5G Debate Hijacked by Globalists

5G Debate Hijacked by the UN, World Bank and NGO,s

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The 5g debate about public safety has been hijacked by the very organizations who are implementing the Smart Cities agenda and the United Nations Agenda 2030 Global Action Plan. They are even lobbying for what is in effect the privatization of nature, (yes 50 percent of the world to be under the control of the UN through the 2020 Wilderness 11 Conference.)

The sites below  are calling it “The global deal for nature”.These template sites have the same narrative as thousands more lobbying for Global Governance and the privatization of the worlds infrastructure, ultimately to bring in totalitarian Global Governance.

Yes, that’s what it is all about as we reveal in many of our weekly shows, such as: Your shadow Government Explained

Here is a recent Interview about the attempted hijacking of the 5G debate by The Club of Budapest (Club of Rome) with John Kitson.

Take a look at where Global Policies are implemented including 5g and the Internet of Things

The Global Governance Summit 2019: 

Listen to what the “Enablers” of Global Governance are saying:

Gatekeepers of Global Governance

Worldshift.earth along with other gatekeepers are now attempting to control the global narrative on the 5G debate.

Gatekeeper sites: www.worldshift.earth who promote Global Deal For Nature (Agenda 2030) and www.worldshift.org are advocating the collective consciousness (consensus) global hive mind of New Age Global Governance and the  Gaia religion which dovetails into the Global Action Plan of Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals.

 Put simply, it is  a draconian control and management system of the worlds people, property and resources sold as environmentalism. From the Worldshift.org website:

“WorldShift” is a global movement began in September 2009 by an emergency proposal from Club of Budapest in response to global financial, economical and environmental crisis to shift the world to a sustainable one.

Based on the transformation of awareness and behavior at the individual level, beyond national and ethnic barriers, and cuts across barriers of politics and business leadership, civil sectors and media, we aim to create a better future by making “.

“Man made global warming is a hoax that threatens our future and the future of our children.”

“Enviromentalism is the new Communism”
Valclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic from 2003 to 2013.


It is a familiar template to anyone who has any knowledge of how the UN and thousands of NGO,s are controlling the narrative.

Below is a great example of the mixing of the climate change/carbon taxation agenda which is now attaching itself to the debate on whether 5G is safe as there has been resistance against this untested technology.

The new totalitarianism aims to control all narratives, below is a post which invites people to debate 5G in Guernsey. So, Why not attend a 5G event with one of Al Gores scientists?

Gore has mercilessly pushed carbon taxation and the global warming scare through his fraudulent and full of lies “documentary”, An inconvenient Truth which was slammed in the High Court.


The acolytes of Gore, UN IPCC and the World Bank are now debating  5G. 

Read this from the Worldshift sites linked above.

Dr Devra Davis, world leading American scientist on the environment and health, multiple award winner, former US presidential appointee and senior US government health advisor to US government, WHO, World Bank , and senior lead scientist and lead author on Al Gore’s 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Team, has agreed to come to Guernsey on 2nd October 2019 to speak and take questions about the health and environmental hazards of 5G and wireless radiation.

UN IPCC and Al Gore

 A Global Environmental advisor to Newsweek Magazine, and Awarded the Woman of Distinction Award from The Lemelson Center for Invention and Innovation of the Smithsonian Institution honored her as an innovator on the environment and invited her to give a distinguished lecture in 1998.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations Climate Convention tapped her to serve as a Lead Author on their assessment of climate mitigation policies. She received the Woman of Distinction Award from the Conservative Judaism’s Women’s League. She was a member of a team of scientists awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with the Honorable Al Gore.

This should raise a few questions as she has supported the UN IPCC on mitigation policies or draconian measures to restrict rights and actions based on models and projections of the IPCC which are there merely to reinforce the globalist and genocidal policies of the UN Agenda 2030. Being connected to the “honourable” Al Gore is nothing to be proud of either. The UN are fully behind the rollout of 5G and the Smart Cities internet of things control system.


“If the IPCC is incapable of following its most basic procedures, it would be best to abandon the entire IPCC process, or at least that part that is concerned with the scientific evidence on climate change, and look for more reliable sources of advice on this important question.”

I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process than the events which led up to this IPCC report.

Professor Frederick Seitz, former President of the National Academy of Science.


“…one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy. One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore…”

Ottmar Edenhoffer “World Expert”, IPCC panelist and Director of the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change.


 So, gatekeepers for Globalism want to control the whole narrative.

As the UN state “No one will be left behind”.

The Globalist Totalitarians aim to control the narrative of all public opinion, be warned!



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