Police state Harassment Exposed


With the British Government “waging war “against alternative views and The Counter Terrorism and Security Act  now in force this article may be useful to real journalists and those targeted because they go against The Consensus Reality created  by Big Society Change Agents.

Also of interest is our recent article Government Organised Protests which documents how government agents “Control the narrative” at public protests. Check out also The Global Local Cabal, a video which puts together information related to how this fits into the bigger picture.

The implementation of United Nation Agenda 21, now rebranded Agenda 2030 also reveals how The Change Agents and infiltrators “Control the narrative”, Here is our recent show UN Agenda hits London.

Government funded infiltrators are harassing, libeling and inciting hatred against investigative journalists. Leaked GCHQ handbook below exposes techniques.

Update Jan 2015: Guardian Reports 1500 British Troops to be known as 77th Brigade to wage war on facebook:


Here is the recent report we did on the new MOD Counter Intelligence British Army group 77th Brigade set up to “Control the narrative” on Facebook and Twitter. It looks like this one has backfired already…



 Above from leaked GCHQ slide show training for “Online Covert Action”. More of this in the main article.

Gatekeepers and Goons

After writing the original article “Ex Police Officer” Dave Eden of the “Community press Group”, which is now defunct wrote a piece called “Mark mywords it doesnt take M15 to see through windows”.

The piece had nothing to do with what had been written in the article, it appears it was in some way to undermine what is in this article. Very catchy title though. This was later re published on the website described below but now seems to have vanished along with Mr. Eden. It attempted to discredit my fact based research into Intelligence and Counter Intel Goons some of whom describe  themselves as “Ex Police”. 

Mr Eden did link my article to his after I requested he do it for the sake of balance. The article I wrote contains only  known facts including inciting of hatred against myself and others, previously by syncrenicity.com and those who are part of a group of  “ex” cops (really?) and private security goons who are all named in the article.

The website www.syncrenicity.com also put out further nonsensical hatred against myself and others. The owners of the site and its registered address are all in the article. Despite chances to remedy the owners of the site Keir Argent and Bruno Delpeuch have failed to respond to the inciting of hatred against myself and others. 

There was a also a dedicated channel to attack the Windows on the World You Tube videos“Infiltration Special” and “Police state harassment exposed” The channel is called Beefyuk1. All this nonsense comes and goes in endless the sea of waffle


Mark Windows and David Shayler on Infiltration and subversion at The Peoples Voice TV


Main Article as previously published:

Everything in this article could be presented as an affidavit in court. There is no hearsay here just facts.


Having investigated the activities of undercover police, online and group infiltrators there is definitely an organised infiltration of groups and targeting of bold individuals who put out uncensored and cutting edge news and information. This is just to fill remits and create jobs. 

The private security network is also heavily involved. These “counter intelligence” goons do not work in the public interest as we know it they work for the military industrial complex and its “Global Governance.”


See our You Tube Windows on the World films, The Puppet Masters of Occupy  and Inside Occupy and the Bank of Ideas   also the follow up The Puppet Masters of Occupy Revisited 

Your Ex Police? Really Sarge!

There are a number of “ex police” employees involved. (See article below for in depth info) along with partner private security interests. The police and private security are now indivisible.

The Metropolitan Police Management is now Kellogg, Brown and Root AKA Halliburton.

The military industrial complex is now running the police. There are hundreds more agents being paid by GCHQ to disrupt groups and real journalists. This goes hand in hand with the thousands more Inland Revenue staff who were brought in to “fight massive tax fraud” but only actually go for small businesses. Local authorities are also employing their own citizen spies. 

The techniques are incredibly nasty and reveal the true nature of the UK Government and its Orwellian agenda.


The recently leaked GCHQ document on government infiltration should be of great interest to real journalists:



Full articles on this leaked document:




I will be referring to an article (link below at bottom of article) and the website that posted it as an example of the GCHQ document. The article incites hatred and the website syncrenicity.com and those repsonsible for inciting hatred have all failed to respond (see my e mails to them reproduced below) 


More on the  techniques used against journalists and researchers. 


Britain’s GCHQ how-to guide for Online Covert Action according to Glenn Greenwald has been shared with US agencies like the NSA. Some of the slides for this presentation are pasted into this article.

According to these latest documents, there are paid government agent/contractor persons on social media posing as someone they are not, whilst on the payroll of the government. Their job is to befriend members of the alternative media, embed themselves in the ebb and flow of day-to-day communications, and then to engage in elaborate subterfuge – by any means necessary.

The traIning excercise uses terms like “befriend”, “infiltrate”, “mask/mimic”, “ruse”, “set-up”, “disrupt”, “create cognitive stress”, “usedeception”, “ruin business relationships”, and “post negative information on appropriate forums”

all of which is not only illegal and morally bankrupt, but also runs completely contrary to the very fundamental ‘values’ and indeed founding principles, of a modern free democratic society or constitutional republic. 

Government targets in this malicious operation appear to be bloggersactivistsjournalists, social event organisers and anyone else deemed to be an ‘emerging leader’ or voice in the public sphere, or alternative media online. 







discedit a company 

discredit target

effects definition 2 


                       JTRIG: Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group. The slides reveal how the training is used online.

 Here is an article which describes the story below and captured screenshots from our now defunct site landofthefree:

How Charles Seven Divided UK Truthers

  “Ex Police” infiltrators target political interest groups

 A good example of how this infiltration works is “Ex Intelligence Analyst” for South Yorkshire police, Tony Farrell who after his “sacking” quickly aligned himself with every group around the country he could. Farrell stated the reason for his sacking was because he “woke up” to the New World Order and the truth behind 9 11. …..(Yawn, Ok Sarge.)

 Farrell knew as much about 9 11 as anyone who has surfed the internet for a few hours. He later aligned himself to those investigating Hillsborough, a real insult to those who suffered through the police lies following the event.

 The groups Farrell targeted were as varied as UFO research to Dead Beat Dads, who were set up to challenge the Child Support Agency. (They rejected Farrell as he had no case history to show them)

 Farrell installed himself amongst 911 truth groups. After aligning himself with respected researchers like Nick Kollerstrom, (even making a film featuring Nick about 7/7 which also featured the rent a cause “activist” Belinda McKenzie who has also attacked myself, see article on The Farrell report on

 www.landofthefree.co.uk and the link below)

 Nick was coerced into the “Seven” story (see below) but backed off as he knew it had no evidence. He later wrote about it on his site. Once again check out the posts by Farrell and Co. Very long, meandering and provoking long responses in order to waste the time of the real citizen journalists.



 Infiltrate…Then subvert and discredit

Farrell had won over quite a few people by doing talks and establishing himself as a voice of truth, then the next phase of the plan came into play. To attach a story to researchers like myself which was not only ludicrous and make us a laughing stock but would get us all sued or put in jail. The story was so ridiculous that we could barely believe anyone sane could believe it which is the whole point.


After aligning himself with influential groups and people Tony Farrell then promotes a ludicrous story to discredit researchers and group

Farrell later introduced myself and others to the ludicrous story which I wrote about.  This story was promoted to undermine the truth movement and independent research into 7/7. The woman peddling it could just be mentally ill and being used or a trained agent herself, the issue is it is being used by intelligence services to undermine real research into 7/7.

Farrell attempted to associate me with the story by asking me to film the woman involved, which along with a fellow researcher we did .

When we backed off as the story was not only ludicrous but an entrapment exercise because of the allegations against top lawyers we were attacked.

I originally headed the article ”Entrapment or insanity” as the story involved libeling and accusing top lawyers of mass murder.

The premise of the story revolved around a woman who calls herself “Charles Seven” alleges the London 7/7 bombings were done somehow to shut her up as she had some up with ideas for TV shows which had been stolen by lawyers. Her blog is posted below, note the word stacking for maximum effect to draw in what the police would consider “Conspiracy theorists”.

The synopsis of her very convoluted story is that the London 7/7 bombings of 2005 were done to “shut her up” as she had written Come Dancing and other TV shows (written before she was born) and powerful media groups and lawyers conspired to stage the event to stop her telling the world about this theft of her intellectual copyright. 

Here is her blog which is posted on several sites including the link below.

By Ms. Charles Seven
November 21, 2010

7/7 was in reality a media mafia ritualistc satanic witch hunt vendetta to psychologically torture, terrify and paralyse me into not bringing my evidence to court exposing conspiracy to defraud and murder by way of widespread racketeering of trillions using stolen intellectual property and other highly sinister activities from 2003 onwards.

My case details all the events which led up to the criminals in media doing 7/7, desperate to cover up the Truth of gross levels corruption in legal circles, mainstream media Hollywood entertainment with the assistance of fixers in other key positions of power which I was exposing (like Randy and Evi Quaid are now also exposing too).

What is actually really going on is the murder for copyright ownership and the illegal control of creative people’s royalties scam. This serious crime is secretly going on behind closed doors in media lawfirms and corrupt media Hollywood publishing and production companies.

This is what was actually behind 7/7 bombings; it had nothing whatsoever to do with Muslims. They were framed and scapegoated by the criminals in media who actually did the crimes, then covered it all up using the vast available networks.  I have all the names of the guilty people responsible because I sued them and won in 2006.

John Charles is my family’s name (often spelt Jean Charles)  They coerce the police to shoot the innocent Brazilian Seven times in the head as a warning to shut me up whilst I was I hiding at the time.

My case was due to be heard in court July/ August 2005, so  panicking knowing I had lots of evidence and planing to use it. Fearing  the case would go ahead and their big money scam would be exposed, they orchestrated the London bombings as a smoke screen to divert public attention away from the mass scale corruption taking place and looting of banks.

