Government Organised Protests


“End Austerity”, “Stop the Cuts” and all the other soundbite slogans have absolutely no effect when the protests are run by the government. Its called “Controlling the Narrative”.

The Peoples Assembly has been carefully planned by those working inside and alongside The government. This is to safeguard the public to a certain extent and minimise the need for the police and security services to stage violence and disruption.

This well used and now pretty tired exercise with Agent Provocateur Police dressed in black as “Anarchists” has been used for years. In fact they turn up at every protest …dont you sarge!!!

The public need to unmask these agitators and expose them for what they are as they are working against the public and in the interests of nobody. They work for those  who are trading the UK as a commodity with the people as securitised assets. There are plenty of examples of these agent provocateurs on you Tube.

After the last election If the public think that voting for one of the major parties will change anything then they are still at Kindergarten stage in facing reality.

The hordes are bussed in for their day of protest and then the agenda carries on.

These Peoples Assembly protests were tried out using the public as extras in a police control exercise months ago. The organisers are safeguarding the National Interest and Financial interests of the UK which is their job. This is all very easy to find out with a little investigation into who is running these events. This article is not criticising those who are involved as it is just their job and in some ways they are working to safeguard the public, these people know that these protests are just for show, a day out and bit of distraction for the plebs.

Its very surprising that the general public have not cottoned onto the fact that these public protests in this country achieve nothing. If they spent time reading and empowering themselves instead of holding placards there would be quite a change in this “Controlling of the Narrative”.

Our recent show The Global Local Cabal looks into the bigger picture of “The Big Society”.

Public assemblies and meetings are controlled by Delphi Technique:

Delphi Technique controls the agenda in organisations and every form of public consultation these so called protests give the illusion of what people call Democracy. This video below  shows Consensus programming by a facilitator at Occupy St. Pauls. The woman in this video is a trained change agent with a “co facilitator”. Occupy St. Pauls was taken over by government agents and undercover police.

Knowledge is Power

The solution to the looting can only be found in knowledge of how the system really works not the childishly simple soundbites and timewasting presented by these protests and the dumbded down media.

This quote is from a document by Change Agent organization UNLtd and reveals how a consensus reality will be created. This from the Big Society Public Administration Committee in march 2011.

 “The impact of reductions will be one of anger, the degree of which is yet to be realised. As the reality of reduced services hit, people will rise to take action. The key to Big Society succeeding is to galvanise this energy.”

In 2015 thousands of Change Agents are now working against the interests of the public and in the interests of the Consensus Big Society promised by Cameron. See our  Mini Holland Schemes=Fake Green Fascism “Galvanising this energy” means taking over all forms of dissent or protest and controlling the narrative.

If you are the UN, IMF and Knights of Malta then it is necessary to control the population while appearing to give them a voice.

Check out our article and videos on Big Society Change Agents for more information on how this works at every level of public “consultation”.

The genius simplicity of controlling both sides of a debate works every time and the people still think they are participating.

Its YOUR protest so ENJOY..Stop the cuts, End austerity, lets have a day out.

…on a lighter note undercover cops can usually be caught out by saying “Allright sarge”.

Here is another government set up called The Bank of Ideas which was used as a fake squat in The City of London to change squatting laws in public buildings. Note that the facilitator in this video is undercover cop Mark Weaver who is at many protests.

Check out the videos and article  :Police State Harassment Exposed  which features videos including our “Infiltration Special”

Here is  Russell Brand being heckled at a Peoples Assembly protest. Some are awake to the manipulation and the use of front puppets. The manipulation doesn’t always work.

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