UN Bans Free Speech at UK Festivals

UN Bans Free Speech at UK Festivals, Newspeak, Nospeak

Green Gathering ridicules and BANS Speakers.

Freedom of Speech, Oldspeak, Newspeak, Nospeak,

Windows on the World Live-EP 10 – 2017-08-13.

Hosted by Mark Widows and Tony Hurst, with guest Piers Corbyn.

UN Bans Free Speech at UK Festivals, Newspeak, Nospeak. Mark Windows and Piers Corbyn were banned from The 2017 Green Gathering, an annual UK festival.

The bigger picture of the ‘Newspeak 1984’ society is revealed in tonight’s show.

Banning talks on  the shutting down of free speech and climate science and the response from the Trustees of this Charitable Trust is discussed this show with Tony Hurst , Mark Windows and Piers Corbyn.

Why mainstream CO2 claims are ‘fake news’ and fed to us by ‘useful idiots, and hove to find the evidence and prove it to yourself.

‘Transition and Sustainability,’ yes those words a re back again, we can’t keep them out of a show due to the fact that everyone is using them.

Piers Corbyn Weather Action


Contributions from the AM ChatRoom, thanks to everyone who took part!

0STU0: Sustainable Development demands the ‘social contract’ must change apparently

myddrin: Q: Do we have any idea how many years worth are we sitting on in the UK.. and can we stop talking about co2

kevti: was at a gathering years ago re direct action and a couple of American green ladies took over and steered energy in a totally different direction, DELPHI METHOD but I didn’t  know at the time

Samisgood2: Ecotricity and good energy are two of the main sponsors of the green gathering!! They use wind power and piers talk outed the flaws of that that’s why they didn’t want the talk

The great transformation is from the current legal and economic international order to sustainable development under the UN.

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UN Bans Free Speech at UK Festivals, Newspeak, Nospeak



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