Dealing with Corporate Fraud

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Fraud is off the charts. They are all at it…Councils, bent lawyers, bailiff companies, insurance companies and of course…the courts. Here are a few phone calls and examples of how to deal with corporate fraud


This is one of many phone calls I made to London Borough of Waltham Forest council about the Single Persons Discount Validation form which is a contract with an undisclosed third party. This form has been rolled out all over the country by different companies. It is not a council form and you do not have to fill it in. I proved this in court. Waltham Forest Council used every dirty trick possible against me. I won in court and proved that if you supply the information yourself you do not have to enter into their unconscionable contracts.


Council lies and fraud exposed…

Below is another  short phone call to London Borough of Waltham Forest …I won a court case against Waltham Forest Council last year.  This relates to the previous video. They were denied costs and re instated my entitlement, the 25 percent reduction in council tax which they removed with the fraudulent SPD validation form which incidentally I proved that you do not have to fill in if you provide the info requested which is just that you are the sole occupant of a property. I got them into court and after losing the case and being denied costs the council  brought up previous charges which they could not account for properly and failed to respond. They handed it over to Newlyn “bailiffs” who were served with paperwork which they could not respond to. Full story at Newlyn continue to commit fraud by making up their own charges and making incorrect legal assumptions. Always call them out and make them liable..Oh and always counterclaim in court!


Insurance companies are major scammers an also love defrauding the public…

An insurance company appointed a para legal to represent me in court. The problem was I never asked them too! I denied any liability and they issued paperwork as ddefendant I counter claimed against the other partys solicitor. Then this…the representative for my insurers wasnt legally qualified. They went ahead with an assumption and attempted to cause me a loss. They backed down. Always make sure they have appointed a legally qualified person. They cannot make legal determinations if they are not legally qualified.



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