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The idea with the recent shows, “The Protocols of Power” and onwards is to focus solely on what is important. The media chatter from all sides is repetitive and in my view pointless once the drivers of events are known and the system understood.

The stripping down of information and the statements which accurately describe the system are in this series: 

The Protocols of Power



More here:


The energy harvesting and control of all group think is still outside the belief system of those who have been indoctrinated by that very same system.

What is now called the “alternative media” has turned into repetitive and controlled opposition and in my view has become part of the system of moods and just another strand of the mainstream.

I have noticed that those who listen to it and are in  “truther” groups are in arrested development, easily lead and ready to follow charlatans or embedded change agents


Pawns in Media – Fact Killers



The infiltration of everything means even if something of use is introduced it is washed away by the system backed Cul de Sacs we have so often described.

Thinking outside the box means being able to know what is in the box and who put in in there and for what purpose. Then and only then can one escape the imposed confines. 


The Age of Constant Distraction


It seems  the purveyors of fake “common law” and New Age arrested development  have snared most of the “awakened” into group think which has well and truly captured most of the gullible and lazy brained, which seem to now make up the majority. Communitarianism absorbs everything. 

There is no excuse though, as everything one needs to know is available, but it appears not to be in the accepted sphere of thinking.

The academic gulag also ensnares the indoctrinated who have no idea on how anything works and constantly go back into the predictable behaviour which they have been trapped in for life…


The Enablers of Apathy

Archons of Community


The term and activity known as “Protest”  has been redefined as public events which have been allowed where no real information of any use is conveyed.

It does not matter whether it is “Anti Vaxxers” or Climate Change globalist backed lobbyists , they are steered in the same way.

The system of moods caters for all except those who can see its confines. 

Those that lead these state backed events are as usual steering the gullible into the predicted dead end and making sure they stay in the pen. We have described how the system of moods is catered for at these events and in many previous shows…


Covid “Protest” Social Engineers



The Outbreak of Thinking is not for the simple minded or the easily lead, they are in fact a liability to anything productive. 

Leaving the Age of Distraction means focusing on what is actually important.

There is a need for focused information and real innovation and that is the sole purpose of all information from  Windows on the World




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