The Lost Order of Knowledge

Our recent shows The Cataclysm of the Mind, The Order of Knowledge and The Mysterious Comet point out the essential need for the preservation of true history and advanced civilization.


Plague of the Celestial Gods

Britain – Shattered Isles

I will be gathering more knowledge connecting historical information for practical purposes and if you take a look at the article Britain – Shattered Isles then some dots may join up regarding the manipulation of the past which serves only those with an interest in covering up of history.


The Order of Knowledge featured the last member (now deceased) of an ancient Order in Ireland and was formed after the last cataclysm and its purpose was to have the skills and learning to carry on civilization after the next cataclysm.

The Cataclysm

The construction of heavy stone “dolmens” throughout the world was to shelter from cometary debris and meteors. They were in effect bomb shelters.

Dolmen at Lligwy, Anglessy in North Wales. The given theory is that “ancient farming communities” dragged a 25 ton stone and supports to make burial chambers. This and the thousands of other dolmens around the world were simple shelters from cometary debris and also used for occasional ceremonies or meetings.


Listen to Ben Mcbrady in “The Last Druid”

Ben McBrady talks of the true origin of Christianity and how it was usurped. This goes along with our previous shows including the above “Britain – Shattered Isles”, and our article and show “The Force they Fear”.

If the whole of the Christian world has been deceived then our shows the The Force they Fear and the work of William Comyns Beaumont  including the historical re invention of Christianity by Constantine and of course the fake religion put in its place has indeed paved the way for further degradation of mind, body and spirit through deception.

A very great deception.

One thing is for sure, the whole purpose of the present dumbing down of everything is to force compliance and keep all future generations ignorant and intolerant of knowledge.

Those capable of keeping knowledge should pass it on to those who are also capable.

In the meantime there are a few generations of lost souls who do not even know what they are let alone who and where they really came from or where they are being lead.

Indoctrination though is a choice, those who choose to regurgitate the garbage of the globalists only have themselves to blame.

The destruction and erosion of history is an essential tool for the current age of unreason.

Even the fabrications of the past can be decoded with simple inquiries.

History is not just written by the winners but mainly rewritten by flat out liars.

The word propaganda is now too intelligent a concept for what is being presented, it is flat out lying, no need for propaganda. The target has been seen and believed to accept the relentless gaslighting.

The Conspiracy crowd actually enable many of these lies and when we speak of revisionism in history credibility of sources are essential.

The idea that there should be an organized group throughout the world who can keep real knowledge and wisdom going should be the main goal.

This group would work out of the public eye and not leave itself open to infiltration or destruction.

That means being careful as it would be dangerously outside the view of the millions of enablers who are hurtling willingly to their own intellectual and physical demise.

Those who know where the predictable world governance agenda is going will know the solutions.

This quest is also enjoyable and in the best way, challenging.

If you would like to contribute to The Order of Knowledge and have research which may be useful and appreciate this work please get in touch at


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