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Earth – The Final Battle


MP talks about The Big Society and Communitarianism:


The above quote is from Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, Essex.


The system we are under is very rarely spoken of.

We have talked about the communitarian system since 2010.

When the likes of Halfon speak of this system it is a rare and useful insight.

Check out our articles on The Communitarian Agenda.

For a background and history of Communitarianism see this recent article, show and links”

The Communitarian Agenda

Information about how this “Global to Local” agenda is rolled out

Big Society Change Agents


This article accompanies our revelations of the methods used against the individual for the “common good”. It has been the subject of many shows in our archive. This article outlines a simplified example of management  which is the overarching software of the new global system.

The hardware is the technocratic global health security system under what is in effect totalitarianism masquerading as “community”


The Communitarian “Community Organizing” groups that you will be coerced into locally use very simple methods for taking over the narrative of public opinon.


Examples such as:

“Collective Action”, “Citizens Action Programme”, “Direct Action”, “Community Action Group”, “Grassroots”

        The Community Organizer or Community Leader appears.

 Once the people have united behind the cause the leader can slip into the background and delegate to facilitators.


The template is:

Find a “Common Symbol” to “Unite” the “Community” against eg Climate Change, Covid 19, Anti Racist, Social Cleansing etc

Unite against a Problem = Create Common Enemy

Define “Common Enemy”

Eg: The climate change and current pandemic strategy makes mankind the enemy of itself therefore all imposed rules are for “The Common Good”.


Silence all opposition

Find easy derogatory phrases: Currently these include “Fascist”, “Nazi”, “White Supremacist”, “Far Right”. “Anti Vax”


Exploit Shared Differences.

Clearly Defined Enemy = Unity of Community = Direct Action = series of already established goals that are seemingly achieved.

Conflict =

Defeat Common Enemy

= A victory

= Further Unity

= Communitarianism


The masses join side and demonize all outside the new narrative.

Create a simple spectacle which cannot be ignored

= Faster Progress than through bureaucratic processes.

Once the group are on board fully they can be steered into any number of causes as long as they look and sound worthy.

The way to stay out of the communitarian hive mind and infiltration of all is to be outside it yet not obviously in conflict with it.


Here is a mission statement which can be used to counter “change agents” and deal with demonization of your group.

We are an unaffiliated group of local residents concerned about the lack of democratic process in local government planning and policy.

We will remain unaffiliated as individuals acting collectively and within the law towards a truly inclusive democratic process where all voices are heard.

We are not affiliated with any group or organization whatsoever.

This does not mean that we do or do not endorse other groups.

We do not agree with arriving at a “Consensus” through being steered into predetermined outcomes by trained facilitators either working for the council or public/private partnerships.

We deem this to be against the public interest and an affront to democracy.



A talk on the  background of the The Plan to Rule the World

George Hunt: The man who saw the future


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