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The Bigger Picture: The “Global Local Agenda” and what it means to you.

Essential Information from Mark Windows, Piers Corbyn and Sandi Adams.

Our series of talks The Bigger Picture  are available to book through the website. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a talk locally.

We reveal the the facts behind “Regeneration”, “Vibrant Communities”, “Walkable Cities”, “Smart Cities”. and why there is no real consultation but “group consensus” and policies implemented without consent.

The talks include the whole historical background of the current agenda which uses Climate Change and social engineering to enforce urbanization and depopulation along with a huge corporate land grab and loss of individual rights

The Bigger Picture shows how and why Global policies are implemented at a Local level.

The Bigger Picture gives you the facts about everything being implemented and how this affects you and presents you with information to safeguard your rights.

The removal of rights and personal freedom is imposed through consensus (manufacturing consent) and always presented as a benefit or a solution to an issue presented as a problem or manufactured crisis.

LATEST TALKS: Oxford 12th May, 12-VENUE TBA

The recent Poll, The Democracy Perception Index found that:64 percent of populations in “Democracies” stated that their governments…“rarely or never act in the public interest”.

The narrow corridor of accepted political opinion and the demonisation of everything outside it is also part of the Global Action Plan.

Below is the website link to all information on The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture discussed on the Richie Allen show. Interview with Mark and Sandi starts @32 mins:

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Living beyond a Post Truth World

How are we defined in the”system” and outside of it.The talk features how are we defined as “property” and when this assumption started.

From ecclesiastical doctrine and the Poor Laws up to the present administrative system including the now broken rule of law, the present system and dealing with remote authority.

Mark also talks about his successes and solutions in dealing with courts, bailiffs, councils and more. From Council Tax to police corruption and exposing abuse of the”Crimestoppers” website, which resulted in the removal of hundreds of profiles  proving these people were not “Most Wanted”, so why were they there?

All this and more in this fascinating and essentially informative talk.

“Crimestoppers” Takedown

All talks can be booked through the website: