Global Property Theft Exposed with Mark Windows.


Global Property Theft Exposed with Mark Windows.

Global Property Theft Exposed-2017-07-12

Global Property Theft Exposed with Mark Windows.

The Ochelli Effect-2017-07-12 with Mark Windows.

The big picture of globalism brought into your local picture.

Hour one

The surveillance society and gated communities.

Global Property Theft: Corporate global property theft with no redress, what do we do about it?

Regeneration, social cleansing, homes being used as safety deposit boxes for investors.

CCTV surveillance swamps London, cameras are everywhere and yet there is a total lack of footage for the recent ‘terrorist’ events.

Student debt, high interest rates will end in theft of property as some are already finding out.

Making money from buying debts, Marstons, Rossendales, both owned by the Rothschild s. Make large sums of money by buying debt cheaply, and collecting aggressively, and with paperwork of dubious standing.

Hour two

Agenda 21, theft of property.

Nasrin had her property stolen over over an invented debt on fake county court paper work.

Stolen property clip played.

What do we do when the police the courts and the government work together to steal our property.

Two examples of property theft with complicity of police, the courts and private interests are exposed.

In the UK access to the court ‘Master’ is now denied.

Controversy creates liability, liability can cost you your home.

UK Police are acting beyond their authority and causing criminal damage assisting debt collectors to break into peoples homes and steal them.

People need to know what instruments are needed to take property, and check ALL paperwork is above board.

Windows on the World

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