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Here are some interesting and informative websites and links:

The views on the websites here are the views of the authors.

Mark Windows

Off Guardian

Lark on Communitarianism

Tom Deweez – American Policy. Org

Jerry Marzinsky – Barbara Mckenzie New Zealand

The Technocratic Tyranny – Vicky Davis

Swiss Propaganda Research

The Big Bad Bank videos from George Hunt

Dr Eric Karlstrom Natural Climate Change

Patrick Foundation – Historical Research

Framed by the DWP

Conspiracy Archive

The Green Agenda Explained

North West Research Institute Exposing Global Governance

Our Interesting Times

The Unz Review

Zero Hedge

New Zealand Child Abuse

“Thats a Lie” Programme by Sherry Swiney Against UN and IPCC Climate Change Propaganda

London Climate Conference Lectures BANNED BY UCL LONDON!

Why Climate Changes


Pippa King

State of Surveillance French Investigative Journal

Euro Folk Radio

The History of Money and Feudal Usury

Steralizing mentally ill patients

The Fourth Political Theory

Free Critical Thinking

Where is the care UK

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Compassion in Care

Bill Cooper Forum

Michael Collins Piper

De Programmed Radio

Bill Cooper Book Download

Ernst Zundel

David cole

The murder of Andrei Yushchinsky

Impact News Media

Aerotoxic Pollution in Commercial Airliners

Revisionist WW2  Handbooks 

Undercover Policing Enquiry 1968-2005

European Space Agency

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