Small Charities and Venues under threat

Small Charities and Venues under threat

UPDATE 2020: The Trust have at last taken back the building from the trespassers and those impersonating the trust by fraud.

Here is the official statement:

Tottenham War Services Institute (TWSI) 2020 LB Haringey Statement


Full Story:

Small organizations, Trusts and Charities are under threat from Corporate interests and Change Agents working in the public and private sector. I have put this story out as it backs up my research into self appointed and third party interlopers and Community Organizers taking over venues.

The story below is not unique, so if you have any information or a story of small charities or venues being targeted by groups of Change Agents or subversives on behalf of third parties do get in touch.

UPDATE 2019 : There has been no police action despite Justin Katko and Lucy Katko aka Lucy Benyon making false representations to the High Court and with their agents stealing over £20,000 of Trust Property and property of TWSI tenants.

Here is our show  Small Charities and Venues under attack  which

explains  The Bigger Picture. We also hear from Chair of Trustees  of the Charity referred to in this  article (The Tottenham War Services Institute) Penny Potter on the appalling attacks and threats she has received. The full story is below.

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Small Venues and Charities Under Attack

Justin Katko and Lucy Beynon destroy Small Charity T Chances
The Tottenham War Services Institute and T Chances Venue in Tottenham, North London.

For the last twelve months The Trustees and their Chair, a lady who ran a successful community venue in North London have been the victims of a vicious hate campaign by two well funded individuals who have libeled, incited hatred, made false reports to the police and accused the Tottenham War Services Institute Trust and its Trustees of  fraud even making false representations in court and to The High Court. These individuals have set up websites, distributed leaflets, contacted press etc and falsely accused the Trustees of all manner of crimes.  

The group have also submitted plans on the building fraudulently to Haringey Council using the name of the Trust. The council have now been informed of the fraud.

The legitimate tennants of the building have been threatened and ordered to pay money to these individuals who on the 29th March broke into the working charity building. They have so far stolen £20,000 of Trust and personal Trustees property.

This group stole the Trust paperwork when they broke into the building and used the stolen personal information to harass friends and relatives of the Trustees.

They have sent hundreds of complaints to organisations to destroy the Trust and stolen much property from the building including Ms Potters vehicles. There have been numerous threats made by telephone, all recorded with the police under the malicious communications act. The police have at all times failed to act. The matter was raised with the Borough Commander of The Metropolitan Police and give to the Haringey Borough Commander who passed it on to part time Community Policing.

There have been no arrests despite the police knowing the perpetrators of the crimes and the suspects. The Community Police buried all the crime reports and failed to act on any of the evidence.

Personal details have been published next to slanderous lies about the Trustees. The ringleaders are extorting money from the public with fake fundraising events.The two ringleaders also uploaded doctored audio files to their website of recorded conversations in their attempts to libel Trustees.

The Chair of Trustees of The Tottenham War Services Institute and creator of the T Chances Venue, Penny Potter has had strong family connections with the Trust since childhood so this abuse and trashing of the Trust  Property has made this hostile takeover a profoundly disturbing experience which has had a very detrimental effect on both her and her family.

This culminated in Ms Potter, who has successfully run the venue for  nearly twenty years having to flee her home in Tottenham along with her family due to the appalling threats she received from agents of the two ringleaders.

Ms Potter recently had a “messenger” sent to her remote home stating that there was a contract out to kill her and her family  As yet there have been no arrests despite the building being less than 200 yards from the police station.

The successful community venue that she has been running with everything from rock gigs to still life painting has been trashed by two individuals and a small cabal of interested parties.

T Chances venue Shaheen Najafi

The artists using the venue before the hostile takeover included many legendary bands and recently Iranian star Shahin Najafi at T Chances 20th May 2017  Shahin Najafi  considered it to be the most non corporate and welcoming venue in London and  spent hours decorating the stage for the event. His show was streamed to millions of people all over the world from T Chances.

The Change Agents in hostile takeover

Justin Katko and Lucy Katko aka Lucy Benyon   started  a “Steering Committee” fraudulently using the charity name and together with interested parties bullied all the community users out of the building.

