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What you will see in your local area and what is really happening behind the Green Propaganda…

If you live in any kind of urban environment your surroundings are being reengineered to appear more “cycling and pedestrian friendly”. You will see new High Density blocks of flats being built and existing council housing destroyed.

Check out all the videos linked to this post   and this recent show  How Social Cleansing Affects you  for a complete picture of the destruction of ALL London council housing and the draconian agenda behind it. .  Council Estates are rebranded as “Brownfield” Sites to be obliterated despite plans which could redevelop peoples homes. All existing tenants will be removed. The new housing is not affordable to existing residents.

You will see more CCTV and the beginning of gated communities with their own Mini Tesco, Gym and the usual corporate coffee shops and watering holes. You will be told that public transport links are being improved. You are being encouraged to stay in one place. All of your City will be the same so there will be no need to travel anywhere apart from going to work and coming home. You will be given a “Community Hub” where Change Agents will be monitoring and dictating public opinion for you. The main thing you will notice first of all is that private transport and property is being restricted. Local businesses will be priced out and the appearance will be that they are being supported by the council, they are not.

This is part of a worldwide agenda to control population. The idea is to get large numbers of people into cities and have total police state control of population. This is being done all over London and in most towns and cities around the UK. It is also happening rapidly in other countries. The main thing about this “Global Action Plan”  is it is being implemented with no choice but with the appearance of public participation. You will be told that your opinion counts and given surveys with leading questions such as “How much more cycling do want”. Local businesses will be told they are being consulted, they are not.

This is being implemented rapidly and the contracts will have been signed with developers already. The public consultation is a facade.

Your “Community Hub”  will be run by volunteers and trained Change Agents who will be spokespersons for the new plans which will be appearing in Local Newspapers, Council Leaflets and Propaganda newspapers given away as “Community News” run by “Community Interest Groups” and Companies. These will contain fluffy things about local artists and trivial stories but amongst the waffle  will be the plans being forced through, described as being improvements or “regeneration”. There will be stories promoting the new developments and the core principles of the agenda which this article outlines. What you will not see are the views of real local people. Later in this article you will see how the Climate Change agenda of Co2 and fraudulent data by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change fits in with the brainwashing, for instance every area in the UK also has its very own Climate Change Propaganda website  Check out yours.

Opposition groups  are infiltrated and taken over  as “Community Action Groups” often the residents are encouraged to take costly court action against the proposals. The barrister or lawyer representing the opposition is in reality working for the corporate agenda. The court cases are held in private and the costs are heaped upon the opposition group which destroys the motivation to carry on. This has happened in Waltham Forest and several other boroughs, it is the way your locally elected MPs and Councillors show their support for the community.

The videos and information in this article will explain fully the goals and objectives of these draconian policies. The aim is complete control of population in high density areas with constant and total surveillance, all this is done on the back of so called Green Policies which your local council signed up for at the turn of the millenium.

You will be monitored 24 hours a day in a virtual prison surrounded by Starbucks and Corporate chainstores.

Check out this link:  London Councils ban people standing in pairs. These restrictions are all part of what is described in the article and videos linked to this page. The fear mongering being inflicted to enforce this agenda is also part of the War On Terror narrative which is being used to bring in  a Martial Law Police state.

The main point is that the Green Agenda is not about your welfare it is about complete control of everything with massive social cleansing and loss of all rights to Global Governance through the UN.

These videos explain how this Global Action Plan is being implemented Locally.

The first video also explains Agenda 21 and the new Agenda 2030

 This is one of the growing number of websites  informing the public about this  programme of Global UN control.

Also check out our article:

The IMF, UN and Vatican Cabal

This article also contains information, video and radio shows which cover how this is being implemented through so called Mini Holland schemes, City Villages, Smart Cities under Sustainable Development.

Our recent show  brings together the content of this article and the global picture of how these draconian policies are implemented in your local town, City or Village. This is implemented at local level worldwide by ICLEI via your local council.  The Localism Bill gave local authorities the power to implement the  Consensus Policies of Agenda 21.

The Change Agents implementing these unpopular policies are trained in the public and private sector. They are also called Social Entrepreneurs. Trained through organizations like  Transition Network and many community interest organizations. They are often funded through the third sector and a spiders web of organizations who train Social Entrepreneurs and set up Community Interest Companies. Funding also comes from the Lottery and through organizations such Joseph Rowntree and  Esme Fairbairn.

What is a “Mini Holland” and how does it fit in with Agenda 21?

Ever heard of “Mini Holland” schemes? This is how Sustainable Development or Agenda 21/2030 is being implemented locally in London boroughs A good introduction to Agenda 21/2030  

This started being implemented without any public consultation by change agents in Waltham Forest in NE London and several other boroughs, Enfield and Kingston Upon Thames. As already stated and necessarily repeated this will be seen in your neighbourhood soon if you live in a high density urban area. The whole of the country’s infrastructure and society as a whole is being re engineered through these schemes.

