Climate Change ? No rise in sea levels for 70 years

Having covered The Paris Climate Challenge which was an alternative event to the Climate Change Consensus Propaganda of COP21 here is another great breakthrough for the truth.

The scientists who make up the newly formed International Committee on Geoethics have been busy publishing papers in science journals without getting the hype and constant media exposure of those who are pushing the Climate Change Agenda

(Yes it is a political agenda which has huge corporate backing and a goal of global corporate control of all resources under UN Agenda 2030. This was previously known as Sustainable Development / Agenda21.)

See our videos from the Paris Climate Challenge including this interview with Sea Level Expert Nils Axl Morner

Climate Change Religion with Nils Axl Morner

This news and link below to a new paper recently published by Public Science Network once again proves that the hysteria and models of huge rises in sea levels are a scientific fraud.




It is extremely important that these lies are exposed as the whole agenda is control of all the planets resources, including the human population along with massive taxation and restrictions on travel and ownership of any form of property.

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….The Truth…

Here is the information and link to the new paper by Albert Parker along with his e mail to all those in the scientific and common sense camp AKA the International Committee on Geoethics, a group of dedicated scientists.

Many of these scientists used to contribute to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change before it started using over exagerated climate change models and fraudulent data.

Just remember Climate Gate!


Hi all,

Another break in the wall. At the link below you may download the latest paper i got published on sea levels.

It is demonstrated once more that the tide gauge signals are (on average) unequivocally free of any acceleration over the last 6-7 decades. therefore, popular reconstructions and computations are wrong.

I would say the sea levels do not care too much of the carbon dioxide emission.

Please download and distribute. it is open access and free for any one to download.

On Thursday, 2 June 2016, 13:44, Public Science Framework <> wrote:

Dear albert parker,

Greetings from Public Science Framework (PSF).

We are writing to inform you that your paper 70170030 entitled Discussion of Coastal Planning Should Be Based on Proven Sea-Level Data has been published in the journal American Journal of Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geosystems.

Here is the related link as follows:

Download the paper here


Please circulate this widely, our future is at stake!


“HELP…Our Global Taxation and Fear programme is sinking”


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