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“Matrix Freedom” Fake Remedy Guru Grifters who fleeced thousands of gullible punters


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Warning – The Remedy Grifters

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What is Common Law?


This article outlines how “Remedy Grifters” operate and how one dodgy website has engaged in defamation against myself. This website was supposedly set up by a disgruntled punter who lost money to Remedy Guru/Grifters. Why then under “Suspects” is it featuring and defaming Mark Windows, someone who has never charged anyone for advice and is a freelance journalist and film maker.  In this case the allegations  are so absurd I have highlighted them.

Our shows have covered The Grifters in “alternative media” selling merchandise, hungry only for Subscribers and shekels, putting out fake news, fake remedies and endless distractions. Often Ludicrous and irrelevant Some so comedic I invented a Character  based on their self sabotage. These flawed arguments have been around for over twenty years and they failed then as they do now, but still the remedy Grifter/Gurus claim to be “Winning”.

These include lots under the banner of “Common Law” Freeman on the Land and  even what has become known as “Pseudo Law” and Sovereign Citizens. Winston Shrout was one of these and gave lengthy talks and sold courses which included titbits of law as remedy. Shrout was imprisoned for ten years 

There were once loopholes as those in the system did not know what was going on but by 2010 the UK Courts had been instructed not to engage in these arguments. (I have the document issued by The Justices Clerks Society) The courts are now Communitarian  and even lawful remedy  is denied if it is against the states twisted version of The “Common Good”.

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Many years ago I communicated with people such as attorney William Wagener who had actually highlighted points of law as in “Not driving but travelling”, a concept in the USA that had actually worked. (The man in that video Charlie Sprinkle died many years ago) 

It has however never worked in the UK and those who tried it had their vehicles seized

Of course the “Freeman” types remove the uncomfortable losses and concentrate on their fantasy world of “Winning”.

The sheer amount of “remedy grifters” now means they are in competition to relieve the gullible of their money, this has resulted in some quite absurd competition amongst the Grifter community.

I was recently sent a newsletter from a long term “Remedy Guru”. The newsletter contained a link to the website defaming me.  The site has a gallery of suspects and it also included myself. As I was the subject of defamation on this website the promotion of it without a disclaimer from “White Rabbit” to a huge mailing list is irresponsible at best.  Defamation even by the back door has the same effect. There is little concern over this type of defamation. I have requested a public apology to settle the matter but there is as yet no response.

“I think a public apology in your newsletter would go some way in repairing the damage done to my reputation. I will then print your apology. If there is anything in the article which you deem to be inappropriate please send it to your lawyer and I will respond accordingly.”

All parties have been contacted.

The website purports to be set up by a disgruntled punter who wishes to “expose” those in its “Rogues gallery.”

It has no contact info, is entirely anonymous and its servers are in the Bahamas. The details for “White Rabbit” websites are also hidden.

So, inserted in amongst the Rogues Gallery in a section called “Suspects” there is …well.. Mark Windows.

This is a great example of defamation by the back door. Being linked to something you have no connection with whatsoever in order to undermine you in the eyes of the public.

Over the years we have reported that this is also a trick of Government intelligence agencies, Lobbyists, NGO’s, Marxist Infiltrators, Government Departments, Change Agents, “Actorvists”  and even private security companies. They accuse you of exactly what they are doing. I have a long history of research and evidence into Infiltration and Defamation. Also mentally unstable people used for discrediting people who align with them and attacking those who dont as “shills”  Promoted Distractions (See “Charles Seven”) 

So, it appears that this website is more than just an expose of grifters.

Context: This happened to me years ago when someone who approached and befriended me had set up a website to defame me. The two people who I met socially were both the owners of the company which owned the website which defamed me, all it took was a quick search of who owned the website and a look at companies house.  When I called them out and asked them to remove the defamation they vanished. Both Keir Argent and Bruno Delpeuch The MD’s of Glengate Estates Ltd  disappeared! There is a lot more to this story and it proved that military intelligence (Bruno Delpeuch told my friend he worked for French Military intelligence) plus private internet security and telecommunications eg  (Keir Argent) work hand in hand. Scroll down to section .

