Freeman v Legal Fiction

Freeman v Legal Fiction

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Looking back at the so called “Freeman on the land” concept there are important issues to address as this information has been distorted and misinterpreted by many well meaning but gullible people and also those thinking it is an easy fix. It has also been used to deliberately mislead by people who have benefited from the gullibility and misfortunes of those who have fallen for misinformation.

It is far from an easy solution but does reveal some profound truths.

The “Freeman on the Land” concept started out being publicized on the internet by innovative thinkers like Rob Menard in Canada and was circulated on You Tube and into groups like the ones started by myself and others around ten years ago but it had been going for quite a while in Canada and The US.

Lets look at the issue of land and freedom (which under the administrative system would mean liberty) as a corporate entity cannot be “free”.

The problem is also that all land is claimed by The Crown in the UK and even worse under the UN with Global Action Plan Agenda 21/30. The issue of claims goes right back to assumptions of ownership made by Pope Boniface on behalf of The Vatican under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam from 1302. See also Kevin Cahills book “Who owns the World” for a comprehensive list of land “ownership”.

This means that  within this assumption you  are an indebted serf on a plantation. This is where your inalienable rights come in. (Rights that cannot be liened, charged or even withdrawn)

The main idea behind the Freeman Concept revolves around a fictional entity being created through your registration to the state by your Birth Certificate (bond)

The idea is that because this is not the real you that somehow the non fictional you is not liable for the assumed liabilities of the legal name. This includes state collected debts, taxes and fines.

This is basically true but rather misleading.

This legal assumption merely means that you are treated as property because your parents registered or willingly gave you to the state and by being registered to the Crown (corporate entity) your person or legal name is created along with the benefits and liabilities that your registration creates.

Mark Windows Freeman v Legal Fiction


This legal name or fiction is not the real you but a kind of trading name, a business or corporate identity.

It is a Title used to transfer assets and liabilities. It incorporates you as an estate on a Roll through Registration.

This identity can only exist in legal form on paper. It is essential if you want to participate in and get the benefit privileges of society, for example welfare, loans, mortgages, pensions and any other benefit including fines, taxes and imprisonment.

These are all benefits of the legal name being incorporated through basic contract. The contract or meeting of minds was between your parents and the state (registrar,) You didnt object because you knew nothing about it but as your parents found out ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Due to the monetary system being based on the creation of credit through what is known as fractional reserve banking you are assumed to be worth a certain amount to the state as a future asset or long term bond which can be traded for example on the stock market.

This makes sense when money is created out of thin air in the form of credit.

The other assumption is that we are born into a bankrupt system and are therefore registered paupers in eternal debt slavery to the state. (This stuff goes deep but lets keep it simple)

A big error by some operating under the banner of “Freeman” is that the legal fiction or registered name is worth a certain amount of money to the state and that if you can find the route to get that money it is all yours.

This maze of paperwork lead to people contacting the IRS in America and The Comptroller General in the UK with documents which are available from the Ministry of Justice website and even sending affadavits to the Queen stating that you are not a person and you are not Crown property any longer. We had many exciting meetings in pubs discussing our latest lines of inquiry.

Filing documents to Federal Agencies and not filing Tax Returns has recently been the subject of a court case in Oregon. Winston Shrout has been lecturing and making money from the sovereign freeman approach for many years:

Sovereign Citizen Winston Shrout loses court case

More info on the case and Winstons “Solutions in Commerce”

This documentation which claims the legal fiction was the subject of much investigation by myself and  many others, the net result is that nothing happened and there was no response or just a brush off.

This is because underlying this is now massive fraud, one small example of this is with fake accounts being set up in your name by the likes of debt collection agencies who have extinguished the debt by purchasing it by transfer of title (deed)and then trying to get you into a contractual agreement with them by stating you have an “account”, which is of course untrue as it requires a contractual agreement with the signature of both parties.

In one case the IRS sent the person making the claim a tax number and threatened him that tax evasion was a crime.

Now and again someone would claim that they had found the route to their millions but there was never any proof. Remedy Gurus appeared, held workshops took peoples money, then disappeared

This in itself meant that the whole thing was likely used as a carrot dangling exercise to divert people away from much more important issues which could be hugely advantageous to learn such as The Bills of Exchange Act and competence when dealing with police, councils and courts.

The only outcome of all this earnest enquiry is that we are probably now all on a list of lunatic subversives who hundreds of years ago would have been hung, drawn and quartered for High Treason by attempting to undermine the authority of the Crown.

The main point missed by freemen on the land was that if you were incorporated as a legal fiction your legal fiction is just that, a fiction, it has no real value, a bit like the money you carry around.

The reason your promissory notes or pounds in your pocket are worth something is that they have value in the recognised monetary system we are in. It is the belief that they have value that gives them value , nothing else as they cannot be exchanged for anything (except any bank note issued which states it is backed by a promise of payment in Sterling, like our pounds used to be)

If you want any proof that our money is backed by nothing read what it says on a ten pound note. “I promise to pay the bearer upon demand the sum of ten pounds”, it doesnt say of what…it used to say sterling (silver)

Your legal fiction is not publicly recognised by the state so it can never be worth anything except as a financial future for the state.

