Know the Enemy Within

This show and the links below bring together information on how the Global to Local governance of Agenda 2030 works.

From Global objectives to how exactly the system operates in your local area.

We bring the actions of the past into the present.

From the driving forces behind Sustainable Development to how it is being rapidly implemented across the board.

It is all down to the information and the information is included in a series of links to previous shows, what you need to know is all here.

Listen Here:

Know the Enemy Within

The Community Revolutionaries

And live with Ciaran Boyle, removed from You Tube:

Infiltration – Global to Local

The cults which facilitated the objectives of Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030 aka Sustainable Development were forwarded by then UN Gen SEC Robert Muller in the 1970’s and later by Maurice Strong who single handedly ran the UNEP and made statements about the coming restrictions and controlling of resources including private property and transport. Strong headed the  conferences including Rio 92.

Globalist Shamens of Gaia

The Gaia Deception

George Hunt attended these conferences and recorded the content and outlined the forthcoming control of everything through an environmental programme aka Sustainable Development.


The Fourth World


Shockingly the world did not take notice and George Hunt died in 2013.


The Man who Saw the Future


Infiltration of all organizations which steer the public has been achieved most successfully in the UK.

Check out the links here as referenced in the show


Links to shows on the Climate Cult



The religion of climate change and the cult of Gaia are to steer the population into mass depopulation and the biggest land grab in world history all under the banner of “Sustainable Development.” Now Including Covid 19, another driver of the Agenda 2030 goals.

The WHO produced  “A Safer Future” in 2007 which outlined how countries would be brought into line through Global Health Emergencies. Download Here


The New Age Cult of Gaia is something we have covered in great detail

New Age Global Governance


The infiltration of protest is carried out by controlled groups and we describe how and its use as a steering mechanism

The useful idiots of revolution

Covid Protest Social Engineers

Check out more on the Agents of Revolution:

Agents of Revolution

The solution is easy, don’t be infiltrated, work in small groups and focus entirely locally on those who you pay your council tax to.

The Solution

How to Oppose LTN’s and Local Councils

Check out the UN Charter and also how the Vatican is behind the biggest land grab and looting of the global commons in world history:

The IMF, UN and Vatican Cabal.

How your “Community” is used as a steering mechanism and what to do about it

Empower your Community


This video is from 28th July 2014. the Communitarian infiltration of all organizations started before 2010.

Communitarian Big Society

Also from 2014, the template has never chnaged and never will:

Big Society Change Agents

Here is how the system works as “Community”, in reality an imposition from above with no real public participation but the illusion of “consensus”

The Communitarian Agenda

More on how population control works locally and globally

The Depopulation Plan

There are many more shows with essential information in the archive along with the solutions.Search Global Governance and Agenda 2030.

Mark Windows Glastonbury Symposium:

The Plan to Rule the World

You will find “Our Common Future” and related books and documents on our

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