TV Dr. Hilary Fails Public

The claims made by TV personalities and “medical experts” on TV are often free of any substance and when the public are told there are “hundreds of papers” with the evidence there is often no response when asked for the actual proof.


The recent shouting match including the Good Morning presenters and Piers Corbyn resulted in the usual putdowns and claims, claims it appears with no substance, as can be seen from the e mail exchange between “Dr. Hilary” and Ian Fantom.

The public watch TV everyday with those who have implanted opinions such as Piers Morgan and Dr. Hilary. Those with noses in the trough and no critical thinking abilities will go to any lengths to ridicule their guests to please their paymasters… Thats Showbizz…


Dr Hilary spins for his paymasters


Here is the e mail exchange:

On 01/09/2020, 11:02, “Ian Fantom” <> wrote:

Dear Dr Hilary,

I tried to follow the interview with Piers Corbyn on this
morning’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, but it developed into a shouting

The ITV report states:


“Dr Hilary said Corbyn’s statements were “littered with dangerous
errors”, debunking his claims about the virus and explaining the
science that has proven COVID-19 is “a new virus has nothing to do
with viruses we’ve seen in the last 40 years.”

According to the World Health Organisation COVID-19 is the
disease, not the virus, the virus being SARS-CoV-2

Could you please explain this, since you weren’t allowing Piers
Corbyn to challenge you on this.

I have searched for a peer-reviewed medical paper showing that
COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2 and have failed. Please could you
enlighten me.

Thank you,

Ian Fantom, MSc

The Response


On 01/09/2020 17:16, Kim Chapman wrote:

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your email.

It was a heated debate this morning but Mr Corbyn had had ample
opportunity and time to put his case and then he tried to talk over  me when I tried to explain the science to him.

I had to be assertive to protect the public from his assertions in
case they acted upon them. COVID-19 stands for coronavirus first
discovered in 2019. The clue is in the word first as it has not been
identified before this date.  It is new.

It causes a disease known as COVID-19.  The measles virus causes a disease called measles in much the same way.

I’m surprised you can’t find any references to confirm the causative virus of COVID-19 as there are hundreds but I’m sure a medical librarian can assist you if you continue to encounter difficulty.

Best wishes,
Dr Hilary


From: Ian Fantom <>

Dear Dr Hilary,

Thank you for your response, though I can hardly thank you for a reply.
I am a retired Information Scientist with three MSc’s, the first being
in Physics, and I am well familiar with searching for scientific

I challenge you on your statement that there are hundreds
of peer-reviewed medical papers showing that COVID-19 is caused by
SARS-CoV-2. All such papers I’ve come across on attempts to isolate a
virus linked to COVID-19 failed. Please send me the bibliographic
reference to just one.

Your explanation of COVID-19 is nonsensical. It boils down to:
‘COVID-19 causes COVID-19’. Yes, the ‘measles virus’ causes a disease
called ‘measles’, but the disease wasn’t called ‘measles virus’.

The name of the virus has the word ‘virus’ in it, and the name of the
disease doesn’t have the word ‘virus’ in it. Are you sure you are
medically qualified, as you state on your website?

From what you have just written to me it is no wonder that Piers
Corbyn tried to respond when you “tried to explain the science to him”.

Ian Fantom, MSc

Wonder when the hundreds of papers will appear?

More on Dr. Hilary and his business ventures

That showbusiness folks…



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