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Climate sense kills CON sensus, the show reveals the manufacturing of “Consensus reality” and the propaganda behind it.

The Urbanization Agenda is featured along with the 5G rollout. A new report from the UN calls for the end of Capitalism, by which they mean economic and personal freedom. The paper ties climate change to destabilisation of society. The paper quotes no sources and is the usual hyperbole from the UN and its Agenda 2030, a Global Action Plan implemented at local level. The Agenda aims to cram two thirds of the world pooulation into cities by 2050.

windows on the world

The show also looks at the appearance of The Hunger Stones, marker stones which are uncovered during times of drought in The Elbe river in the Czech republic

“These landmarks are placed as boulders in riverbanks with inscriptions that refer to historical droughts when water levels were at a record low. Once the river’s water level drops below that point, the eerie boulders reappear, reminding the local population of a harsh period in the past. These particular boulders are known as “Hunger Stones” and they are typical for the area in around the town of Děčín in the northern part of the Czech Republic.”

One of them, dating from 1616 reads: “If you see me, weep.”

Another one, going back as early as 1417 warns the future viewer of the horrors caused by low water level:

“If you will again see this stone, so you will weep, so shallow the water was in the year 1417.”

The show also covers other extreme events such as meteor showers and comets and the devastation to the planet caused by them.

So the natural weather extremes over centuries are revealed by the appearance of these stones, sadly the UN does not take notice of such evidence and blames weather extremes on recent industrialisation, man made global warming and CO2 levels.

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