The Solution

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The Solution

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The Sinking Ship of Fools

“The Rulers fight against the inner person”

The Nature of the Rulers, Nag Hammadi Scriptures

“So I tell you, be filled and leave no room for space within you empty or

he who is coming will mock you”


“The Savior said, “You have been favored through the Father to receive

my sayings. The other disciples also have written my sayings in their books as if they have understood, but be careful. They have done their work without really understanding. They have listened like foolish people, and…they have not understood.”

The Secret Book of James – Nag Haamadi 


So, many listen but few understand

This is the story of the current age.

Too much information and not enough knowledge.

An already corrupted and easily steered population

“Woe to you who are in need of an advocate.

“Woe to you who stand in need of grace.

“Blessed will they be who have spoken out and acquired grace for themselves.

The master answered and said to us, “I have offered you faith many times—

and have revealed myself to you, James—and you have not known me.

Now I see you often rejoicing. And although you are delighted about the promise of life, you are sad and gloomy when you are taught about the kingdom.”




Always back into the circle of repetition

One thing that constantly appears is the comment “but what is the solution”

This makes no sense as the solution appears when you know what the problem actually is. It is in your reaction to the problem which brings a solution. The solution is to reduce the consequences of impositions on your immediate environment, that is where it starts.

The solution is to avoid being drawn into energy draining affairs of no consequences

The solution is real knowledge over repeated group think

The solution is not in any mass movement as they are all steered and controlled

The solution is not getting harvested and controlled whilst having the knowledge of how things are working

The solution is knowing the real goals underneath the stated obkectives

The solution is not looking for some big event or movement to change things for you, that is part and a big part of the problem

Once you know how things work the solution should appear if you have any first hand knowledge of what is being imposed, why and by who.

This comment so, what is the solution is from the mind of those who have become dependent on others giving them the answers they want to hear, in other words a simple action that requires little or no thought that is followed without question

That is the problem.

The solution is hearing what you need to hear not what you think you want to hear

It seems that the word solution means to most a template which can be passed around to all.

This show considers how the “solution” has been presented over and over again and in our shows over the last many years. The follow up show “The Sinking Ship of Fools” follows up on this theme.


Yes, the public and the “antipublic” always say what’s the solution?

The info put out on our shows over the years have consistently defined the solution, especially the series of statements which have been recorded to cause the outbreak of thinking.

These shows are a follow up to our series…

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The Protocols of Power


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