Our Technocratic Feudal Society

Mark Windows and Sandi Adams talk about  the Technocracy movement of the 1930’s. The Global Local governance initiatives of the UN and the man made climate change ideology are all incorporated into the Technocratic Feudal Society.

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Technocratic Feudal Society


The new post truth and undemocratic society run on accepted dogma has  been steered by a scientific movement which is behind the Global Action Plan implemented at a local level. The so called Sustainable Development Goals and its fake environmental total control grid have their roots in the technocracy movement of the 1930’s.



The movement started in 1933

An economic driven ideology regarding the control and management of energy.

Technocracy is an organisation that was started in 1918 by a group of doctors, scientists, educators and other professional, well-educated people in response to the indications that the new technologies and industrialisation changes would strongly affect both society and the environment.

They created a plan that would help to offset the damaging effects of those changes. This plan called for confirmed scientific knowledge to be the first criteria in making decisions in planning for the future.

Not popular vote, not profit, not emotionalism…

but strong reasoned and scientific data which would convey which decisions, in many areas, would have a better outcome for society and the environment.

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