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Interview with author James McCumiskey on German New Medicine, getting to the root cause of cancer and illness.

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James McCumiskey – The Ultimate Conspiracy

The Achilles Heel of the Bio Medical Paradigm

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The Heart of “German New Medicine”. In this innovative show, Mark interviews James McCuminsky, author of “The Ultimate Conspiracy”, about a groundbreaking philosophy on modern medicine coined “German New Medicine” by Dr Geerd Hamer. This method flips modern medicine as we know it right on its head. This healing technique is unequivocally plausible psychologically and physically.
Dr. Hamer had an epiphany when his only son was killed and he developed cancer as a direct result of the trauma. This approach looks at the root cause of the disease and links it directly to a traumatic event which shocked the psyche-brain-organ and manifested into the organ. The healing is introspective and transformative to the patient who must deal with the cause issue to resolve the effect. Moreover, upon diagnosis, it changes one’s mindset from surrendering to sheer horror to grasping at genuine hope for well-being and survival. No longer does one have to rely on unnecessary chemo, radiation and surgery which in fact are barbaric, poisonous, devastating, destructive, demoralizing, and lethal. It boggles the mind to think that in 2023 diseases are still widely misunderstood and malpracticed to the detriment of millions of precious lives who are unsuspectingly being lead to an early demise.
This lends to the credence that perhaps it is all by design. Dr Hamer made this vital discovery when he himself was afflicted with the untimely death of his son who was shot accidentally and would eventually die in his arms. As a result, Dr Hamer developed cancer in the right testicle.
The severe shock he felt corresponds to the body part which was the source of his son’s conception and who was now forever gone. Trying to fit the pieces of his personal experience, Dr Hamer started to investigate this theory and the result was his ‘Five Biological Laws”.
A fascinating point was how the organ becomes personified and reacts according to the emergency need. The man who lost his job was afraid he could not feed his family so his liver went on overdrive and grew as it absorbed and stored every nutrient it could get. The survival mechanism kicks in. Another example is the patient diagnosed with bowel cancer who says, “Oh God, I’m going to die.” As a response, the alveoli in the lungs multiply so as to absorb more air so the patient will survive. This response thereby forms the secondary lung cancer. Steering away from mainstream medicine and understanding the relationship and harmony for healing with the belief that cancer can be cured naturally is essential to a full recovery.
I would also add praying for healing is highly effective as I have personal testimonies of being healed and healing others. Dr Hamer believed no real diseases exist and it’s all part of a special meaningful program of nature where the cure is the resolution of the conflict.
As one who never goes to doctors nor takes meds, I found this show to be original, edifying, and uplifting. Very well done!
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