The Conspiracy Grifters

The Conspiracy Grifters

This show is focused on the “Conspiracircus” and its subscriber oriented and career conspiracy channels which have replaced what was the alternative media.


Greatest Conspiracy Hoaxers

Greg Hallet, a comedic figure who declared himself King of England.

“Charles Seven” was the longest conspiracy hoax in the UK, you have to see the show to believe it and those that believed it need to see this show!

Brian Gerrish of the UK Column still supports this hoaxer today.

In 2018 this string of e mails from when I was booked to speak at a “New Chartists” event reveals why unhinged and deluded people are used to distract and discredt others by association. If you dont agree with the hoaxer you are a “shill”, if you do you are discredited.

I sent this e mail at the time of the hoax to Brian Gerrish following the article linked below:

Police State Harassment Exposed

 The now defunct website article was pulled up and the details are reprinted here:

How Charles Seven Divided UK Truthers

The original landofthefree article is also on

Police State Harrassment Exposed


Dear Brian,

Can you please list the quotes you refer to from the land of the free article and name the “others, who dont know what they are talking about?”

I would like a debate on your show or a Skype interview about which parts of the article you disagree with or maintain are not true.

Your bold sweeping statement about the article is completely unwarranted. I warned you in confidence and you betrayed that confidence and failed to act on the facts presented to you.

The land of the free article is an accurate journalistic piece. The fact UK Column has entertained the ridiculous “Charles Seven” story after being sent the correct information and warned of the possible consequences completely undermines anything you promote. It also proves you do no research into what you put out publicly. No news reporter would have allowed this ridiculous story out let alone endorse it. The fact you dont acknowledge the obvious dangers of putting it out also speaks volumes.

Sent: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 at 15:25

Subject: Fw: NW New Chartists’ must see: “Windows On The World” event this Saturday…

Hi Mark, I thought you might be interested in this thread. I didn’t mention the slight ‘controversy’ earlier as I didn’t want it to affect the event; laughable really…….

To Gerrish:

I have been looking at Windows on the World for a while and been very impressed with the material Mark is putting out regarding state subversion of the truth/protest/activist arena,


E mail response from Brian Gerrish:

You need to get down quite a way until he is talking about Seven and Tony Farrell then he gets on to me and the UKColumn.

What was annoying about all this is that Tony Farrell ex police intelligence (he was civilian staff) did weeks of research into the case. produced a large comprehensive written report and had no doubts what she was talking about was real, plus the lady had been through very bad harassment and threats. We interviewed her and are still friends. Her story fits with so many others – template treatment.

Not a lot of compassion for her from Windows and then he turned on me. This seemed to based on the fact he had read a report on state infiltration tactics and I fitted the bill or some such nonsense.

Yes he has done some good work but there is a big ego there hence the title “Windows on the World” He thinks he knows more than he does.

Richie Allen is another – he has had a go at Vaneessa Beeley, Pat Henningsen UKColumn and myself. He does no research himself just picks up on others who have and the show is yes “Richie Allen show”.

Not a lot else to say except and not throwing toys out. Just very hard to promote someone who attacks you.

Hope it goes well

Rgds Brian G


Hoaxers and unstable people are used as biological weapons to discredit and distract from cases which are real but dangerous to “The Common Good”.

The truth therefore would destabilize society, this is how opposition is controlled and dissent crushed.


We are entirely independent and outside the controlled media network


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