It is theirs and can never be yours.

There is also the assumption by Freeman arguments that your debts are not yours either. There is a legal argument for some of this in that debts can be offset and often debt is created by third parties and debt collectors and are not real debts, they are made up and have no value in equity. There is even a good argument that all debts and liabilities can be offset.

This was the basis of “Accepted For Value”, which does have merit but is often misinterpreted.

There is a way of writing off assumed debts unless their value can be proven in equity. This is also a feature of the bank Giro credit, it is a credit and not a debt. This all needs research and separate analysis and that is all way beyond the scope of this particular article.

We even went into court and put the legal fiction (birth certificate) in the dock. This is what the administrative court summonsed… that legal fiction!

Council Tax in the Dock

The point is though that unless you are going to administer or correctly challenge the controversy/debt they do not need you, its all about the legal fiction.

This is administrative law, its just a commercial transaction done in your legal name. This can even cross into criminal or what is known as Quasi criminal where you could end up in prison (like for council tax) if you are very incompetent.

Having explained all that there is something very real about the legal fiction which I found out.

I was sent a link to get into Fidelity Investments in America, I put in my name and date of birth and also know I was the only person with my name born on that date. To my surprise a fund number came up. I was Maryland Municipal Income Fund, bond number 429 with a CUSIP number.

A friend also did this and theirs came up too although within a different fund.

I was absolutely convinced after my research that we are traded and it has to be offshore because of the assumed bankruptcy of the UK PLC, yes the country has to be a corporate fiction too. This is merely how commerce works, it goes back into Admiralty, the law of sea trading.

The Courts of Admiralty and their rules were being disputed by lawyers and imposed in the County Courts from at least 1296.

This jurisdiction puts you into the category of property in a court of salvage. The Common Law was being ignored way back then.

The analogy can be found in the fact that we have banks on either side of traffic islands and you come out of your mothers birth canal and when you go into court you go into a dock. These are all Admiralty terms.

The birth certificate is your Bill of Lading to be shown to the Port Authority and if you owe anything the authorities can take it. You are registered property and the Crown owns that property.

The lost at sea rule Cest Quie Vie Act 1666 also means you are lost at sea after seven years. The statutes were changed in the 18th century so that you were born lost at sea which meant you were born as a dead person so your life and rights all expired the day you were born. (into the legal system of administration)

If all this sounds like some kind of black magic thats because it is. Words create spells thats why they call it spelling.

The birth certificate is a blood bond or represents living because it is in red and signed by an informant (parent) in black (meaning deceased)

The black magician controls through creating a version of his victim, an effigy, the dried blood of the victim or any thing that belongs to or has a link which in this case is the blood bond of the birth certificate signed away to him by the childs parents.

The Guthrie Card was introduced in the 1960s, it is a card with your blood on it, supposedly for disease detection and prevention. The newborns blood is also taken with a cut to the heel at birth for “vitamin K testing”.

In the 1800s these were stored with the birth certificate at Greenwich Hospital, Admiralty Arch. See previous link  Is a birth certificate a death certificate ?

Yes, your parents sold you (not your soul just you as a legal entity) to the devil (state) who deceived them into doing it and your parents did it willingly because of the threat of fines or even imprisonment if they did not register you. (The Births Deaths and Registration Act)

The belief in this rule of magic is that it requires your consent whether you gave it knowingly or without full possession of the facts is beside the point.

The only way out of this assumption is to realize your true power cannot be granted by being incorporated as a legal name or fiction.

This is the beginning of competence and means you have taken full responsibility for your self  and are learning how to administer your own affairs. and see the difference between the two of you.

The main thing here is that you are not and have never been a legal fiction or title as they are assumptions made by a third party and that third party can only administer your estate if you
are deemed to be or prove yourself/fiction to be incompetent.

A lawyer will do this for you at a cost but also works for the Crown so the state benefits massively from you having a lawyer to administer your estate.

In this administrative system you are deemed to be incompetent because most people are and
need the state to administer their estate which of course comes with a hefty price.

You can take control of that fiction and administer it competently and challenge any assumptions.

The simple fact is that the fiction is dead and the real essence or spirit is divine and immortal, as long as it is recognized to be so, and as long as you are aware of the distinction.

This knowledge in itself is the most important gift that you can get and the real benefit of looking into the legal fiction/Freeman on the Land concept.

Courts were issued documentation to counter Freeman arguments and the movement was hijacked by the state to steal the assets and property of the gullible. In the world of administration a little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

A few unlucky and incompetent legal fictions even found their real selves put in prison!

Mark Windows Freeman v Legal name Fraud


There is even a campaign called “Legal name Fraud” which may be well intentioned but is misleading.

There are billboards all over the country stating that “It is illegal to use a legal name”.

This is a reversal of the truth as it is only within the legal system that a legal name exists.

Therefore the legal name or title can only be used in the legal system of administration, it has no value or existence outside it.

With that in mind your estate and legal person is dead, it can never and has never been living.

All property and assets come from God or the Divine Natural Law and you can never own anything material and nothing material can ever own you.

The profound lesson here is that your true essence is divine and the real you can never be anyones property.

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