The Enablers of Apathy


Mark Windows


Those of the system know nothing of how it works.


They constantly go back to gatekeepers and what they percieve as upstanding authority for remedy. 


The way the system actually works is that it absorbs everything.


This has been presented simply and clearly in our series:

  The Protocols of Power 


Our Sunday shows Archive  and archives of other shows and articles on   homepage are full of the information needed, but indoctrinated academics ignore it as they have been trained not to see the bigger picture.


The hamster wheel of “exposing” and presenting information on the lies and fraud of the world system is of no use without context and understanding the overall and integrated system within which it achieves its goals.


The fact is the facts dont matter as the Global Plan has a structure which the public do not see. 


The “professions” and academia are full of the enablers of the Global Action Plan, they rail against it whilst achieving little as they cannot get to the root of how the system actually works. They are lead along like donkeys by gatekeepers and charlatans. 

This happens over and over again which is why the public are lead into blind alleys.


The problem is those who go round the hamster wheel waiting for the solution and looking for the next heroic breakthrough always enable what they try to oppose. This is one of the most obvious and misunderstood facts about how the new communitarian  system absorbs opposition unless it is focussed on how the system works rather than pointing out the unnecessary and blindingly obvious. 


They cannot see past the real versus the stated goals.


Their education or indoctrination implanted a worldview which they cannot see through and therefore the belief  is that this is their own view but has in fact merely been implanted through their unwitting indoctrination and compliance.  

The letter below was sent to one of the current crop of doctors who whilst pointing out facts still miss the the point as they have been conditioned to do by their limited knowledge of how things actually work.

Dear Doctor,

It is well known that those who have invested themselves in the states indoctrination and its deliberate limitations in the allowed worldview are most susceptible to propaganda and being steered by counter intelligence. Jacques Ellul described this in his book “Propaganda”.

I talked to you at length some months ago on a video link about how the new system operates, you appeared to be listening but like most indoctrinated tools of the state you failed to comprehend the indisputable facts and the simple way that globalism is imposed over what is presented as a cover story. The real v the stated goals.

There are powerful remedies which I have used and have worked consistently over the years but the tools of the state are trained to ignore them. This is the majority which are steered into “consensus”.

I sent you information which is clear and easy to understand. You did not reply.

It was then suggested to you that I outline the global action plan and what drives the current system changes.

 I noted you have entertained many distractions and the occasional clown.

The people who predicted the new system and how it operates were first hand witnesses from the “inside”, they were ignored because like you, the public think small. The globalists think big.

You have had access to this through what I sent to you.

You like all “useful idiots” still believe that going back to the state for remedy is going to work.

There is no remedy by going back into the system as it has been changed, the new proposed Bill of Rights

opens with the rights of the individual being balanced against the rights of the “community”.

“In order to restore a proper balance between the rights of the individuals personal responsibility and the wider public interest”

The wider public interest is the constructed “global community” under Sustainable Development and its new Technocracy implemented globally through Unstructured Global Governance. (See Our Common Future, 1987) This is how the world is now run from global to local.

The “community” is the new system of Global Sustainable Development which is the only “community” they

are referring too. Covid is merely a driver of this along with the invention of man made climate change, terror and the ongoing financial terrorism to reach the global goals.

I have covered this new system for twenty years, those indoctrinated to think small, like yourself are the “useful idiots” referred to by ex KGB whistle blowers and as such are invested in the cover stories and diversions.

Those who lived under Communism understand easily this new Communitarian system, however, the average dumbed down and lazy brained westerner does not.

When you are worn out and exhausted and the new hero on the block has disappeared, which of course they will. You will remember this.

I am wrting because you need to be told, no offence intended, but I did warn you.

Good Luck

Mark Windows

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