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Council Tax: Pantomime Council Court Procedure

Having written much about council tax and had much experience of the lies and deception used by Local Authorities here is some useful information on the subject and their court procedure. ¬†Am I liable to pay Council Tax? Liability to pay Council Tax actually comes from The Poor Laws and not The 1992 Local Government […]

The Crown Templars: Ruling by Assumption

The Knights of Malta, The Templars of The Crown (AKA The Knights Templar) with The Vatican along with its Judaic Talmudic alliance The Jesuits aka The Society of Jesus and their Freemasonic brethren of the Legal system are in control of all so called law and order and the financial Global Control of the planet. […]

The Big Society = Evil Deviant Subversion

In what is now known as your “Community” and under the banner of The Big Society change agents are implementing Social Change. They will not tell you directly what that change is. The reason for this is that they are implementing change that no one would want. This change is loss of all individual rights […]

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