Elephant in the Room – Community Steering

This is how “Community Steering” is presented

Citizens Assemblies = Being Steered into the already decided outcome.

See our shows Elephant in the Room – Community Steering and the accompanying shows, an interview on Steering the Public – Communitarianism on the Shelly Tasker show and Citizens Assemblies and Steering the Public on The Richie Allen Show.

Windows on the World have been talking about The Elephant in the Room for many years, and absolutely NOTHING has changed in the way the public are steered.

Big Society Change Agents

The steering of the public is the one and only issue of importance, when we see and hear the word Community it means:

The imposition from above which acts on your behalf.

In this short interview you will hear the essential points and more links to listen to:

The “Community” is not you, so in the limited language of the Community YOU must RECLAIM IT…Reclaim your power, and of course that phrase has already been hijacked by fake Community Direct Action (Protest) steering group Reclaim the Power which was another dead end along with all the other meme created Direct Action groups which absorb the gullible.

This is Memetic Warfare and may the best meme win!

This is what you are up against

Corporatisation of “Protest” has been covered in many shows, including:

Agents of Revolution


How many take any notice of the intervention into all public participation? 

Hardly any, and even fewer actually integrate any of the information into actions.

In order to participate you must  Know the Enemy Within

Below in “Empower your Community” is some essential information and a Mission Statement which can be adapted to all engagement with Councils

Empower your Community


This is what the community steering is all about. If you don’t oppose it you agree, if you oppose it you will also in time agree or be seen to agree. This fakery is called “Consensus”, it starts with a Con and of course ends with one.

Solutions can only be formed from outside these parameters.

The Community Revolutionaries

 The answers lie in public engagement.

See our shows linked here:

The Solution

How to Oppose LTN,s and Local Councils


There is no time to waste and no time for Timewasters!

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