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Windows on the World. Presented and Edited by Mark Windows...

Cutting edge news, Empowering information and No conspiracy theories.

The show features information the mainstream will not touch, information which is essential to anyone who wants to see the bigger picture.

Windows on the World is aimed at those who are fed up of being lied too and want to do something about it. We offer solutions without fear mongering.

Cutting Edge News: The latest, from suppressed health information to interviews with those who have been shut down by the corporate mainstream media.

Empowering information: From Lost civilizations to the broken system of law, joining the dots of the bigger picture.

No Conspiracy Theories. Windows on the world only reports news backed up with facts. We constantly prove that the mainstream are spreading conspiracy theories.

I am a researcher, film maker and broadcaster. I also have a film company producing documentaries, music videos and news. to find out more please click here

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