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Here are our shows on The Pawns in Media and its Fact Killers along with how the media has been captured. 


The Fact Killers

The Fact Killers – Live Show

The Propaganda Channellers


Information warfare (IW) manipulates information trusted by targets without their awareness,  so that the targets will make decisions against their interest but in the interest of the one conducting information warfare.

Quote from a listener:  “Some of these ‘truthers’ are just thick and anyone who has a different view is a shill but then they’ll follow actual shills and fall into obvious traps, I’ve unfriended loads as they’re irritating know it alls.”


The “media” can be described by these categories:


The “Mainstream”

The narrow corridor of the imposed propaganda narrative which comes from the global and tightly controlled news agencies – France-Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), Reuters and United Press International (UPI) have offices in most countries.  These agencies provide the ​majority of international news printed by the world’s newspapers.

There are no investigative or real on the ground journalists left in the mainstream. Generic press releases without verification are pushed around through global consensus and repeated by all media. 


The middle category can be defined as gatekeepers for both sides of the for and against narrative

They are represented in the UK by GB news, Talk radio etc,these never address the real issue but focus on political parties and government over reach rather than what and who is actually driving the agenda and what the end game or real goal is.

They will refer to policies as liberal or woke but will not actually describe what is behind this, so they,  just like the official narrative repeaters never actually address the issue.

The gatekeepers who represent the theatrically indignant and reactionary fake voice of dissent include the likes of UK journalist Peter Hitchens or Julie Hartley Brewer, these are  the very essence of controlled opposition views.

The real drivers and reasons for the accelerating global change being enforced are of course never addressed.


Then there is the so called alternative media. This is ridiculed by the mainstream and the gatekeepers as conspiracy theory and it also has its assets of the mainstream thoroughly embedded and promoted. The alternative media has its own gatekeepers who also never address the real issues.

There is a mish mash of often competing theories and explanations rather than concrete facts. The antithesis of the mainstream is also full of exaggeration and misinformation narcissistic mud slinging and competing media presstitutes.

This goes into new age delusion and “hopium” which is often vacuous and information free. This group are prone to be easily lead and reactionary.

The disinformation planted by the state along with the self righteous and narcissistic personalities which appear often with a “guru complex” give the mainstream their target for ridicule and their chance to inject their own gatekeepers.

The best example is  David Icke with his mixture of strong information and “Moon is a spaceship” and “reptilian shapeshifting Queen”. These theories give the mainstream exactly what it needs to ridicule anything outside the often fact free propaganda which masquerades as the only mainstream news with its communitarian coercion through group think.

The so called alternative media is often now lead by post truth arguments powered by belief and emotion over fact, just the same as the stories injected into the mainstream.

The thesis of mainstream and the antithesis of alternative media create a synthesis which most often keeps real information buried , or that is the intention of those controlling the flow of all information.

Governments, intelligence agencies and their globalist media controlling over seers promote the types who blame government or are easy in their eyes to discredit


A fourth category could describe the few information outlets which put out factual and well researched information without any hype, sensationalism and headline grabbing assumptions. There are actually many of these but their audience is generally small.

These are ignored by the mainstream and mostly by the so called alternative media. When the new age hive mind is stripped away and the facts stripped bare the excitable alternative media crowd soon get bored and want their hopium and candy floss back along with their generalised conspiracy stories which are never truly focused.

There is not a big audience for real dot connecting and the geo political nature of global governance being explained, that is why the likes of WOTW get attacked by both sides.


The “alternative media” is full of narcissists and hive minded new agers who think nothing of defaming others. Over the years the techniques have never changed. 

Online harassment and defamation are common in the “alternative media”. This show below deals with one particular stalker who engaged in defamation and a hate campaign against many people.




This rather long compilation of defamation and gang stalking is from 2014:

Police State Harassment Exposed

There are many state organizations such as the 77 Brigade waging psychological warfare on the public

Full report on UK 77 Brigade

The UK counter intelligence group “Hope not Hate” have featured WOTW and work to discredit anything outside the Global Action Plan or accepted narrative: 

Shows on Hope Not Hate


This clown below is typical of the dopey, new agers who engage in defamation online and when confronted about their groundless claims and scurrilous gossip they run a mile….




The defamation from the Meirioneth Labour Party ahead of one of out talks was a good example of  the hive mind of what is now the Labour Party: Welsh Labour Party Disgrace.

The Local Press have all been captured by Communitarains under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, believers in all globalist drivers of change, especially the climate change agenda: Fact Free Welsh News Fails 


This is memetic warfare and there are few who get past the memes 


Windows on the World 

Our shows are not mainstream or the mish mash of information which is often misinformation. The sloganeers and promoted puppets are of no interest to what we do, therefore a huge part of the audience will never engage with this sort of information and analysis.

So, as an independent researcher with no allegiances to any side of an argument I can say that what I put out is truly independent. Its all part of my own lifelong research project, information which I put out publicly as it is in the public interest.

I would consider our audience a part of this ongoing research programme as the shows generate more information on the subjects we cover.


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