known to have been a member of the Illuminati, which was shortly thereafter made illegal in Germany.

Jacob Frank had claimed to be the reincarnation of Sabbati Z’vi, and converted outwardly to Roman Catholicism.

A number of the Rothschild family followed Jacob Frank and likewise converted, so it may be more accurate to describe the Rothschild’s as Frankist rather than Sabbatean.

The Sabbatean-Frankist movement is alive and well today inside Judaism, Christianity , Islam, secular Zionism, and Freemasonry (and other illuminist societies).


The Elected Priesthood of The Universe


Frankists are outwardly something else and never divulge their membership of the Cult to the public.

The Rothshchild Banker Edmund de Rothschild bankrolled “The Home for Jews in Palestine”. It was a City of London Project as much as the Bank of Geneva The Rothschild are now as English as any that claim aristocracy status

Nationalists, Internationalists, Globalist.

Jacob Frank


More on The Sabbatean Frankists

Clowns of Cabala


Modern Israel was a British concept.

Israeli Historian Gershon Scholem quotes what he says sums up the beliefs of the Frankists:


Know that “it is time for the Lord to work, [for] they have made void] law” [Ps. 119:-226], and in this connection the rabbis of blessed memory have said [Sanhedrin 97a] [that the Messiah will not come] “until the kingdom is entirely given over to heresy”

The essence of the Sabbatean’s conviction, in other words, can be summarized in a sentence:

 “It is inconceivable that all of God’s people should inwardly err, and so, if their vital experience is contradicted in the facts, it is the facts which stand in need of explanation.”

“The Holy One, blessed be He, does not ensnare even the animals of the righteous, much less the righteous themselves, to say nothing of so terribly deceiving an entire people. . . .And how is it possible that all of Israel be deceived unless this be part of some great divine plan?”

This sums up the mixing of prophecy with an agenda perfectly. This excuse is one of the main problems of today.


The mixing up of prophecy with an all out war waged by deception is a disastrous mix.

In other words the False Messiah is the real one only because people believe he is, because he says so.

Will the present Anglo Zionist created state be allowed to destroy itself before being integrated into a bigger plan?


The Global Planners may have had this in mind all along, but first lets look at some history



Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer: Father of the Third Return to Zion



D: Rabbi Kalischer’s Letter to Baron Rothschild – Introduction:


Here… Thorn… May He be blessed… 12th Ellul 5596 [25th August 1836]

Glorified, you see him:

A noble and lord in Israel.

Many nations pay him tribute —

For his purse is ample.

Men of understanding seek to learn

Why his cloak is red.

His helping holy shield “[indecipherable]

Surety he is from the stock of Jesse,

A sprout from Judah bearing fruit.

The shield of his banner reddens,

His breastplate is righteousness

And a helmet of salvation lies upon his head. (trans. Myers)

The Content of the Request


I come not for my honour nor the honour of my father’s house,

Neither monetary gain nor a loan thereof is my prayer,

Rather, I request the salvation of the exiles of my people,

And I seek the order of the divine service in Jerusalem,

With these the yearnings of my heart, to him I shall turn,

Like an eagle, he will spread his wings over his chicks,

And God on high will set him in circles of justice,

The Lord will save his messiah, the one who acts righteously,

The prince Asher Anshel ‘red shield’, peace be to him. (trans. Belovski)

The redemption of Israel and the righteous messiah!

whom we constantly await—do not imagine that God, blessed be his

name, will suddenly descend from on high and say to his people ‘Go forth’, or that he will send his messiah without warning from heaven to blow the great  shofar and gather the scattered of Israel and surround [Jerusalem] with a wall of

fire, as he promised through his servants the prophets.

Not so… [indecipherable] certainly all the promises of the prophets

will be fulfilled in the end of days as the redemption is completed, but we will not go swiftly or hastily in one day.

The redemption of Israel will come gradually, salvation will slowly flower, until finally Israel will wax strong and flourish, and all signs and promises of the holy prophets will come to pass.