Lets see what they say to undermine me (defamation)

The article alleges I somehow “ran away” and “Hid” when Covid happened and I didn’t stay to fight with the “Resistance”,

This sums up exactly the state of arrested development and gullibility I was trying my hardest to bring to light. Alas it was not to be.


Sadly things got worse and worse…


“Tooting Popular Peoples Front” comes to mind, and after seeing the steered “Covid Protests” Our Hero below is far more authentic.


“Power to the People”, “Whose streets, Our Streets”, “Choose your Side! “


To counter this devilish accusation…Firstly I was invited to Central Eastern Europe, Turkey and Greece by some friends and having been told not to travel because of Covid by the UK Gov decided to do the opposite and proved that it was indeed entirely possible.

Secondly I am a researcher and filmmaker and even if there had been “resistance” which of course there was not I am old enough to know that all visible opposition run by groups in the UK is sanctioned and solely controlled by the state.

This is what upset the fake “truther” internet grifters, I called out the controlled protests in the UK. They hated me for it as they later knew they had been duped but could never admit it.

There were many illogical and neurotic attacks after I did shows that proved the same characters which steered previous “Protests” were the same actors steering the current ones and the “resistance” had been set up to be steered into a dead end and ridiculed. (Oh, shxt, its a goal!)

The upside was I got rid of timewasting “conspiratards” who have remained on the herded hamster wheel of counter intelligence and distraction and we now have a loyal, active and intelligent audience base. In fact, people actually doing what the “Truthers” say they do but have never achieved.

Covid was “The fork in the road” and where the Truth separated itself from the “Truthers”.

The author then reveals… “I am convinced that he (Mark Windows) is a plant. I can’t say that he actually presents any solutions at all.” Well, actually since 2008 I have offered nothing but solutions as anyone who listens to WOTW would know. Check the archive.

This does sound like the words of a disgruntled “Remedy Grifter” as I don’t charge for the help that I have given over the years as they do.  Anyone wishing to find out about the court cases I won and the real remedies I put out there can contact me at

The anonymous author then states:  “He accuses everyone else of being Government Agents which probably means he is the Government Agent.”

Thats a lot of government agents!

With this sort of logic no wonder they got ripped off by “Remedy Grifters”.  The only people I have ever made statements about have since proved to be entirely correct, eg undercover cop Mark Weaver, State “actorvist”, Phoenix Rainbow, Bill Maloney, Louise Hampton (police informer) Ex “Intelligence analyst” and infiltrator Tony Farrell and his comedic “Farrell Report”  plus many more.

The next gem on the list is: “I have it on very good authority that years ago – when the freedom movement was growing in the UK – Mark Windows attended multiple events where he disputed the events and caused arguments. In my opinion, that is the behaviour of an under cover government agent.”

Well, thanks once again for your unsubstantiated hearsay and yes, I have been known to give my opinions when I’m listening to BS or misinformation, that is true. I have openly argued/debated with people whom I believe to be less than credible.

Wonder what the “multiple events” were? Once again the disgruntled punter (or whoever it is) gives only their opinion, based on no evidence. It is indeed funny when they start with “I have it on very good authority” but are not able to name their invisible source.

The next one is a corker… “It’s difficult to figure out how he funds himself and his studio – which must always raise questions. And he has – according to some – been seen entering and leaving the offices of the intelligence services. One to watch out for!”

Well, actually its difficult to know how I am funded because unfortunately Im not. I dont have a studio as all you need is a laptop with a microphone and camera.

“According to some”.. Wonder who that is then? Maybe its Greg Hallett!   Im not sure what “Intelligence services” he is talking about and neither is he. I did know someone in the RAF civilian dept in the 1990s who had three hour liquid lunch breaks and worked at St Giles Circus in the now defunct MOD building. My old RAF mate was relocated out of London to somewhere like Basingstoke. He was one to watch out for as he was rarely sober when he went back to the office to make paper planes after a three hour lunch.