Since this article was written practically every London borough is being “Regenerated”. This means re engineered and all existing businesses and independent venues will disappear along with much of the existing population who will be “cleansed” out of the area and new developments built affordable only to those on very large incomes.

The most sinister aspect is that the elderly and resident population, especially those in council housing are just “disappearing” from the area.

Another ploy used by councils is to evict council tenants and then bring in “artists” who are offered the tenancies very cheaply on a short term basis to make the area seem trendy and desirable. A complete deception on the public but a very successful social engineering programme.

This is happening all over London and the whole City is being redeveloped. The Elephant and Castle   in South London is now being socially cleansed and reengineered into one massive homogenised zone. Another example is Tottenham  being told the Good News about its social cleansing and “Regeneration”.

mini holland protest

Above: A shop owner in Orford road Walthamstow, now closed to traffic 10 am to 10pm gives the public essential information about the Mini Holland Scheme.

“Experimental road Closures” are not experimental Remember that the appearance of public consultation is a facade. The contracts have already been signed.

Walthanstows Cabinet Member for the Environment is Change Agent Clyde Loakes. Mr. Loakes is is the puppet being used to implement Agenda 21 policies locally.  Paul Gasson, previously of Transition Towns, the  organization which paved the way for the present reengineering of the borough is the local spokesman for “cycling groups”.

Cabinet Member for the Environment Clyde Loakes stated in a local paper  that this agenda is happening in Europe and America. This is NOT just a local issue but a “Global Action Plan” implemented locally. Mr Loakes is an unelected puppet bureaucrat who cannot be removed by the local people who are now furious about what has happened to the area.

No MPs or councillors will challenge this

 They are thus not representing the people or addressing this issue. Your MP and those in Office at local level are completely unaware of what the real aims of Agenda 21/30 are all about.

1200 people recently turned up at a Town Hall meeting to protest against the Mini Holland scheme.  The Big Society aim is to make it look as though we all agree! The future will only get better when the public act accordingly and reject Agenda 2030.

This is not a local issue but a Global Action Plan implemented locally.

Here is the Mini Holland scheme propaganda, and below the reality.

The following TFL  GovUK website gives the cover story of cycling for all. Mini Holland Schemes

It is worth stating that that the propaganda of  “cycling for all” is the cover story. This is about loss of private travel rights and property with control of population  (police state/ Council control and total surveillance). In short, the first stage is getting rid of cars and getting the population dependent on public transport or cycling. This is to restrict travel, as under Agenda 21/Sustainable Development populations are to be contained in high density housing in easily controlled areas.

As in the “Wildlands” project in USA Walthamstow also has its “Wetlands” project where “New entrances” were being built around previously open public land. New entrances means it is being closed off. The plan is an 80 % “Carbon Reduction”.  Access to open space is to be restricted. 50 percent of America is to be turned back into wilderness with no public access at all. This is being carried out in California at a rapid pace. Also in the UK, even public woodland is being sold rapidly with covenants which will exclude all activities except those authorised by

 The One Planet Council . 

At 1 min 44 into this US video above it could be talking about Mini Holland Villages in the UK. People will be trapped in their villages with their coffee shops and everything they need surrounded by traffic chaos. This is the plan, to create massive congestion on roads outside the Mini Holland areas so the change agents can manufacture consensus to rid the entire borough of cars.

The recent so called “Riot” in Walthamstow is also a big part of bringing in police state control and to get the residents in their safe Villages to plead for more surveillance and protection from outside. I am not suggesting the initial event was staged but the response is being manufactured , the police are as unaware as anyone else about what is happening. Our recent show covers this. and more.

Since the 2012 Olympics police  riot vans patrol city centres all day long. This is getting the population used to a more militarised police presence. This recent disturbance started with two girls fighting, other teenagers joined in and 100 police turned up with the TSG (Territorial Support Group), in reality a private army. Many may think this is far fetched but there have been events recently with agent provocateurs (not the main crowd who were having an anti austerity march) attacking a shop in Brick Lane and also recently an alleged 200 strong mob turning up at some tower block flats in Hackney for a party. The newspaper pics though showed no crowd just a few rows of police. When looking at these events the intended outcome makes sense when the actual event does not. This article reveals the new “Anti Terror Police” and describes how the “Terror” narrative is being used for total police state control. The article shows how the cover story makes no sense but is part of this larger bigger picture described in this article.

Welcome to your “Village”

Mini Holland Schemes…The closing of roads and promoting cycling as a front for getting all cars off the roads within prescribed areas along with building high density (non private ownership) flats overlooked with surveillance and council control.


