Ritual and Religion

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Ritual and Religion

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The modern word religion comes from the word Religio.

The accepted definition of Religion is however the belief in and worship of

a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

The word Religio from the Latin which predates it described something very different

Religio means to come into contact with the supernatural and the experience of that which

could bring both fear and awe. Something outside the experience of the experiencer.

The Corpus Inscriptionum, a compendium of Latin words does however

not include Religio.

The word predates any kind of State organized or sanctioned doctrine.

The word describes personal revelation independent of anything externally organized.

So, in effect it means direct communion with something outside everyday experience.

Before the state had intervened with Organized Religion.

In time Religio also came to mean the attitude of a citizen of the state towards the supernatural

within the framework of the recognized deities of the state.

In other words the direct revelations were brought into line with already established beliefs

through a belief system.

So, Religio was outside of and before the time of state sanctioned doctrine, Ritual and official

administration of religious matters.

Roman Lawyer and administrator Cicero stated: Religio observes due ritual attention

to a higher being, that which people call Divine.

The direct experience is outside an organized ritual with its controlled incantations and actions

which in organized Religions have become to a large extent robotic and empty.

The word Religio was used in everyday language by the layman in Roman times.

Religio was never personified in a Deity, is not a virtue and does not lead to a

definite course of action.

However, according to Cicero Religio and wisdom are inseparable.

So, simply Religio describes the essence of the experience, not the ritual, or church

organized practice or prayer.

The realization is that sacrifice is of the self and the opening of the mind.

The sacrifice is putting aside matters of no importance and mechanical prayer and ritual.

Going directly to the source.

Ritual is antidivine and goes against all natural law, the order of the universe.

It is the imposition of mans will into the information field rather than the direct reception

of information outside the normal.

For example the teachings of Jesus were simple, that direct inspiration

from God was the way, known as the way that the information field of the divine from God was the way, known as the way that the information field of the divine is where all inspired useful action comes from.

Getting to the state where
that reception and inspiration takes place is the most important goal in life.

It is where the common code of higher morality comes from. Not subjugating oneself

in front of a sacrificial alter or deity which could be a channel for demonism.

Therefore Ritual is the opposite of Religio and religion incorporates ritual.

One of the reasons that the present focus is on destroying mainly the real Christian

religion is that at the core there is a connection to God, a connection that the

globalists severed in favour of themselves.

However, they are not Gods they

are misguided but cannot go back now. They have doomed themselves through

their own actions.

Therefore Religio at its most refined is communion with God, but there are obstacles on this journey and

the only way to refine a connection to the unified field of the divine is to work on a full time connection.

That is the one and only accomplishment that is of any importance, everything else is a distraction or illusion

as all true reality is revealed in divine inspiration through direct contemplation.

We have heard the mantra “Everything else is just an illusion”, in this case it is true

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