Targeted Individual suffers scafolding on one window from perpetrators.  

(There is a picture of a window with some scaffolding on)

Link to the blog.



Alfred Lambremont Webre recently let this woman spout her story over several hours and she attacks anyone (very often myself) who does not believe her and calls them an agent, fascist or rascist ! She could get a job with Antifa, or what about Press Secretary for George Soros? 

Not only was the story ridiculous with not one piece of evidence (it could be totally exposed by a five minute internet search) it seems to be being pushed by some very suspect individuals. The whole story and threads of Farrell’s e mails and correspondence are below. The main claim is that she originally won a court case against the lawyers which is untrue.


Go to Windows on the World Infiltration Special at 1.23.30 (One hour, 23 mins and 30 seconds into the show) for The Charles Seven entrapment story…



David Pidcock and Tony Farrell..South Yorkshires finest…


One of the most humorous attacks after we backed off this story was from David Pidcock., another “Ex Police” counter intelligence goon who is involved with Farrell. This response from him below was after I had written about this story and it had been featured on the Kent Freedom Movement website.

It is not surprising that David Pidcock came to the assistance of Tony Farrell when his disinfo was exposed.

 On 14 Apr 2013, at 16:50, David Pidcock wrote:

> Sent from my iPhone


The Kent Freedom Movement run by fellow researchers Debbie and Eddie were also attacked by Farrell over a sustained period.

Some humour creeps into the thread to dispel the tedium of Farrell’s posts.

It has to be noted that Farrell got £6,000 out of the trusting public in donations to his “cause”.



As stated in the rather long articles above one tactic used is to waste your time by throwing all sorts of nonsensical allegations around which they want you to waste time rebutting.

As stated Farrell later attacked me and others who did not want anything to do with the story. He wrote a “report” which took him months which managed to sideline any provable facts in the case (as there aren’t any) and obfuscate and lie about myself. Once again straight out of the handbook.

When I wrote an article about this and the lack of any facts in the case he wrote a “Rebuttal” of what I had said, which did not rebut anything it just made allegations and attacks but once again no evidence. 

 If you have a few days to spare and/or suffer from insomnia go to The farrellreport.net/

This obfuscation and bringing in unconnected strands and giving fragmented , hard to follow narratives with no evidence is all straight out of the GCHQ handbook.

 The devious nature and lies are there to provoke, and many people do react in the Pavlovian way as they are being psychologically manipulated  by these agents.

 The technique of “Reversal” is used widely by these police, private security and government paid infiltrators. For example they simply accuse you of being police or a government agent.

 They also imply anything that can discredit you. As they know that many people do not research things properly at all they use word stacking. This is just using capital letters to programme the reader. Like FASCIST,  GOVERNMENT AGENT,  RASCIST etc. 

 Attacks from Syncrenicity.com website exposed here.

  This website ticked the boxes of a “conspiracy” site. At the end of this piece is the article inciting hatred and the information relating to Syncrenicity.com. This site is also linked to to Open Your Mind radio, who also ran the “Charles Seven” (see link below) story where this woman called me an “agent” eight times during a nonsensical and fragmented interview. She of course sang the praises of her fellow supporters Mr Farrell and Ray Savage (see below), and also interestingly Brian Gerrish and UK Column who also pushed the ludicrous story. 

The main culprit for this vitriolic hate on the syncrenicity site is Tony Kilvert aka Tony Z. None of the culprits want to speak to me for some reason. 



 The updated notice I sent in 2014 to the owners of Syncrenicity.com                       


To: Keir Argent:

The company of which you are a director Glengate Estates which owns syncrenicity.com which has incited hatred against myself and others ( through your contacts Tony Kilvert, Tahra Ahmed and Ray Savage) have all failed to respond to our requests.

You, Keir Argent , the liable person of the company Glengate Estates are held solely liable as a company director responsible for inciting hatred in the public for which you have so far failed to respond. Having failed to respond to my requests which are on the public record I contacted your agent at your company Voipon.co.uk  who was approached for resolution in this matter. Your agent was obstructive and stated that he would not pass any information regarding this matter onto yourself. This is now on the public record.

The evidence so far produced on the public record proves that you are the owner and sole respondent re the harassment against myself and others. All evidence against yourself and any company associated with yourself is on the public record and in the public domain. As you have failed to respond to all previous requests for resolution in this matter I can now only assume that you are inciting hatred against myself and others named in articles published through your site syncrenicity.com with a personal interest in inciting hatred.

This matter as previously stated (on record) is in the public domain


 Police and Intelligence set up fake websites


There are a lot of template websites which contain links to real stories, all cut and pasted on a variety of “conspiracy” topics that police and government agencies set up to get the details of researchers and journalists who may question government propaganda.