Above: One of the many  roads now closed to all traffic in Walthamstow Village. There are two more “villages” planned for Walthamstow, Blackhorse Village and Markhouse Village. This scheme is also outlined for Kingston Upon Thames and Enfield. Our research has shown that accumulating in the hair follicles, the hormone dihydrotesterone provokes the death of hair. Propecia cures excessive hair loss of hormonal nature, and the active ingredients in the pills stimulate the formation of new hair follicles and the growth of healthy hair. Read more on

Here is the facebook page set up by those opposing the agenda in Walthamstow

This show below was made before the Mini Holland “trial” which was implemented in Walthamstow, North East London without public consultation, just the appearance of participation by Change Agents from outside the area.

This was done on the back of cycling for all, from 8 to 80. The elderly will be the first out of these areas as they are being prepared for hive workers who will travel by public transport or bike and stay within their police  state “Village”.  Disabled parking spaces are being removed from local sheltered accomodation and taxi drivers are refusing to pick up in these areas where nearly all roads are closed off.

This is all Agenda 21 and  Smart Cities with total surveillance and constant monitoring of population. Taxable, able bodied hive workers who can be co opted into the programme are all that is needed in these high density areas. There is no room for anyone else or the self employed in the administrative, consensus society.

Here is my previous article which is on the website dealing with who, why and what is driving the agenda: The Big Society Unveiled.  It contains links and info on how this agenda is implemented locally through “Community Interest Groups” and Stakeholders.  Every UK council is signed up to the policies and implementation of Agenda 21/2030 through Climate Action Plans they signed up for 15 years ago.

Road Closures are happening all over London and the council are stating that they are experimental and done with consultation, this is untrue. The closures WILL happen.

Here are the shows I did on the so called “Mini Holland” scheme before its forced implementation:

Below: More on how this is affecting local residents and the self employed:



The removal of remedy and response from the system now affects everybody in every walk of life.

The video below will show you how your so called public servants are railroading you

Please Check out also this article on Government Organized protests .

The Delphi Technique described in the video below is the basis of all public meetings in your area and how they are controlled. The video below was filmed in California which is being re engineered even faster than the UK. The Delphi Technique was developed by the Rand Corporation in the 1950s. The Delphi Technique is  psychological warfare and your council is using it against you.

This is a massive corporate agenda so…

Delphi Technique is used at all your local council meetings. The techniques used by the “facilitators” in this video will be familiar to anyone who has attended any public planning meeting.

This article describes this worldwide subversion of groups and how it is achieved. All your council meetings will be run on this basis.

Here is a recent interview I did about The Big Society and so called Mini Holland schemes being implemented in London Boroughs on “Dr Rocks radio show” on Peoples Internet Radio.

Listen to Dr Rocks radio show   Big Society Change Agents

These videos below explains the real Agenda behind Sustainable Development with all relevant sources quoted and the sinister objectives of This “Global Action Plan” fully explained.


There are shows dealing with this on including:

Big Society Social Cleansing, N E London residents v agenda 21, Mini Holland Schemes, and
The Global Local Cabal which covers the IMF, UN and Vatican involvement with Sustainable Development and the Climate Change agenda.

Please also check out our videos on Regeneration, Housing and Social Cleansing in the Video section.

For more information on how this is being implemented globally check out:

Climate Change: A New Religion

Climate Lies destroying Coastal Communities

The Smart Green Genocide

The Big Society Unveiled

Government Organized Protests

Brian Cox: Climate Fraud Conspiracy Theorist

There is a new show posted at 9pm GMT every Sunday on the site and

Windows on the World You Tube Channel

This recent speech to the Australian Senate by Malcolm Roberts of The One Nation Party shows that it is possible for politicians to expose the fraud and draconian stranglehold of UN Agenda 21/2030. Malcolm Roberts makes more relevant points on this Global Action Plan than any other politician in the world so far. He is the most informed on this Global Agenda which is destroying his and other nations around the world. On a recent show Brian Cox threw a graph showing fraudulent data at Roberts as proof of the CO2 scam. See our video  Brian Cox: Climate Fraud Conspiracy Theorist 

Here is another solution to this Global Police State Agenda being enforced on the back of a lie. is for an exit from the Climate Change policies being used to implement the Police State in your local area. On the back of Brexit this could be our only way out.

Please subscribe to our You Tube Channel and spread the word about these issues.

Our website also has extra posts and videos added regularly.

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As people see that they are having no choice consensus forced on them they are waking up to the reality of this “Global Action Plan” and will start to do something about it by resisting and exposing the change agents who are coming into their areas implementing this “Change” which very few actually want, and these few are against it when they find out they have been lied too.

As these schemes are now being implemented everywhere, learning how these schemes are implemented is essential.


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