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Mark Windows


We have done several shows with retired psychiatric practitioner Jerry Marzinsky


Jerry Marzinsky and Sherry Swiney co authored:

An amazing journey into the psychotic mind


 Sherry Swiney is also featured in some of our shows with her

That’s a Lie Programme


Jerry created this document to help those suffering negative voices 



Jerry states on his website:

I am a retired licensed psychotherapist.  I explore and write about the phenomena of non-physical beings that plague individuals and disrupt their lives.  My research has led to methods of helping people come to terms with the malicious inner voices they hear to show them what these voices really are.  
If three decades ago, I saw an article labeled “Demons Are For Real,” I would have scoffed, “Oh Really!”  Now, after what I’ve experienced in my 35 years on the front lines with patients suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, there is no doubt in my mind that these entities exist.  I’ve both seen and spoken to them and they are very nasty.
It turns out that schizophrenics are not having hallucinations when they hear voices.  They are being attacked by real living invisible entities, conscious of what they are doing.  My articles and videos go into detail and I encourage you to read and watch. 

When I first heard Jerry doing an interview on the voices I was blown away with his revelations and knowledge. I managed to get in touch and we have done many shows since, all linked below with background information. 

My own experiences with the presence of demonic entities observed in others and the research I have done over the years is also presented in these shows. 

The “Patterns of negative voices”show and Sherry with her “Thats a lie” programme  reveal how to get rid of negative voices.

These negative voices or thoughts which are not the thoughts of the victim invade the minds of many and in the most serious cases take full control of their victims.

The root causes of these demonic intrusions can most often be linked to drugs, especially meth or physical,emotional or sexual abuse.

The first step in taking action is to know that these voices are intrusions and not your own, it is then up to the victim to conciously reject the voices and these shows explain how this may be achieved. 

This phenomena is very real and not at all uncommon. How many times has an intrusive and uncharacteristic thought invaded your mind?

What then if these thoughts become persistent and uncontrollable?

These shows go some way in helping to understand and solve this problem, a problem that has been manifesting throughout the history of mankind.


Here are the links to all of our interviews in the archive: 

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Dangers of Plant Medicine and DMT

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Escape from Insanity

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