These sites are often gatekeeper sites where they want to corral information and contain and control it. “Send in your stories and we will give the real people a voice”. They win as they get all you information and they control and edit it though thier site. They monitor trends in research and keep up their jobs in the “counter intelligence” industry. Nice work Sarge!

They often mirror other real investigative websites. There are some which masquerade as Community Groups and sites which state they are for Investigative journalists and whistleblowers. Many also align themselves with the “Freeman on the land” movement. All have your details and more once you sign up and log in. 

Worth seeing also is  the UK Column response and their promotion of the fake “Charles Seven” story, even after they knew there was no evidence.

They also betrayed confidence when I tried to warn them of the dangers of publicizing this story. Scroll down to the e mail and correspondence I sent to Brian Gerrish. The UK Column, Charles Seven and Tony Farrell and other promoters of the story would never agree to a live debate, although I asked them several times. See the article below and scroll down.



As stated sites like syncrenicity.com contain cut and pasted articles and amongst them the propoganda or in this instance the articles which aim to discredit someone, in this case myself. 

I did warn my fellow workers at TPV The Peoples Voice TV) that people aligned with Tony Farrell and the woman who calls herself Charles Seven would one day come into TPV and try to attach David Icke and the station to the story.  They did turn up, while I was on air.

Those attending with the woman known as Charles Seven were Tahra Ahmed (probably a fake name) and someone called Ray Savage who is another “ex police” who turns up at anything from New Age ceremonies to UFO conferences. They later maintained they had a “productive” meeting with David which was of course untrue. Tony Kilvert aka Tony Z who was also involved in inciting hatred through the site have been contacted for their responses, so far they have not replied.

They even e mailed me this link below and Ive never subscribed to their site or group. They are attempting to get all my info by trying to get me to unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to.

This must have been sent via Keir Argent whose company Glengate Estates owns the site as he had my e mail after I contacted him about the inciting of hatred against myself and others (See below). So are they about to inundate me with hateful e mails from their fakebook trolls? 

 Nice on Sarge!

UPDATE: See also e mails below to owners of syncrenicity.com

To Keir Argent 

Having had no response from you and being added to a Google group of the site you own without my consent I hold yourself and Glengate Estates liable for any losses incurred by myself through the criminal harrassment and hatred incited through the syncrenicity.com  site you manage.

I have contacted Tony Kilvert AKA “Tony Z” and Louise Ni Criochnil who are both involved in the forthcoming event New Humanity Movement. I would like a comment or interview. Can you pass this message on as I haven’t heard from them.

As stated anything relating to this matter is now in the public domain If you would like to discuss your involvement please call me asap.

Mark Windows

Syncrenicity (Google Groups)

To Me


Today at 2:05 PM


Hello –

Welcome to the new Syncrenicity email news list.



You may have asked us in the past to be taken off the list. We were unable to
do that effectively at the time. To unsubscribe, simply click the UNSUBSCRIBE
link shown at the bottom of this email or follow one of these options:

Option 1:
Reply to this email and write REMOVE ME as the subject of your message.

Option 2:
Send a blank email to: syncrenicity+ unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

Further instructions can also be found here:


We expect to be sending out news updates a couple of times a week and look
forward to keeping you up to speed on the key events as they unfold.


Tony Z
And The Syncrenicity Team


About this group:

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Visit This Gro



Here is an e mail exchange between “Tahra Ahmed” and a member of the 9 11 keep talking group which was also disrupted by Tony Farrell and cohorts.

This from Ian Fantom:

Mark – I think you should know about this.
Have you come across Tahra Ahmed before?
She organised last year’s ‘Seek Speak Spread Truth’ conference on 23November in London at which Atzmon Gilad, Alan Harte, Ken O’Keefe and 
others spoke. It was a good conference. She brought along several people 
to our Keep Talking meetings.
Regards,  Ian

On 17 Feb 2014 13:55, “Ian Fantom” < ian@fantom.org.uk> wrote:

Dear Tahra, Sorry about the delay in replying; I seem to be surrounded by invalids at the moment!  I’d be interested to know who Seven is. How long have you known her?


On 05/02/2014 10:58, Tahra Ahmed wrote:

Hi Ian,
I am friends with Seven and talk to Tony Farrell of the 7/7 Farrell
Would you like to have them deliver a talk at your event?


The talk was cancelled because of the tube strike.



——– Original Message ——–Subject: Re: Seven and 7 Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 10:54:11 +0000
From: Tahra Ahmed < tahra.pure@googlemail.com>
To: Ian Fantom < ian@fantom.org.uk>

It seems quite clear to me you havent even read the Farrell Report. All the
details of Sevens case are there. And you will find there is no evasion on
her part when you take Windows quote in context.

Why does it matter to you so much how long I have known Seven? What is so important about the length of time Ive known her?


On 25 Feb 2014 09:51, “Ian Fantom” < ian@fantom.org.uk> wrote:

Dear Tahra,

What false allegations have I made, and what was the slander against
Seven on the Windows programme?

