A Globalist Cult for Everyone

A look into how cults and the influence of The New Age and Cabala have aided the propaganda for the Cult of Gaia through the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals.


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A Cult for Everyone

A look into cults and the system of moods that caters for all. The New Age and Yoga for westerners is a big part of the new assimilation into The Wilderness of the Mind.

Cult of the New Age

The influence of Kabbala on The Western Esoteric Tradition and its gullible devotees.

The Cult of Self Worship

A look at the engineered age of disempowerment and its history.

Selfism – End of Intelligence

A look at the psychological and fallacious connections within The New Age.

The British Theosophical Society and Golden Dawn promoted the Cabala/Kabbalah through enthusiastic acolytes such as McGregor Mathers and Dion Fortune.


The New Global Governance through the New Age and the Religion of Corporate controlled Environmentalism as a tool for population controlĀ  has a direct lineage to United Nations Agenda 21/30.

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The Age of Reason and the Age of Enlightenment, an overview:

The Age of UN Enlightenment

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