Covid, Climate and Terror


Mark Windows

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When Public Health England became the UK Health Security Agency, this in itself was a declaration of war in that all areas relating to public health are now a National Security issue. So, anything to do with the drivers of change and global governance are considered to be Health Security Issues. 

The use of Covid, Climate Change and Terror as Drivers of Change under the banner of Global Health Security are discussed in our show:

Covid, Climate Terror Storm


Notes from the show can be found here:

Covid, Climate and Terror  


What does this mean?

In effect it means that any perceived threat which advances the “common good” or in reality global objectives of control and population reduction are now a national security issue and therefore unquestionable.

All media will spout them and have been instructed to.


The objectives of control of all media are laid out in the UN Document here: 

Our Common Agenda 2021 UN Report


We have talked much about Global Health Security, it has nothing to do with health or security it is about the financing, control and securitization of the new system which has been agreed upon through deception and coercion by a global mafia.

If you find this hard to believe then you need to read and understand the real reasons for climate change and covid.

The world bank have been helping that along since the new  cover story of Gaia and the definition of sustainability as global cooperation or in reality a mafia coup was introduced.

So, any real news story which in any way is seen to question National security will not be aired, that is and has always been a fact.

By that we mean anything which questions the deception which masqeurades as the “public interest.”

Combine this with the Covid Act and you need know nothing more.


National Security

There is nothing more insidious, untrustworthy and creepy as british intelligence and its partners and their fellow globalist drivers of change. 

See our report on the insidious and subversive 7/7 Brigade:

Facebooks UK Army Trolls

If the state intelligence services were made accountable or disbanded, true accountability may follow, in fact climate change and covid would disappear overnight.. they are both intelligence operations, they are the national security issues which control and direct change.

(The legislation which supports these drivers of change would though be harder to remove as it is based on global consensus through corporate bodies which control “science” such as the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 


This slide is from a GCHQ slide show for counter intelligence.


Hope not Hate, a globalist hate group.


As way of a comedic but sinister diversion along the way we look at the subversive radical arm of so called grass roots British intel and subversion Hope not hate who have more logical fallacies and deceptive lies than you will find in an MI5 counter intelligence training manual: 


Check out our Previous shows on Hope not Hate and their extremist counter intelligence


The show also looks at the terrorism which is imposed on the back of National and global health security.


The denial of facts based on easily disproved false beliefs which can only be backed up with false argument is the most troubling aspect of current affairs.

The indoctrination of the brainless into their own genocide and its media driven thought gulags rule the airwaves.

All airwaves.

So, the plague is upon us, it is the plague of zero evidence based on zero foundations.

This is a real problem.



If one looks at the millions of miles of text and documents which have passed into law, all based on baseless propaganda which is taught to the future genocidal maniacs through collective virtue, it is in the words of its engineers, “unsustainable.”

Check out The Plan to Rule the World and The Man Who Saw the Future as an introduction to how government now works and more at

The greater good over rides any perceived responsibility on behalf of government agencies to tell the public anything which might compromise security.


So, whether it is the terror threat, climate change or covid, they are all security issues and  anything done under the banner of these governance objectives is a national security issue.


All in the “Public Interest” and for “The Common Good.”














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