Mr Katko  and his agents distributed leaflets with personal details of  all the Trustees and incited hatred against myself, Mark Windows and Penny Potter on websites and any media platform they could obtain. Lucy Benyon reported to the police that the Trust was stealing £33,000 per month. We are still waiting for her accounting which is out by £33,000 per month.

Justin Katko and Lucy Katko (Benyon) have set up funding pages and demanded money from TWSI tenants. Many well meaning people may have unwittingly donated to their fake causes.

They have taken over the name of the Trust and use the Names “New Chances” and the “TWSI Steering Committee”, holding meetings in the squatted TWSI building and slandering the Trustees to members of the public. They have sent notices of public meetings to the private addresses of the Trustees making accusations and threats.

They are also stating that they have permission from Penny Potter to use the building, they do not.

The Trustees were abused all day in court by agents of Katko and Benyon after the building was broken into and there is a Possession Order against them. The building was fully operational when the trespassers took it over.

Katko and Benyon have also blocked Trustees from editing the TWSI Wikipedia page which they have hijacked.




Both Justin Katko and Lucy Benyon were given full use of the building for their “theatre” which appears to be a front for their subversive activities.

They stated that they would “Rise up an army revolution in Tottenham” unless Trustees resigned. The army never turned up, but several subversives did work on their behalf.

the bare faced arrogance of the trespassers indicates that they are acting on behalf of some third party who believes they are above the law.

The police were fully aware of the situation and it recently escalated when a “messenger” was sent to The Chair of Trustees current residence which is in a remote area due to the harassment campaign. The person now known to the police indicated that her life was in danger and someone wanted her dead. No arrests were made despite the suspect being identified.

The Trust was relocating due to the escalating cost of keeping the building open

The rumours of the building being sold stem from a document stolen from the building. It had been decided years previously that the building was running up debts and the property was deteriorating.

The venue ran on tiny amounts of money as that was the ethos, it was for everyone.

An offer was made to relocate the Trust activities with a down payment with a possible future sale so the Trust activities could continue at another local venue, the money would go for a new leasehold, set up projects and buy new equipment for the venue.

This agreement was never honoured. The allegations and lies spread about the sale of the building stem from this stolen document which was void abinitio (from the start). The “steering committee”fronted by Katko and Benyon were fully aware of this.

The Trust cannot profit from the sale of the building, the Trust can only carry on if it fulfils its charitable objectives which Justin Katko and Lucy Benyon have done everything in their power to stop.

This relentless level of sustained disruption levelled against Trustees has so far failed to destroy the Trust. TWSI have had over 12 months of hatred, lies and slander levelled at the Trustees and anyone associated with them.

False reports have been made to every possible authority about the Trust all of it groundless.

If the public let this kind of activity continue, they will get what is intended. Sterile, controlled venues run by agents of the state.

New Chair of Charity Commission ignores the plight of  Small Charities 

Our letter to Charity Commission Chair of Trustees “Baroness of Beeston” Tina Stowell received no response despite several phone calls to the parliamentary office. This after widespread criticism of her suitability for the post. Scroll down for our letter requesting her resignation .

Charity Commission Chair Tina Stowell failed to respond at all despite being sent alarming details and being in possession of urgent requests regarding the escalating crisis. 

On 18 May 2018

To: Tina Stowell
Chair of Trustees, Charity Commission

Dear Ms. Stowell,

I sent you the following information about an alarming attack on a small charity on 29th April. I have not even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement. I called parliament two days later and left a message which you would have received along with my phone number. The person who took the message was well aware of the urgency of the matter and it was passed on to you. The matter was and still is extremely urgent and has escalated considerably since you failed to respond.

Myself and many others are absolutely fed up with people sitting on boards of public bodies who neglect their public duty and are there to fill a Title.

