The Age of Constant Distraction

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The Age of Constant Distraction


In this show and its introduction video we look at the distractions, fake remedy gurus, fantasists, fraudsters and charlatans  who succeed in one thing only, enabling the system to take property, imprison the gullible and undermine such important legal constructs as Trust Law.

 Interlopers will ruin court cases and the result of their interference is that default judgement will go against any of those who allow those with no standing to stand in their shoes by representing them in court.

The website below clearly shows this group are acting fraudulently and have no authority in any of the claims they make.

The destruction of Trust Law and undermining of real legal competence by individuals is the only possible result of their ill conceived and legally hopeless arguments

There is a long history of pied pipers without a clue leading people into losing property or even going to prison.

This show explains the pitfalls and looks at the ludicrous claims of the latest in a long line of clueless megalomaniac fraudsters and clowns this time under the guise of The Universal Law Community Trust


Show Notes – The Age of Constant Distraction


The articles referred to in the show and posted below will explain fully why the ridiculous claims made by this and other fake remedy gurus have no standing. The real remedies are always there but those that lead you away from them are many.


 What is Common Law?

Freeman V Legal Fiction

Are Administrative Courts Unlawful?

Are you a Pauper?

Is a birth Certificate a Death Certificate?

The Administration of Council Tax


Always be the Minister of your own affairs.

In time you will become a Master, unlike the foolish who are mentioned above. Here is an update, a court ruling against the UCLT:


Universal Common Law Trust


There are Useful Idiots and there are… Idiots. 



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