Globalist “Shamens” of Gaia

This show looks at how the New Age agenda is used to promote globalist objectives. The show looks at the beginnings of the UN involvement in the New Age and how the Global Action Plan of Agenda 21 has been funnelled into the minds of the new age crowd.

The cults which facilitated the objectives of Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030 aka Sustainable Development were backed by then UN Gen SEC Robert Muller in the 1970’s and later by Maurice Strong.

The show covers the activities at the BACA ranch run by  Maurice Strong, who was instrumental in starting the whole agenda, this from

“Canadian multimillionaire Maurice Strong, a former deputy secretary general of the United Nations,executive director of the United Nations’ environmental program, chairman of the UN’s Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and a person who is working as diligently as he can with his mystic second wife Hanne to help create a New Earth-Friendly Religion.”

The “Wisdom Keepers”, a UN backed group of “tribal elders” push the climate change narrative at festivals and events despite being described as elders and wisdom keepers. This is a very ironic description of these globalist pawns spouting an implanted narrative along with the usual cliches which are repeated by the “shamens” of the agenda.

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Globalist “Shamens” of Gaia



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