How Communitarian UK Courts Operate

Courts are now Communitarian, they enforce what is seen as “The Common Good”.

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The Common Good is how the needs of the “Community” are expressed through public office. In reality anything outside the accepted narrow corridor of public opinion is set to lose in court.

The evidence does not matter, cases are judged on their merit. Are they in the interest of The Common Good or against it?

Is the person accused or defending a claim an asset or a liability to the system?

Are they worthy under the Noahide laws? These Seven laws are not what people think they are. They are a way of strict enforcement against none Noahides, those who are not approved by the system.

In 1991 George Bush in the USA proclaimed the Noahide Laws to be “The bedrock of civilization”.

Those deemed to be outside this regime can be dealt with in any way the court sees fit.

All none Noahides are now deemed to be the enemies of the court system.

The County court can be fair and equitable, they are courts of commerce and equity.

“Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud”, Legal Maxim.

However, the County Courts have been used by agencies of the government and a cabal of judges to enforce liabilty orders which have no equitable basis. Government bodies in the UK such as the companies attached to the Child Support Agency issued and enforced liabilty orders to take property on the back of made up debt.

These Orders could not be overturned by the High Court.

The Farley Ruling forbids the Liability Order to be overturned in the court by magistrates or judges.

This even applied to hearings in chambers with Masters in the Rolls Building.

In order to engage with the Communitarian system one must know its rules of “diversity” as oppression and discrimination.

The Common Good as an imposition from above under the fake concept of the betterment of society means shutting down and punishing any and all who appear to speak a language outside of the accepted Communitarian narrative.

There is no rule of law in the Communitarian court there is only the imposition of whatever advances the objectives of Communitarian society.

Punishment in these courts is symbolic and “sends a message” to those in society who may wish to oppose the system.

One must know the language of the oppressor in order to infiltrate it. This is the only way to win in this system.

The consequences of relying on The Golden Rule of law, that all are equal under the law will be met with the imposition of Communitarian Noahide Law.

Judges are well aware of what they are doing and all have been captured to differing degrees depending on their importance within the Noahide Law system.

They are powerless under the Crown to go against the imposed rules which they are duty bound under oath to follow.

The great judges and lawgivers of the past, Blackstone, Halsburys Laws of England no longer apply except in rare circumstances.

In Crown Court cases Juries are only given the evidence allowed into the court, defence evidence is routinely discarded, ignored and destroyed. Judges steer the Jury and the Jury can only make fair judgements if they have both defence and prosecution evidence. In Communitarian law the defence and prosecution work together for the already decided outcome.

2017 report by HMCTS  found defence evidence had been withheld by the CPS, police and courts in 55.5 percent of all examined cases.

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