All this I will clarify for you, with God’s help, through proof

texts from the prophets… and reason. (trans. Myers

Redemption will begin through natural causes, through human actions, and through the will of the kings to bring together a few of the scattered of Israel to the Holy Land like Cyrus did, and so too in the future redemption will occur

when God stirs the gentile kings to send out the Jews. . . .

When a larger number of the remnants of Israel accumulate in

the Holy Land and Jerusalem, and they repair the destroyed altar and offer a sacrifice as a savoury smell to God, then the Lord will be pleased to send the light of his countenance to descend upon his people.

For certainly when we appeal to God through a sacrifice, we become cleansed of all our sins, and God will once again be merciful to us and bring the

complete redemption and eternal happiness.

At that time the wars over the Land of Israel will occur, the wars of Gog and

Magog mentioned in the Book of Ezekiel, and then God’s messiah and all his holy minions and God will rejoice in his creation and alone rule over all humanity. (trans. Myers)

The leading Jews from all over the world will gather together and make [the Land of Israel] a settled land, full of many Jews.

For without a doubt there will be many rich, pious Jews from all over who will travel there for an honoured burial in holy soil, under a Jewish government, and also to merit their part of the savoury smell of the sacrifice, accepted by God on the alter.

And just as a flock increases under a person’s guidance, without a doubt his wealth will quadruple – as will his righteousness without measure.

This excerpt from Rabbi Kalischer’s Letter to Baron Rothschild sets out the Israel plan and the later bankrolling of Israel by Edmond de Rothschild.


The idealized homeland for Jews is of course the cover story. What is perhaps most intriguing about this argument is its connection to Jewish sovereignty.

In the above passage Kalischer asserts that the purchased land would be ‘under a Jewish government’ and at the same time Rothschild’s private enterprise.

This would occur, he explains, at the instigation of the world rulers: ‘Eternal happiness will be his, because the good of all Israel depends on him, and all the kings of the earth will grant him majestic. kingship, for they will rejoice in his greatness.’

Rothschild’s ascension to royalty in this manner would be a natural and peaceful progression of events. This passage indicates some seriousness in identifying  Rothschild as the messiah.

This scenario fits his description of the Messiah as ‘a righteous man who arises and rules over the Jews and subjects them, in his land, to the laws of the Torah, and restores sacrificial worship to Jerusalem.

Yet establishing Jewish sovereignty was not Kalischer’s goal, or even major concern – it appears as a passing remark designed to strengthen the proposal’s appeal.

He did not seek a Jewish state for its own sake or, as Zionists would. later argue, for the normalization of Jewish status. For him, the establishment of a-

Jewish kingdom was but one of many steps in the journey to full redemption.

Few realize today how much the third return to Zion owes to the work of a militantly orthodox rabbi, a devout and erudite Talmudist, whose patriarchal beard, flowing earlocks, and long black coat stamped him as a member of an age gone by, rather than as a visionary amazingly ahead of his contemporaries.

The Chovevei Zion (The Lovers of Zion), the first Jewish colonists to till the soil of Palestine, and Herzl himself, built on the foundation laid by this unusual rabbinic personality

Although Rothschild’s response, if any, is unknown, it is known that Kalischer subsequently wrote to Sir Moses Montefiore, apparently in 1839 and also to Abraham (Albert) Cohen, the gabbai zedekah, manager of philanthropic funds, of the Rothschild family in Paris, in 1860.

In that same year, 1860, Kalischer joined an organization founded by Dr. Chaim Lurie, the Society for the Colonization of Palestine in Frankfurt on the Oder.

Finally, in 1862, Kalischer’s major and highly influential work, Drishat Zion, was published, and it came to be a seminal work in the literature of religious Zionism.


He not only wrote to wealthy Jews in an effort to enlist their financial assistance in building up the land; he also detailed the directions which that building should take.

It is significant that two of his suggestions, the establishment of an agricultural cooperative as the economic foundation of settlement and the establishment of an agriculture school in Eretz Israel, were both seconded by Moses Hess and became realities in later years.