You haven’t yet told me how long you have known her.

If I am ignorant of who Seven is, then it is because of her own evasion.
As I made clear in on The People’s Voice, the quote that Mark Windows
produced, seemed to me an obfuscation. I was hoping that you might be able to enlighten me

On 25/02/2014 09:39, Tahra Ahmed wrote:

Her name is Seven and you can find her full and relevent history in the
Farrell Report. I suggest you read that report before you make any more false allegations against her. You seem utterly ignorant about her. So what was the basis of your
slander  against Seven on the Windows programme?
On 24 Feb 2014 23:31, “Ian Fantom” < ian@fantom.org.uk> wrote:
What is her real name and what is her history?


On 24/02/2014 18:45, Tahra Ahmed wrote:

Dear Ian,
So you dont know who Seven is? Thats v strange because you seem to know all about her during your interview with Windows. Indeed it seems you are part of a group that has been targeting her since her terrible ordeal from over a decade ago. So now I am confused. Either you are lying to me in your email where you  are clearly claiming complete ignorance of Seven. Or you are utterly fabricating stories on the Windows programme, defaming, slandering an libeling a victim of torture and a gross miscarriage of justice.
Which one are you? Tahra


Nice one Tahra , or whoever you are, straight out of the GCHQ handbook. The nonsense above has absolutely no true reference or relevance to our Infiltration show at all. We did expose the fake story though. 


Propaganda Goons

 This government harassment  is a disgrace as researchers only interested in getting information out that the mainstream wont touch are targeted by the likes of those above.

The real sham is that they are getting paid out of the public purse to discredit people who are real patriots. This is the Orwellian Brave New World we live in.

 Humour is not allowed, so use it

 One way to counter their training is comedy, they hate it and the handbook they work to does not compute so they can only respond in their own trained way. As they have had their personalities  removed they are easy targets for comedy and cannot respond to it.

As Tony Farrell wrote hundreds of pages of nonsense about myself and others in order to discredit us I made a little video to lighten things up.  It is Called “The Conspiracy theorist.” Listen to videos of Farrell and see if you can spot any similarities…



          Syncrenicity.com website incites hatred using GCHQ techniques

 The straight from the GCHQ handbook nonsense is evident on the syncrenicity.com website.

Having found out the owners of the above site on Companies House I also found I had been targeted by the owners about eighteen months previously.

Here is the link to the article posted by online troll “Brian Heath” (fake facebook name) and someone they call Tony Z aka Tony Kilvert.

Whispering campaigns create chaos.

The article incites hatred and goes way beyond libel.  All the techniques from the GCHQ handbook are in evidence.



Here is the information on the owners of the Syncrenicity.com site from Companies House :


Name & Registered Office:
N12 0DR 

Company No. 07975993

Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off 
Date of Incorporation: 05/03/2012

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC):
61900 – Other telecommunications activities


The managing directors are Keir Argent and Bruno Delpeuch, the registrant is David McLaren.

I was approached by Keir Argent nearly two years ago outside The Royal Courts of Justice. Keir engaged me in conversation and told me his car had been clamped and he was dealing with unlawful bailiffs (As we do and have done on www.landofthefree.co.uk).

In retrospect they were probably checking me out to see if I could be recruited for the goon squad. I think they realised I wasnt what they were looking for as I am only interested in getting information out, not suppressing it.

 He was later invited to a monthly meet up group we run. Both himself and Bruno Delpeuch came along and stayed chatting to the early hours. Since then I have heard nothing from them.

 When I found out about Keir Argents connections and businesses (which include supplying electronic equipment to the government.) I decided to contact him about the hatred being incited against myself and others on the syncrenicity.com website owned by his company Glengate Estates.

I called Voipon ltd, a company owned by Keir Argent and the person who answered when asked if it was Keir Argents company said.”It might be”. He then kept me on the phone asking me to spell out simple words over and over agin and putting me on hold. They were most likely tracing my number. The main problem is that its not me thats hiding, its them! He then stated that he wouldnt be passing over any information on my behalf so I stated the whole matter was in the public domain. I  have recorded the whole conversation and will post it soon.


Here is my first e mail to the owners of the site one of whom had introduced himself to me previously and attended a meetup with his business partner. I never saw or heard from either of them and as stated below they failed to respond to my e mails and phone call to one of their companies.


To  keir@keison.com

Mar 11 at 7:40 PM


Hi Keir,

 I have been attacked by people on a site registered to Glengate estates. The registrant of the syncrenicity radio website is  David McLaren and both yourself and Bruno Delpeuch are directors of Glengate estates. The blogging names Tony Z and somebody who calls himself Brian Heath seem to be responsible for what is now criminal harassment. The first document is directly from the website, the second was posted on the comments page of The Peoples Voice.TV where I work as a presenter. I have attached the documents from the website which incite hatred against myself and others.


