Forbidden History Australia – Frederic Slater

In the opening of Steven and Evan Strongs’  book “Genius or Mischievous” author Paul Wallace states; Frederic Slater (1880–1947) is a name which deserves to be known by every student of anthropology, linguistics, or archaeology – and indeed by anyone with an interest in human origins and the pre-history of Australia.  

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The life of Frederic Slater interview:


Slater was an author, newspaper editor, poet  and a renowned source of information to the Australian government until he was written out of history.

“The common origin of humanity is an established fact, what we are seeing is the centre from whence the human family emanated in the beginning.” Australia

From Slater’s viewpoint civilization was devoted to the betterment of the soul, everything else was secondary.

He believed that

“Man in the beginning of time had a higher
sense of his duty to man and the development of life – which to him was the soul – more than can be found in the cultured nations of 2,000 years ago or the nations of  today.”

And.. most importantly That there was a global form of communication which relies on pictures and words

In this show we will cover the life of Slater and have a revelation of ten words from that first language



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