How Global Government Works (against you)



Government, Your New God!

Windows on the World Live EP-17

The left and right, the divide and rule strategies are all dealt with in this show. We look at The UN Agenda 2030 and how it being rapidly implemented and taking away inalienable rights.

We have talked about the New Age and we have talked about how it ties into The New Global Governance under the UN. We have put together an article on wotw called New Age of Global Governance to accompany this show.

The show deals with the solutions to world government imposed by the UN under its Sustainable Development plans, this is an over arching strategy which aims to control all people and resources on the planet.

The fake left and right is there to distract whilst behind the scenes and now blatantly in the open is the global action plan of agenda 21 now agenda 2030 through the unelected world government the UN. The UN are above International law and cannot be prosecuted as stated in their own Charter.

The solution is smaller elected government which is fully accountable.

We give examples of people standing up to the useful idiots serving corporate interests over those of the people they are meant to serve. The implementation of more and more laws does not create a better world but destroys individual freedom under the guise of security. All this and more with solutions.

Guest Sandi Adams joins us in the second hour to talk about how Agenda 21 is affecting Somerset in the UK. Sandi also talks about how she became aware of the sinister objectives behind Sustainable Development and why it is not an environmental programme but a global control system which impoverishes people and ultimately advocates massive population reduction.

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