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The connection to what is known as the divine, the highest governing authority or intelligence known as God has many obstacles around it.

These obstacles are of a lower nature.

We have discussed them at length in our shows on cults, whether it is a cobbled together belief system like Theosophy or a made up control system like Scientology.

These take control of a group and keep them away from their direct source.

All cults and religions do this.

The gatekeeping of knowledge within controlled religions like Catholicism keeps the masses away from their own source, their connection to the highest intelligent creator through a Priesthood.

A priesthood them selves indoctrinated with only a second hand foundation of knowledge.

Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions work in the same way.

 Judaism cannot be properly be defined even by those who fall under its banner. 

All under the supervison of their Pharisees or Rabbinic Cult Leaders

So, this is the same in all organized religion.

Knowing this can make it easier to circumvent the middle men and their misleading rules which disempower the individual when being part of a collective Groupthink or Egregor

Egregor is an occult concept representing a “thought form” or “collective group mind”.

It is a non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people.

A belief system.

We have covered the collectivizing of all into groups into something for everyone, this is known as the system of moods

One step further is how bio energetic principles attract people unconsciously as well as consciously

Those who are susceptible to cults and attracted to groups which are all below the highest information field all fall into these bio systems or Egregors.

They resonate with the group bio dynamic and become captive to it.

In the long term this leads to wilful arrested development.

They may gain some knowledge but it is within a hierarchy.

The Priestshood control the flow of information.

Therefore it is inorganic, therefore it is anti divine and anti nature.

Most people allow themselves to be captured in this way.

We covered the work of General Konstantin Petrov in our show The Resurrection of Knowledge

The ideas of general Petrov defeat the jumbled ideas of New Age collectivism and its fake rituals through direct information on how energy systems work.

These thoughts have coincided with what the shows are all about, a clear and lucid explanation of how governance on Earth operates

Explained through the Global Governance system of control by the pseudo, self appointed elite and also most importantly how the natural principles of divinity can be reached.

This is through the belief in God, the highest creator.

Not the God of the Old Testament or a God represented by some icon or image but the true natural order which is holistic and interacts with all creation as it is creation.

The globalists went against creation in favour of the belief system of the fallen Angel Lucifer, Samael, the Blind God who defied nature and therefore doomed himself.

As the globalists have equated themselves as equal and more controlling than the highest creator their system is doomed.

It cannot work as it goes against the natural order

Therefore they have aligned themselves with a doomed system.

They are degenerating life, this is anti nature.

They are destroying intelligence and suppressing knowledge which would usurp their global order.

As this order is based on subversion of the natural order and consent is enforced through lies it is unnatural.

So, it is only kept going through enforcement and manufacturing consent through lies as in Global Warming, artificial crisis and terror.

The real goals are always hidden under the lies which are used to manufacture consent to this control of all and the plundering of the global commons.

This show is essentially about the information field.

It can be called the unified field, the holistic unifying force of God through nature and the uninterrupted bio field.

 Most important is to go to the source of highest intelligence and that cannot be done in any church congregation or group.

It takes time in solitude and peeling away all distracting layers of lesser intelligence’s.

The channeling of incorrect information, the false deities or lower intelligence’s that masquerade as the highest governing factor are there to trap the unwary.

The term God has become subjective rather than objective reality.

This though has nothing to do with organized religion or cults.

Never have there been more traps than there are now.

Most have been trapped into groups or cults to some extent.

Some have been absorbed completely.

The Globalist Cult of Gaia and Climate Apocalypse Cult are the false major religions.

With their Priesthood and false prophets under their God The World Bank and Global Corporations.

The word biofield describes how interactive information is sent and received.

How the conscious whole of the body, mind and soul system interacts with Energy systems that are transmitted and received.

The interaction between two or more of these biofields is known as an Egregor

In this presentation we mean this as a collective mind, collective entity,

These conductors of information have also been categorized as “collective consciousness” when used as a term for group think.

Through the biofield of a person everything is perceived at once through oscillations.

This is how the biofield interacts with information connected to it through the ether, as the Victorians used to call it.

Ether is good word for the bio field, it has never been bettered as it most adequately describes the unified field of information.

No technology can measure information like the human organism, it is a more complex system than any known to science

Unlike any device or programme the hierarchy of a living creation is complete and continuous. It contains all information within and of itself.

Self monitoring, self regulating and continually sentient.

It also interacts continuously on subtle levels using systems unknown to science

Thus the living human organism as a whole possesses a more subtle and advanced informational structure than the whole of the available technology of science.

The codes in nature and its frequency ranges are outside the knowledge of scientific classification.

This is the whole of the problem with any talk of artificial intelligence, or AI systems.

They are not comparable to the natural system.

They do not function at all like the complex holistic systems of nature.

 Functioning programmable bio robots exist.

These are primitive and none are sentient by definition.

When we look at these Robots being displayed they are ridiculous.

As ignorant as those who programme them, this is nowhere near the intelligence of the living organism.

Technology is inferior to nature.

It has low sensitivity in all its vectors.

It Has lower resolution.

Low ability of discernment and recognition.

This is due to the crude technical means of conversion of information.

The information can also degrade from carrier to carrier.


Come about through lack of self governance as in direct communication with the source of direct information.

Egregors or groupthink bio entities come from constructed views which cause resonance within the individual.

This comes from attraction to certain beliefs which support already implanted information.

The resonance of belief systems attract a person to groups of egregors of thought and belief.

So, in Modern Society technology takes domination over an ignorant or indoctrinated person. One that is not fully self aware

The modern system of education creates an artificial womb of beliefs

These are merely to channel the information into intended control vectors

Natural Processes of energetic informational exchange flow objectively between a person and the Highest creation.

This is interrupted by these egregors of implanted information which become belief.

So, those not connected to the greater intelligence system of God or the Highest Creator can be trapped, denying themselves access to the direct source of pure information.

The highest field of information is outside the technological base of science.

This is known but never admitted by the technocrats and their governing system.

What people do not know, that which is outside their belief system is available to them but the artificial wombs absorb and distract from the need for this essential external knowledge, essential for sustenance of the natural order and highest functioning bio systems.

This capturing is done in many ways. Not just through technology and media channels.

It is done through belief groups.

There is a saying “ Man is the measure of all things”

In this instance it means that we are born with the ability to measure but our ability to measure is only as effective as our knowledge base and self awareness.

Awareness as in decoding the information field correctly.

If the person is attracted to lesser information they will become trapped in these lower schemes of technology and computer processing which is of temporary and inferior interest.

These systems of interruption are of interest primarily to the zombiefiers of mankind.

This Bio robotization will be the death of intelligence or intelligent design to use a now accepted term.

In the true reality…

A person perceives information through his biofield from the entire creation.

This ability is interrupted by consent through artificial wombs and egregores of information

These egregors resonate with the beliefs of the person.

These beliefs can be detrimental and without foundation.

These beliefs attract the person to certain groups and certain beliefs which trap them in a lower field of information.

This is the entire purpose of the divide and rule system and the cover story v the real story which is behind it.

We have talked about this simplistic interruption of the energy field in many shows.

You will be familiar with this concept if you have any awareness of the false reality being imposed upon you.

Emissions of the same information by many people generate an energetic informational group think or egregor

“You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”

“If you dont follow us you are full of hate” etc

These groups or groupthink egregors are classified according to their type and influence.

Or, What type of energy potential and outcomes they have.

This is according to how it is externally steered, what governs it

Governance of these thought groups can be through types of genetics, physiology, general emotional make up or type of psyche, or just the mood of the particular time.

This forms a community of thought and intention.

There are different levels of intelligence in these groups, something for every one.

They can be complimentary to other groups or antagonistic.

The for and against can create the intended outcome, a third way. 

They become participants in a game being played out through higher up disruptive intelligences which their thought group knows nothing of.

A good example is how the Unions are used to destroy industry for outside interests.

In other words people participate in group action which is detrimental to them but they do not have access to the higher level of information which is being used to steer them.

In the energetic or material world (as energy is a transitional form of matter) people generate egregors in the same way as power plants and devices connected to a network.

They can therefore be organized into an informational processing network hub like a bunch of computers all connected to each other.

They become a system removed from their own true psyche.

The measure of the groupthink effectiveness is in its power as a governance strategy and container of information.

