Is a Birth Certificate a Death Certificate?

The Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act requires:

A registered birth to be recorded and witnessed by the informant (parent) and registrar in a parish and then into The Gazette.

The registration of the birth name gives the child its title (legal name).

The registration turns the child into a Thing on a register.

A legal person is therefore an estate created by being on a roll.

The Thing can then be conveyed lawfully and in commercial agreements between parties.

The legal title means the child is the property of the state and not the parent.

This is why on the birth certificate it states the name of the informant and not parent. (or first witness if illegitimate)

Because the registration is by consent this means that the property (child) was given to the state willingly.

Statutory law requires consent

Because it is presumed against the law not to register a child there is no real consent but an obligation.

The “lost at sea rule” meant that after 7 years the person (property) was unclaimed and was missing presumed dead.

In order to take full advantage of the person as a traded commodity in the 17-1800s everyone registered at birth was considered “lost at sea” so as to be traded before the age of seven.

Westminster palace home of statutes was burned in 1834.

Over 95% of statutes came into force between 1835 and 1899,

The birth certificate became a death certificate as the registered person was presumed dead as they provided no rebuttal to this assumption.

The death certificate can be charged against an estate.

In commercial law, the law of the civil court and admiralty, all fines and fees are paid from the estate of the deceased (but living) person without recourse.

This is done by means of an Order or Writ.

This is because an estate cannot be charged unless it is in probate.

In civil and now quasi criminal matters all persons are dealt with as though in bankruptcy using foreclosure. The estate is administered in bankruptcy.
The person is assumed therefore to be delinquent and an imbecile and therefore has no rights.

Corporate Bodies

In 1947 The Crown became a Corporation and could be sued. The Crown went from an estate to a corporation.

In 1861 Admiralty administration moved from Greenwich hospital to Bethesda in Washington DC.

Greenwich hospital was on the site of the original Placentia Palace now the royal Naval Museum.

Placentia Palace Greenwich

The registration of the child is a judicial matter and it is perjury to give false name or wrong information to the registrar.

Living persons are traded as estates or deceased through the bond number on the Birth certificate.

Sign in Blood

The Birth certificate is a blood bond and signs over the Person to the state

The blood of the baby is taken at birth and put onto a Guthrie card. This is stored and signifies the ownership of the person through the blood bond.

It is all ancient Black magic.

Through the Roman Cult or Vatican administration it is the assumption of Original Sin.

Black Magic requires consent

The power over the person is an assumption and can be rebutted.

If it is not rebutted it is assumed to be accepted.

A divine being cannot be owned.

All property comes from the divine and cannot be owned, the right of use  or  enjoyment of the property is all we have.

Thanks to al those who have uncovered this information includng Frank O Collins of for his extensive research in these matters

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