Free Books


This page will have useful books and files to download which are relevant to our shows and the bigger picture


Avalon Library – Hundreds of Titles



Our Common Agenda 2021 UN Report

Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals

Klaus Schwab:  Covid 19 The Great Reset

World Health Organization: A Safer Future 2007

NHS Vaccine Propaganda

Threats and Disasters on Planet Earth – Nils Axl Morner

The Religion of Global Warming – Nils Axl Morner

Nils Axl Morner  UN IPCC Expert resigns

New Order of Barbarians – Dr Richard Day

WEF Digital Transformation

New Age Aquarian Conspiracy

The Aquarian Conspiracy History

New Totalitarians Brave New Sweden

Communitarianism Amitai Etzioni

SPARS Pandemic Scenario

CO2-The Gas Of Life

BMJ politicalisation of covid 19 paper

Phizer Bio N tech Advice for professionals

Medical Fascism -Rob Ryder

Propaganda – Jacques Elul

The Technological Society

Our Common Future 1987

The Grand Chessboard

Principles of Secondary Education

Web of Debt

The Saturn Theory

Ringmakers of Saturn

Who Built the Moon?

Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes

The Ultimate World Order 1957

All the Presidents’ Bankers

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

Under the Union Jack – Helen Peters  

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations –  John Coleman

Intervention Theory Essentials – Lloyd Pye

Martin Cannon – The Controllers




Robert Muller. UN Global Governance:

Robert Muller-Global Education (1975)

robert muller one earth rule (2005)




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