Of course these thought groups cannot exist without people whom coincide with them.

Therefore they are a choice

Are they the right choice?

The complete knowledge of the group is higher than that of the individual within the group.

An egregor is much more powerful than its individual parts or people.

A person however is more complex than a machine and the possibilities of energetic informational exchange between people are much wider than in any computer network

However, many of these groupings are not effective and all are inferior to the Highest system of governance or God.

The technosphere influences the biosphere but the biosphere is superior in intelligence.

In a computer simulation or computer game there is zombification which can result in complete absorption of the psyche through the drawing on and engagement of the bio field and through tricking the brain into believing this 3d enclosure which envelopes them.

The whole of the person becomes immersed in the immediate reality which they react to accordingly.

This has been helped by the concept or egregor of parallel universes and simulation theory.

These are globalist distractions to take the psyche away from the true source and disempower it completely.

Anything disconnected from its source suffers a spiritual demise yet still functions as a bio robot and can be useful.

So, along with depopulation the bio robotization of the masses through groupthink is preferable to connection to the divinity of the true creator. The uninterrupted unified field where the true information field is.

It resides higher than in any of these artificial wombs and connection can only be established to the true source through the elimination or discarding of these inferior belief groups.

So. although with the help of technology it is possible to contribute to the formation and activity of egregors, the crudeness of technology in comparison with the human body does not compare with a mere biorobot.

The one who is aligned with creation according to Gods predetermination is superior to those disconnected from it or connected to inferior groups.

This is of course the problem with artificial intelligence or what it really is…autistic intelligence. Those who believe it is real intelligence are themselves already bio robots

They are on the spectrum of autism

For those who have lost control through programming or those that do not want to use their brain as it was created the technosphere attracts them.

It attracts the uncreative, the mindless, those out of touch with true reality.

Those that are attracted to the technosphere rather than creation are wired in an inferior way to those who can see beyond its inferior status.

The scientific view and computerized operating system and its programmes are vastly inferior and incomparable to a holistsic functioning creation.

Those that say otherwise are retarded by definition and disconnected from the source of the highest intelligence.

So, people are attracted to these different egregors, these groups because of the information they are carrying at a particular time and through their system of belief.

This system is not necessarily a representation of anything real or useful.

Also these systems can complement each other or be in conflict.

The egregors are not formed from matter but through the biofields of those who are connected to them. So, they are in this way organic creations of a lower intelligence than the super divine intelligence sought after by more advanced thinkers.

Lifelong belief systems form these egregor groupings

This can be belief in ancestors spirits or past lives.

This is a trap which keeps people until death and possibly after if they are immersed entirely.

The bio fields of people who support these egregors do so until death unless there is a successful interruption through another biofield.

Or, a need to connect to a higher source

Those who use the word channeling for connection to a bio field are also easily misled as they are not connecting to the highest source but most likely lower dimensional entities who always mislead as they themselves are trapped and have no connection to the divine source.

This term channeling also echoes back the expectations or delusions of the channeler unless they are connected to the highest governing authority of God.

No one knows where this information came from. Was it accurate?

At worst this practice can also open up the bio field for Demons to enter.


So, an egregor is a factor of governance which inhabits a persons personality and attracts them through belief.

Actions of people connected to it are coordinated through it by belief and purpose.

So it contains all the knowledge of the participants and through this organizes the activities of the people contained within it,

It contains collective algorithms of all the people who are in the group

So, this can be described as collective consciousness. An objective social phenomenon or “spiritual group” Collectivism.

It is bigger than the sum of its parts.

The ideology of it can energetically and metaphorically carry people away.

It can burn them out.

Energetically crush them or even devour them completely.

So, the connection to the divine source is paramount.

The information field and the egregors which capture people are all in the way.

Finding this out and finding the way through to it is the most important of all goals.

This is precisely why everything is being done to stop it from happening.

So, those who say they are “awake” are also trapped in these group think biofields unless they connect to the highest source.

This takes awareness which most have not yet accessed but is there behind all egregorial distractions.

Never has this become more obvious than since the Covid Plan


This show is a part of the lifelong learning project. 


Described as “collective consciousness.”

An “Objective social phenomenonon”, “spiritual group” or simply Collectivism



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