I would appreciate it if you could supply the names and addresses of the perpetrators so we can pass the information onto the police.

 Yours faithfully,

 Mark Windows


The silence was deafening so I sent another e mail:


To Keir Argent

 Having failed to respond to the recent e mail re: criminal harassment regarding the link below on the website owned by your company Glengate estates ltd. please take note of the following:

 Every person and/or company involved in this criminal harassment and the libelous statements made on the above website is now in the public domain. Any information regarding yourself, your company or anyone named as an active participant in the above is now in the public domain and all information regarding yourself, your company or participants in inciting hatred through Syncrenicity.com and Glengate Estates will be used as evidence in any form, in any medium , in any part of the world without prior notice.




Still a deafening silence…As there has been no response the matter is now in the public domain.

Update: As stated above the e mail was received adding me to their google group and stating I had to unsubscribe…to something I never subscribed too.

I phoned a company owned by Keir Argent called Voipon ltd. An employee was very cagey and kept me on the phone for a ridiculousy long time asking me to hold and spell single words out repeatedly. They were trying to trace my number and address, problem is it is not me that is hiding, it is them. I recorded the call and will post it for its comedy value and the techniques used.

Scroll down for the event the syncrenicity site were hosting. It is exactly what the government think “conspiracy thoerists” and “New Agers” want, trouble is they never manage to get it right.


Some common sense solutions to police, government and private security harassment.

1 Make sure you have people with integrity to support you. Paid goons work on divide and rule, especially in groups as stated in their own GCHQ handbook. Use their techniques on them, if several people all question them they will not know what to do except parrot a few clichés.

 2 When attacked use simple responses -if you respond at all and continuously ask questions.  Take the initiative first and actively question everything they say.

Keep it simple.  Use the same techniques they use it confuses them, they may have to get a manager to advise them.

 3 Do not be afraid to name them if you have properly identified them, they will trundle off and get another fake identity or possibly demoted if they are found out. As they have no integrity they may have audacity but they are generally cowardly and insecure.

 4 Best of all…use humour against them, it is not in their programme or handbook.



    The goons also posted this on the Peoples Voice Comments page:

           Once again all techniques in the handbook are used.




– Tony Z and Ms Seven visited TPV and discussed her story with David Icke, Liz and other staff members and had a very warm welcome. Tony Z posted a copy of his complimentary email on his website, thanking TPV volunteers and staff.

However, the following day, MARK WINDOWS posted a very negative account of their visit on HIS fb page, even though HE had NEVER witnessed, or been present at the meeting!… The ‘Seven’ story was never aired on tpv and Mark Windows quickly removed his deflamatory comments from fb, but not before they were COPIED for evidence 😉

Curiously, the ‘SYNCRENICITY.com’ website where Tony Z had posted details of the TPV visit and Ms Seven story with Tony Farrell videos was viciously HACKED and taken off line. — Was this just a strange ‘co-incidence’, or EVIDENCE of deliberate verbal attacks and intentional hacking by despicable NWO agents?

– WHO DO YOU THINK THIS SCUMBAG ‘MUCKY’ WINDOWS REALLY WORKS FOR? – http://syncrenicity.com/2014/01/31/sync-edu-enough-gov-77-already-syncrenicity-breaking-news-story-update-latest-t-pv-meet-david-icke-seven-audio/


Of course there was no facebook posting but these programmed drones will literally say anything as you will see in the article printed below if you haven’t yet seen the link. Note the use of “word stacking”. They even take their site down and blame you for hacking it. Nice one Sarge!

PS Is there any such word as deflamatory Sarge?

NB Personally Sarge I would have used “Dirty Windows.”



If you recognise the techniques used in this article below you must be doing something useful and of course important to alert fellow concerned citizens about relevant news.

I cant say Im hugely complimented that these poor souls are being paid to attack myself and other investigative journalists. The good thing is that they follow simple techniques, as they are obviously quite simple, but incredibly devious.

These people would probably describe their dirty work as “Intelligence”, if so why don’t they have any? I guess that’s why they are doing it.

There was an initial blog, linked also in the article below from an infiltrator at The Peoples Voice called Sharon Gifford who also posted a rant about myself and others at the Peoples Voice.

Ms Gifford was a volunteer researcher who was put into my team. She used every trick in the book…constantly. Even her accomplice who turned up on her last Friday at the station (another agent provocateur and trained observer) left before her on her last night at TPV.

After 2.30 am she was psychotic and refused to leave the building. Draining everyone around her until the last stand where she threw fools gold around and cast spells before swinging a bottle at people. The police were called but she eventually left. Nice work if you can get it eh?

The recruitment of these sociopaths and deeply programmed drones through all walks of life should be a matter of public knowledge, and of course concern to anyone who cares about living in a decent environment. Please make this information Public.