The latter was realized when the Alliance Israelite Universelle founded the well-known agricultural school, Mikveh Israel, in 1870 and the former, with the adoption by the Palestine Office of the World Zionist Organization of an emphasis on agricultural development, in the early 1900s.


This land mass always was a strategic asset and its status as the homeland is as artificial as the claims of those who now inhabit it.



The idealism which started the state of Israel started with idealism, messianic belief and continued through terrorism and the illegal appropriation of the Palestine.


This having nothing to do with the original Balfour Declaration, “a Home for Jews in Palestine”.

One cannot help but think a bigger objective is now at play. Let us have another dive into history which involves the creation of a continental European state. This was the inception of the current Europe. How does the allowed slaughter in Israel Palestine fit in?

It might be part of something much bigger and not just as the Anglo American Zionists think, something which benefits an elitism based on false belief. The European Plan was a strategic alliance of elitists with their global governance plan starting with The Pan European movement.


In conclusion

The Greater Israel Plan which the extremists want to impose may not be all in their favour.

Are the actions of the hate filled supremacists being exposed to the world by this apparent consent to what they are doing? Are they being exposed by their own actions for the Global Common Good?

If we look through the apparent smokescreen of the News networks the truth of what is going on is now there for all to see. Could it be that the relentless pursuit of control and extermination of Palestinians at all costs is being deliberately exposed to break up present day Israel under an international agreement?

Maybe Edmond De Rothschild knew this all along and his plan is for complete control and not through those who falsely believe they are chosen but those who actually hold the real power through finance, like himself, those of the global financial system which is now based on world communitarian communism through fake environmentalism have their operation in place.


The troublemakers are being allowed to go too far, but for what reason?


The present day land mass which was recently named Israel could be just another long term strategy based on the neurosis and racism of those who control the present inhabitants through the pharisees, the Rabbis and the Ultra Orthodox.


Lets go back to October 5th 1926. This from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

“Several Jewish European leaders took a prominent part in the first Pan-European Congress which opened here Sunday, when the movement to establish a United States of Europe, modelled after the United States of America, took definite shape.”

The idea advocated at the congress was the establishment of the United States of Europe, excepting England and Soviet Russia.

Funny how things have turned out. All just Pawns in the game.

“The keynote of the Congress was sounded by Paul Loebe, president of the German Reichstag, and Francis de Laisi, a Frenchman, Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, an Austro-Japanese, who launched the movement in 1923, Rudolph Goldscheid and Bronislaw Huberman, who delivered the principal addresses.

Many individual European Jews are furthering the Pan-European movement by giving it financial support.

Among the messages received from various countries were those from Luigi Luzzatti, Leon Blum, Georg Brandes, Georg Bernhard, Harry Warburg and Max Rheinhardt.

Count Coudenhove Kalergi, who is married to Ida Roland, a Jewess, when interviewed by the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency here expressed his opinion that the Pan-European movement ought to find particular support on the part of the Jews who are scattered throughout the various countries in Europe. The creation of the United States of Europe would be beneficial to the Jews as it would eliminate racial hatred and economic rivalry, he said.”

With this Rothschild and Elite Cult finance it looks like the Cabal are in charge, however, there may be more to it than is immediately obvious


The Greater Israel Plan may not include those who believe it is theirs by prophecy.


Could it be that the bigger plan is to integrate and take apart what has become Israel. The idealists and elitist Zionists with their Talmudic and Cabalist beliefs in their own divinity and putting themselves alongside God may have been already accounted for, even by Rothschild himself.

It’s all about the strategy. Those that have strong yet unfounded beliefs may be mere puppets.It does not seem so right now, but we have to see beyond the atrocities currently unfolding and ask, why?

Are the insanely driven Talmudists, Sabbateans, Cabalists and their Rabbinical belief system also just pawns in the game?

The world seems to be saying little about the extremist’s audacity and the obvious neurotic hatred that is being dispensed against the Palestinian semites.

Are they being allowed to expose their crimes and inability to stop their inter generational hatred based on the opinions of those who lead them?

Jesus himself was saying the same thing about the people who were being lead by the Pharisees, the Rabbis and their elevation of themselves through false teachings.

