UN Agenda Hits London

https://www.windowsontheworld.net New show every Sunday at 9pm GMT. This show is based on an article on the website called Big Society Change Agents. The implementation of schemes in London and across the country by Change Agents in your community. the implementation of so called Mini Holland schems and Transport for London policies are the latest example of this which we cover in the article. This is all to promote and implement so called Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21, which was recently rebranded as Agenda 2030. This is a UN Global Action plan implemented in your local area through  ICLEI. It is a worldwide programme which implements complete control of all planetary resources and the global population.  The show focuses on the Consensus society being implemented along with loss of private travel rights and Surveilled Communities. This all done on the back of Cycling!

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Big Society Change Agents

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