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Have you ever wondered what happens in courts and when you are given a fine?

The procedures in the laws of commerce are important for everyone to know.


Birth Certificate Legal FictionThis is follow up show to the history of London shows which leads into the updated (1540) Cest Quie Vie Act of 1666 which states that estates (us) are lost at sea if not claimed after seven years. This Act is used to administer affairs on your behalf. This show features the bigger picture of the Person as Property and the birth certificate and the Laws of Admiralty.

The information starts at 13 mins:

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Find the previous shows here

Here is the Insurance Scam referred to:

The previous shows include London 1666 Phoenix Rising

London 1666 The Great Fire

The articles from Windows on the World which are discussed in this show:

Is a Birth Certificate a Death Certificate?

Freeman v Legal Fiction



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