Globalists Create the Fourth World

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Globalists Create The Fourth World

Part 2 : Globalists Create Fourth World 

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The Rio Earth Summit  of 1992 brought together the policies of Climate Change as a Corporate feudal system which has taken over the world. Businessman George Hunt was there and reported on the event and that the Climate Change Agenda was brought to the UN by Maurice Strong and Edmund De Rothschild. The speeches  by these two globalists are included in the shows.

These two in depth shows clearly lay out how the Climate Change agenda is a management concept and control system of all assets and energy under the banner of Sustainable Development.

The Fourth World Wilderness will be the “lostness of the mind”, the collective conciousness. People wil be brought into this world hive mind concept  using the new age, drugs and propaganda at every level of belief. The ultimate aim is a one world belief system based on Gaia or earth worship. See our previous shows and this article New Age of Global Governance


windows on the world Global Governance

What can be done to safeguard your rights?

Mark Windows with Piers Corbyn and Sandi Adams bring in The Bigger Picture

George Hunt was at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. This video features speeches by Maurice Strong and Edmund De Rothschild. This presentation is featured in the shows above.

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