As the article which incites hatred on syncrenicity.com has been removed here it is in full:



                                            Sync Edu: Enough! Gov Did 7/7

Already… Syncrenicity

Breaking News Story.

Update From Latest T.P.V. – A Meeting With David Icke.”

New Update 03 Directly From “Seven” 

Date: Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 5:32 AM













A known fascist racist and NWO  government agent named Mark Windows has been given a daily platform of which to carry out smear campaigns and abuse of genuine truth speakers at David Icke’s TV station called The Peoples Voice, (funded by generous donations from the public)

Since 2012 the despicable racist liar Mark Windows has been caught cyber stalking, slandering and trying desperately to malign and discredit the good honest name and honorable character ‘of Seven with other known NWO cointelpro  agent racists named Donny Jackson, Eddy Boyce, David Shayler, Deborah Williams and Ian Fantom with a list of other abusers operating from the fascist hub Kent Freedom movement now referred to as the KKK and 9-11 Keep Stalking victims group. It has recently come to light that David Icke and his head of production named Liz are also party to the lies, false slander and abuse being done to  genuine truth speakers.

Mark Windows and the other racists were hired to engineer a vicious smear campaign to attack Truth Speaker Seven, after a explosive report documenting a 10 year monstrous cover up revolving around her court case was flagged up by honorable Christian Former Police Principal Intelligence Analyst turned Whistle- blower Tony Farrell. In 2013, Farrell released his damning Report  which chronicles mass organised crime, intellectual property thefts and a highly sinister gang stalking operation against Seven with direct linkages to other serious crimes against humanity. After going to great measures to conceal the David and Goliath style court battle, Seven won case in 2006 against a group of highly corrupt people working inside mainstream media TV networks and law firms. They began the targeting operation against her from 2003 onwards to steal and illegally trade her lucrative intellectual property. After her court victory in 2006 with 14 witnesses they used blatant  fraud to alter the verdict and from then on the truth was quickly covered up and waged war against her to conceal the wider extent of the crimes.

On the 30th of January 2014,  Seven was invited by three friends to visit David’s Icke’s TV channel whilst they were waiting to meet other people working in the same building. She was asked by her friends to discuss her case with a view of doing an interview on one of their shows. Though initially hesitant and reluctant to join her friends at David’s channel at first, in respect for her friends supportive efforts she later obliged. Disturbingly, even after she explained to them on arrival that her mother had recently died and did not want to get into anything that involved being further abused, these people still later cunningly twisted what had factually took place in front of several witnesses. During discussions Seven and her three friends noticed the notorious racist Mark Windows on their large screen monitors doing a show, and alerted Liz from production that this same vile man had been cyberstalking and spreading lies about her since 2012. It was a calm peaceful discussion mostly providing links and details about her court case, however they decided to alert Liz about the lies and sinister abuses by Windows because he is known to be deliberately deceiving people. Considering this was supposed to be a conscious TV channel, promoting truth, justice, love and peace contrary to Mark Windows warped beliefs and obnoxious conduct over the prior two years, naturally this mans constant lies and lack of credibility was an important issue to make them aware of. Everyone was in fact shocked to see this racist trouble maker there at all. Windows had already been called out and shunned by other groups long ago, so how this person was given a prominent position on David’s TV channel leaves a lot to think about. Several links containing evidence was given to Liz (links listed below) exposing Windows documented in Tony Farrell’s two reports. This is the real motive for Windows going out of his way to try discredit Seven and prevent people from reading Tony Farrell’s Report as he has attempted to do in his broadcast.

After the chat with Liz, a one to one discussion was extended with David Icke who confirmed being aware of the devious tactics used by the criminals in Sevens case to cover up their crimes. After the approx.15 minute conversation, Seven and her three friends left the TPV offices with David and traveled down the lift with him saying goodbye at the front door on very pleasant friendly terms. A further email was sent out to thank them all for their time. Once Windows discovered that he had dodged confrontation and full exposure, (Windows has done a runner every time he was aware Seven and her witnesses were planning to confront him in other venues) this slimy sly devious sorry excuse for a man quickly sort to cover his tracks, by rallying the racists named above and set about trying turn the heat off himself by broadcasting a show to silence the truth about his sinister activities as a Government agent profiteering spreading lies to protect the guilty parties facing justice in Seven’s case.. The fact that both David Icke and Liz allowed him to air these lies is even worse.

In a complete concocted pack of made up bogus nonsense, Windows aired a show telling one lie after another in a desperate attempt to muddy Seven’s authenticity with the assistance of the racists. Basically a bunch of blatant deceivers who look like druggies he had haled off the street for a quick payment. Despite none of them actually knowing Seven personally in any shape of form, somehow they all claimed to be experts and an authority on her case and life experiences over the last 10 years which in itself was utterly ludicrous . How does David Icke allow liars with no credibility  knowledge or connection to the person they slandering onto a show?, on the public’s funds? This is typical of the type of abuse now rife going on there.