It is noted that you are also on the board of Crimestoppers, I recently had over 500 people removed from this “Charity” website as individuals within the police were found to be abusing the site. The Kent Police took down their entire “Most Wanted” gallery and the national database is now down to nine pages from around forty. My information was acted upon very swiftly by Lord Ashcroft last November, in fact he was the only person out of the whole organization, except for Dominic O’ Reilly to respond honourably. Mr. O’ Reilly has since resigned.

The Charity Commission is no longer fit for purpose.

As Chair of Trustees you have failed in this case to honour your public duty and I wil be asking for your resignation as Chair.

Mark Windows

Tottenham War Services Institute

Sent 29th April:

To Rt. Hon. The Baroness Stowell of Beeston,

Chair of Trustees. Charity Commission.

Dear Madam,

As Chair of Trustees of The Charity Commission I wish to bring to your attention a matter which highlights some very disturbing issues. I am aware of the Charity Commission being a regulatory body, however I believe the following information is in the public interest and of special interest to you as Chair of Trustees.

I became a Trustee of a small Charitable Trust in North London in 2017. I had been most impressed by the way the TWSI (Tottenham War Services Institute) was being run with a variety of events which catered for a wide range of interests locally,  it was like an old fashoned local venue, everyone was made to feel welcome. It hosted everything from rock bands to still life painting classes. In early 2017 The Chair of Trustees asked me to become a Trustee.

By April 2017 The Trust started to be attacked by a group of subversives. It soon became clear they were trying to destroy the Trust and take possession of the Trust property for outside interests.

It started with two individuals who had been offered full use of the building for their proposed activities but they soon indicated that they wanted to take over the Trust. Documents were stolen from the office and posted on Social Media sites with misleading and untrue information about our Chair of Trustees. This included inciting hatred and libel and stealing Trust paperwork and manipulating it to discredit the Trust.

This group created a “Steering Comittee” purporting to be the TWSI, linking legitimate TWSI information to websites they had created. They set up websites and petitions libeling the Trust and distributed leaflets stating the Trustees were embezzling money, were about to sell the building and take the money.

Leaflets containing Trustees personnal details, e mails and phone numbers with allegations of embezzement were distributed to those using the building and posted to local residents. The Wikipedia page is being constantly changed by them also.

The group got the Trustees names from the Charity Commission website and started a campaign of libel, threats and relentless harassment against the Trustees. The Chair of Trustees has had to move out of the area because of the death threats and fear of attacks and violence. Her son was also threatened and had to leave the area. mThe group sent countless allegations about the Trust and e mails to the Charity Commision implying the group had standing within the Trust and the “Community”.

The situation escalated with the Trustees being threatened that if they did not resign “An army would rise in Tottenham” and take the building. This was being instigated by two ringleaders who had no support locally and were not known in the area.

This obviously made running the venue nearly impossible which seemed to be the aim as the Trust could only operate with the building open and the community engaging in the activities. The building was open and fully functional when the group took over and squatted the building.

The building had already been attacked on many occasions and damage done, all sorts of allegations were made to authorities to get the building closed. This also included harassment of people at events including a council event where local councillors and MP David Lammy were present and were witnesses. The harassment and lies being sent to the Charity Commission continues despite the police (at last) being in full possession of the relevant informationbut having failed to act or investigate the numerous crimes and crime numbers.

One of the subversives contacted Action Fraud stating that the Trustees were stealing £33,000 a month, the matter was passed to the police and signed by the individual. This allegation is in itself a serious criminal offence, perverting the cause of public justice and wasting police time.

When the Trust made complaint to Action Fraud about the use of the TWSI name to libel the Trustees there was no response from the police at all. The group are now embezzling money from the public and demanding money from those with leases in the building.

This has been the pattern that the numerous criminal offences and assaults reported to the police have generated crime numbers but no action whatsoever.

This lack of action by the police lead to the group entering and squatting the building. The damage done is extensive and the group stole all the alcohol, smashed doors and ripped out all the CCTVcameras.

We have yet to assess the amount of property that has been stolen, which has so far been assessed at £15,000. We were granted  a court order against them on 9th March after having been abused and defamed by members of the group in front of the public all day at Edmonton County Court.