Something very interesting happened recently. In 2023 David Cameron has appeared as Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom.

Cameron is a change agent and globalist puppet who is a major influencer of global governance. His Big Society in 2010 started Britain’s slide into Consensus through Communitarianism.

The Big Society, this was the first time it was stated that “no one would be left behind.” Agents of change were put into every public office and Citizens were to be united through a Common Cause for the Common Good.

The new brand of Old-Fashioned Communism for the trivial minded do gooder and the training of the public to turn on those who do not conform to whatever propaganda was being imposed.

Communitarianism (Big Society) “All rights come with responsibilities”, “the responsive community.”

The present system of Global Totalitarianism through the word “community” all started with Cameron. Cameron is a Globalist


BBC: David Cameron warns Israel over Gaza civilian casualties


“David Cameron said those responsible for “settler violence” in the West Bank must be prosecuted. Lord Cameron has warned Israel that it will never be secure unless there is “long-term safety, security and stability” for the Palestinian people.”

This sounds like a threat and that something is coming down the line which has been planned. Cameron is just the mouthpiece for it

BBC: In his first full interview as foreign secretary, he welcomed Friday’s pause in the fighting to get hostages out of Gaza and humanitarian aid in.

But he told the BBC that civilian casualties in Gaza were too high.

He is going against the mainstream tradition of portraying the Israelis as the perpetual victims

He also said that Israeli forces must abide by international humanitarian law.

Lord Cameron urged Israel to crack down on what he called “completely unacceptable” violence by settlers in the occupied West Bank.

This is unprecedented. Cameron has always been 100 percent behind the greater the Israel plan

It was important for Israel to realise, he said, that “it must act in a way that delivers its long-term security” and he said that would ultimately depend on “Palestinians living in peace and stability and security in this land at the same time”.

So, what is coming? Long term security is globalist for complete control by the globalists. The global financial operation and its policy makers

He also said that getting Arab countries involved in working for a future for the Palestinian people that gave them some kind of security was “a very big part of the picture”.

Every word here is well chosen and from those who are pulling the strings

Lord Cameron was speaking on the day he visited Ramallah in the West Bank where he met Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority and other senior Palestinian leaders.

He announced the UK would give a further £30m in humanitarian aid to the United Nations and other agencies on the ground in Gaza, mainly shelters, blanket, food and medicine. He said Israel had a right to self-defence and what happened on 7 October was “completely appalling”, but he added:

“When I met the Israeli president, prime minister and others, I stressed over and over again that they must abide by international humanitarian law, that the number of casualties are too high and they have to have that at the top of their minds.”


In other words the globalists are giving them a warning, which it seems they know the Extremist Israelis will not heed. They are not meant to. It looks like they are being allowed to fully expose themselves and their intentions to wipe out Amelek, their eternal enemies killing all civilians. This if true would force the world to take action.

He said he would have a “continuous dialogue” with Israel about this and also the rising settler violence in the West Bank.

“People are actually targeting and on occasion killing Palestinian civilians, it’s completely unacceptable and those people responsible for that, it’s not good enough just to arrest them, they need to be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. These are crimes.”

This is very strongly worded, a warning from the real power brokers maybe?Lord Cameron said he had come to Israel to talk to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders about the future.


“There won’t be long term safety and security and stability for Israel, unless there is long term safety, security and stability for the Palestinian people,”

“And you have to start thinking about the future…you’ve got to paint a picture of Palestinians living in peace and stability.”

He added: “You’ve got to think about what will happen in Gaza after this conflict has finished and how is that going to be stabilised? How is that going to be secure?

How is it going to be governed?

How indeed, the relentless hate and neurotic elitism is definitely not globalists

We know where the perceived power is at the moment but this is an interesting development to say the least


“And then you’ve got to think about how you start to build the capacity for there to be a state in which Palestinians can live in stability and security, that, of course, that’s difficult. But you have to try.”


You have to try, or else?

Israel is just another piece of land, a bankrolled asset which may be just another pawn in the game.




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