Up in arms outraged disgusted people contacted Seven offering to assist with exposing the racism and abuse against her at David Icke’s TV channel. Since the airing of this libelous broadcast more and more people have emerged to expose the lies and unprofessional shoddy practices of Mark Window’s and David’s channel as you will read on links provided below. David Icke has lost his credibility aligning himself with people who lie and slander honest people without a shred of remorse or conscience.

An insider previously working at the TV channel also felt compelled to speak out, see links below. She has exposed that racism was rife at David’s TV channel and that genuine truth speakers were being bullied and abused, so a consequently leaving the place in droves after being hurt by vulgar people like Windows, Others people working there have also exposed lies, plagiarism. theft of creative peoples work and that the channel is swarming with ex mainstream media whores and  psychopaths pretending to be truther’s.. Basically all a massive con at the public’s expense. .

Many questions are being asked about where the public’s generous thousands of pounds in donations have disappeared to, and WHO is really behind this anti truth speakers TV channel. .

They waged a malicious onslaught of abuse against Seven because she is a intelligent female of Caribbean-Moorish origin who refuses to be treated like a slave.

Unfortunately for them, this time they picked on the wrong person.  The vast amounts evidence and courtroom audios in Seven’s court case speaks for itself, Seven is no liar.. everything she has stated about her case is proven factual. They are the frauds, liars and deceivers seeking to mislead and con the public. There can be no question now as to what is really going on there because it’s clear for all to see it’s all a massive hoax. The public did no donate their hard earned money to fund, lies, racism and abuse of genuine truth speakers  going through bereavement. Such actions are barbaric and says everything about what these nasty people and shoddy TV station is really about. Complaints have been made to David Icke and head of production Liz but neither have responded or apologised.

Warn everyone you know to stop donating to this channel until they apologise and remove Mark Windows, his racist mates and all other abusers and deceivers from the building.








New Update 02 

The following information is concerning the area of the peoples voice and the particular interference of one individual in the core structure of the T.P.V. Team.  The Interview covers some falsely made allegations after the T.P.V. visit in London.  For all of those people who are passionate about T.P.V. this is a “Must Listen Interview.”


For those who would like to peek (much) deeper in through

“this window” please CLICK HERE.


Update 01 



Below is an E-Mail sent to the T.P.V. Team of this afternoon.

Hello Liz, David, The T.P.V. Team,

We would like to thank you for the very welcoming tour you and your key personnel gave to us yesterday.  I must admit it was very kind of you and your professional manner was more that apparent from the outset so thank you very much, it was very enlightening and a pleasure to experience your T.P.V. Operation first hand..

We would also like to present you with the following information we at Syncrenicity released on April 7th 2013 (2.26Pm) concerning Miss Sevens case and the details involved in Tony Farrel’s Reports thereof.

Once we released the story some very interesting occurrences began to take place but we can go into that in more detail at a later point.  Having said this we are totally confident you will agree this case is one of the biggest and most in depth study’s into the whole 7/7 situation and Intellectual Property “theft” form both personal, official and a governmental positions, all in “one” case.

When we released the information and followed up with several Radio Interviews both Miss Seven and Tony Farrel went public regarding the many aspects of the case with some very detailed information which is included in the link below.

The Peoples Voice is a platform for the People (such as Tony and Miss Seven) to get the information over to the people themselves and as such is a key service so that the people can indeed get to know the important facts they “need to know” and become informed of such vital information.  If the “People” are to make any informed choices (based on factual proven evidence) then this kind of “Solid” evidence is precisely that kind of information they would wish to be aware of in the first place.

As you know, we too are a force who are releasing “Vital” information on some of the “lies” we have all been fed form cradle to grave and once these lies are presented the public can then evaluate the information and come to their own “Educated” conclusions based on the investigations set forth.


Once again, we would like to thank you and your team for the pleasant welcome you demonstrated to us and especially a huge thank you to David for listening to Miss Sevens facts on her whole experience she has had to “endure” over the last decade and more.  The fact you (all) took the time out for “some random” people (so you may have thought at the time) was commendable, Sir’s/Madam’s and alike, Thank You once again for that.  As we have published this story previously we are confident you and your team also do the same and provide the details “in depth” so the people can also be informed.

Additionally, David we would like to cordially invite you to our event detailed at bottom of this page in April of this year.  Of course we would offer you a keynote speaker role should you wish to accept the offer Sir.

Their New Humanity Movement have organised this event below to draw in the gullible New Agers too. Get some credible speakers in and of course carry on with their subversion and hatred against real researchers who are a threat to state propoganda. They also ask why you would want to talk at the event. Profiling eh?…

Nice one Sarge! 


Masterpiece Event is about:


“Light workers, Star seeds and Indigos”  is police state code for

Gullible fools who will pay to be monitored.

 Stay alert to this type of harassment and spread the word. 

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