The Charity operates on very small amounts of income and is literally being destroyed but we are determined not to let a few subversives ruin the years of service given and the future aims of the Trust. Despite the trespassers being in the bulding and holding meetings inciting hatred and libel against the Trustees we still have activities in the building however, the trespassers are taking the money for themselves.

The reason I am contacting you is that as Trustees we have no redress whatsoever. I have reported the online libel and we have spent a year fighting this. I am becominmg aware that this is not an isolated case and it appears from research that subversives are being paid to destroy small independent charities and organizations.

We have the names and addresses of the ringleaders and a catalogue of evidence (all available and in the possession of the Met Police Commander and now Tottenham Police.}

The serious crimes of the ringleaders are all logged with crime numbers and officers have been allocated yet all these investigations have been closed without any resoluton.

On 20/2/18 the ringleaders of the Group impersonating the Charity made false representations about a Trustee to Wood Green Police. They have stated that they want to see our char of Trustees dead.

They continue to libel Trustees and have set up yet another petition at stating that the Trustees are corrupt and that they are legitimately using the name and have standing in Trust matters.

The group have even stated that the Chair has given them permission to use the building despite us getting a court order against them on 9th March.

The Trustees have made counter complaint about the continuing harassment and their wasting police time. The Officers involved  also stated that the 2017 crime numbers regarding the  investigation into the main organiser of the group Mr. Katko had been resolved, this was not the case. This has been the pattern with all other crime numbers too. These people are enjoying protection from the Law and we do no know why.

Our Chair Ms Potter I informed police that the group were telling  people of Tottenham that she was racist and had stolen £220.000. They stated they “Would rise up an army, revolution in Tottenham unless Trustees resigned.”

The  police officer took her statement and said he would start an investigation, crime ref 2818657/17.  Ms Potter got a phone call from Joseph Stirling stating he would leave the case open until we could get names for this steering committee ( which they now have as signatories on documents along with phone numbers, e mails and addresses) This and the numerous other crimes including aggravataed burglary have not been investigated despite witness testimony and video evidence of the perpetrators being in possession of the police.

The matter was passed from the the Met Police Commander to Tottenam Police and despite a meeting with the Tottenham Police and their being in full possession of the facts and less that 200 yards away from the Trust property they have failed to act at all. The Trustees are harassed and intimidated if they go anywhere near the building.

Here is the e mail to Met Police Comander:

Dear Mr Windows

Many thanks for your email.
Could you please provide details of any Crime Reference Numbers that you have and or the names of the Officers dealing with this matter so that I can make contact with them to address the issues that you have raised.

Many Thanks and Kind regards

Mike Dempsey

DS Mike Dempsey

Staff Officer to Commander Surtees

Dear Mr. Dempsey,

Thank you for your swift response. I have forwarded your e mail to Ms Penny Potter. Chair of Trustees and she will supply you with the crime numbers and officers involved.

In the meantime the building is still under illegal occupation and there has been damage and much property stolen. We have a court case this Wednesday. The previous hearing at Edmonton County Court was adjourned and was distrupted by the trespassers. We are attending the court tomorrow to advise that there may be further disruption and to lodge Trust documents and witness statements.

Many thanks,

Tottenham War Services Institute

The lady who is the target of all this along with myself and Trustees has put her life savings into keeping the building open and is absolutely traumatized by the ceaseless intimidation, and has a serious heart condition. She sent me this message recently:

“They have sent mail to my sons address and say they are coming down to attack him and me. They have posted on social media that there is a warrant out for my arrest. I have not stolen anything in fact my own money has been holding up the building for the last 12 years, If I have a stroke or heart attack I want it known they have murdered me.”

In conclusion, The UK is now lawless and the most worthy causes are being destroyed by what can only be politely described as corporate greed. I am merely a volunteer member of the public who along with our Chair has suffered extreme intimidation, libel and threats from this group.

As Chair I would appreciate any advice and thoughts on the matter.



We are still awaitng a response.

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