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WOTW Presents: The Bigger Picture 

Our series of talks The Bigger Picture  are available to book through the website.

Essential Information from Mark Windows, Piers Corbyn and Sandi Adams. 

The Global Local Con

Latest Events:

 The Bigger Picture: Global local agenda explained
Mark Windows. Piers Corbyn, Sandi Adams.
Saturday 17th November 12 till 6pm. 
Bar and Food available:
St Sebastians Centre, 1 Douglas Green, Salford M6 6ES.
Sunday 18th Nov: 12 till 6pm:
The Bigger Picture with Mark. Piers and Sandi:
Monday 19th evening: Mark Windows talk: 
Living beyond The Post Truth World
How are we defined in the”system” and outside of it. 
The talk features how are we defined as “property” and when this assumption started.

From ecclesiastical doctrine and the Poor Laws up to the present administrative system including the now broken rule of law, the administrative system and dealing with remote authority.

Mark talks about his successes and solutions in dealing with courts, bailiffs, councils and more. From Council Tax to police corruption and exposing abuse of the”Crimestoppers” website, which resulted in the removal of hundreds of profiles  proving these people were not “Most Wanted”, so why were they there?

“Crimestoppers” Takedown

All talks can be booked through the website: info@windowsontheworld.net

Richie Allen Show with Mark Windows and Sandi Adams talk about

THE BIGGER PICTURE. Starts @32 mins in.


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