Next up: “He has a limited knowledge of the law and suggests that no remedy to our problems can come from the law, yet then gives air-time to Peter of England.” Yes, I have a limited knowledge of the law but the knowledge I do have has worked for me many times and like any normal person when I need to know something in law I look into it. Unlike the Grifters I do not sell myself as a “Remedy Guru”. The people I have helped are numerous and remain anonymous.

“Yet then gives air-time to Peter of England.” The author then goes on to say I endorse said person.

Well, this is a pretty obscure one even for a troll. In 2014 I was working at The Peoples Voice TV and after being offered a daily show when Sonia Poulton had stormed out I was given a five day a week nightly show inheriting a full time producer and researchers.  I was presenting a daily talk show which had replaced my original Sunday show (The Sunday show was booked entirely by me and I had a great friend as a Producer who I trusted implicitly). The researchers for the new daily show booked the guests as on any talk show.

One particular show someone called Peter of England was booked along with somebody setting up a website and a member of the Aetherius Society. It was off the wall to say the least. It was though quite informative and entertaining. I remember Peter saying he had “deregistered his car” but like all who tried it kept getting stopped by the police. So, this accusation is like saying Piers Morgan endorses the views of all his guests. A very poor attempt at defamation.

Next the Big Revelation…“Mark Windows seen here with Peter of England (2nd from right) and “Mo” (2nd from the left) both of whom I believe to be “paid agents”.

Well, the only time I was ever paid for WOTW was TPV, so that is correct, I was on a very low weekly wage. But like Wolfie Smith I believed in the Good Fight!


The website included this picture


Above Staff and guests on a TPV show

Here I am in the same photo as Peter of England! 

Seen here second from right. 

“Both of these characters promote highly questionable processes and solutions – most notably Peter of England and his “We-Re” Bank.

He also refers to “Mo” who was a researcher on my show and actually did a very good show with me about the Fake Green Energy Agenda being brought in through British Gas. He wasnt even paid, just got his expenses.

The author, having run out of ammunition carries on..

“Peter was recently selling “bonds” which he said could be used to pay debts. I handed over around £70 for a £70k bond, but noticed the bond contained the names and alleged signatures of both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak. I was instructed to also sign the bond.

I didn’t sign. I believe that had I signed the “bond” I would have been party to a fraud because neither Boris or Rishi actually signed that bond and I doubt either of them would have known about it. Which is fraud!”

Mark Windows is promoting him!”

Well, not exactly, he was booked onto a show I was hosting by a researcher as on most TV shows.

The fact that this is even brought up means they are scraping the barrel as far as defamation goes.

In other words after all these years they have absolutely nothing they can say about me except that I talked to someone that they don’t like once in 2014 on a chat show. Hope not Hate do the same thing, They say I talk to people they don’t like, therefore I am promoting Hate!

The serious side of all this (if it even has one) is that these spineless trolls can anonymously and without recourse or having to defend their actions  say whatever they want from anonymous websites which they hide behind.

If this defamation agent is indeed the loser they purport to be then they deserve everything that has happened to them…and more.


The Remedy Grifters are actually worse than the Fake Media Grifters of the “Truther Industrial Complex” as they are not there just for subscribers, celebrity and shekels but to defraud the public with phoney “legal” advice.

Giving unqualified legal advice is a criminal offence so they sell themselves as consultants or “Common Law advocates”

Many falsely claim “victories” which are actually court cases where they lost.

At worst people lose their homes  because of the “advice” given by such grifters.

I have covered this subject for many years and please be warned, the courts, government bodies  and corporations involved in property theft cases break the law and subvert the court process using fraudulent paperwork.

I knew people who were able to get their properties back, but it took a long time and there were considerable losses involved.


However, paying someone to help you lose your house is pretty sad.

It can easily end up like this…


In conclusion.. My main complaint is that picture on the top left of the offending website looks nothing like me!



Putting out information and remedies with no charge since 2008




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