Antifa Handbook -The Protocols of Zion

Live every Sunday at The recent targeting by Antifa of a debating group in London and the bigger picture of Antifa. See Antifa attack Londons OAPs

Part two features singer songwritet Alison Chabloz


Here is the headline from one of the online “News” sites.

“Neo-Nazis plan London meeting to discuss Princess Diana conspiracy theories”

No one has the right not to be offended. It is all down to the feelings of the individual and is subjective. The lobbying groups and politically correct drones conciously or unconciously working for theose who are shutting down free speech are as we have stated turkeys voting for christmas/ They are working for the one world global governance objectives of the deep state and UN.

Recently in the UK posts by terrorist organization Antifa along with their partners in crime Hope Not Hate have relentlessly targeted a group of senior citizens over the past year called the keep talking group.
Antifa and Hope not hate have put out inflammatory and malicious posts inciting hatred and preempting violence from their useful idiots in masks.

The RMT union were coerced into appearing attending on th back of false information.
James Trhing 74 year old peace activist who has been tryi ng to get Blair arrested for war crimes was knocked to the ground by antifa cowards.

InterestinglyThe UN have slammed right wing protestors at Charlotteville whilst letting the so called leftists off the hook as they are part of the new global governance and UN plan of destruction of all rights under their world communist system.
We have done a number of shows which can be found on the website also in the archives at autonomous media on the hate filled charity Hope Not Hate funded by public domations to the jo cox memorial fund, they are of course a charitable trust.
Several suspect online publications including Busines Times Online, The Jewish Times and the hatefilled propaganda site all carried stories before and after the meeting held recently by the Keep Talking group. The meeting was to be about the death of princess Diana presented by the author of a play about Dianas death.

The propagandists were fed fake news by so called activist Jez Turner of the london forum that it was about Mossad killing Diana which was a complete lie, however the controlled opposition never need facts to get in the way of subversion.
Inciting hatred online is an offence so why are these hate filled propaganda sites still there?
Anyone who follows British politics and the power and influence of the Israel lobby will fully understand how one group can form terorist alliances and still steer Britsh politics and its useful idiot friends of Israel by manipulation and free champagne and all the other priveleges offered by the the spies and agents of Israel who occupy every level of society and also of course the Israeli embassy which had many embedded spies as reported by Jonathin cook and many See al jazeeras the lobby and the channel four dispatches documenary Inside the Israel lobby

The useful idiots of Antifa along with the creators of antisemitism also known as the Campaign against antisemitism and subversive terror charity Hope Not Hate have used their Saul Alinsky model of isolating the target and attacking it relentlessely. It was Obama who actually started the community organizers or comunist spy programme in case we forget. It is also active in the UK. See article big society change agents at wotw

All this subversion by Antifa and Hope Not Htate is of course straight out of the Mossad handbook and waging war by deception is their overall operational .strategy.

If we look at the techniques used by the so called intelligence services they all use the same psychological warfare including the four Ds deny , disrupt, degrade and decieve..or destroy depending on the level of attack.
We have spoken about this in previous shows on Mind control and political correctness. In fact the whole bigger picure is all around us and to those not brainwashed into submission it is obvious.

The use of ad hominem attacks, associating a group or individual with being racist, mysoginist, denying the holocaust and anything that might stick if repeated often enough are all used all the time as we will reveal it is all from the Antifa Handbook circulating on the internet.
Whether this is fake or not it perfectly describes the simple and only tactics used by Antifa.
When we look at the protocols of Zion referred to by propagandists as a forgery, ..well a forgery is an exact copy but not actually the original so the content would be exactly the same if it was a forhgery.. Well if we compare the main oblectives of these protocols with the alleged Antifa manual now availalble online there is a great deal of similarity in approach.

Written as though they are prophesising a future when they will have ultimate power and control over everything including the media puts the Antifa manual right up there with the protocols and the malicious hatred expressed for anyone but their tribe and the destruction of all opposition indicates clearly that both could have been written by the same authors, even if the Antifa manual and the protocols are both forgeries, they are also both badly written.

This along with online abuse and stalking which should be illegal but that is somehow overlooked when these criminal organiztions are involved is all part of the agenda.

The use of associating an individual with completely unassociated groups is also a well used technique and used relentlessly in their vicious smear campaigns and was much in evidence in the ludicrous articles printed on these fake news propaganda sites we have talked about
The tiny keep talking group in the uk have been quite comedically linked with Neo Nazis, a term which no longer has any meaning whatsoever and in the case of this quiet debating society absolutely laughable, in fact it is quite surreal as these neo nazis include elderly academis who formed the group during afternoon tea at Harrods but are alleged by the propagandists and repeaters on these sites as being a group started by antisemites in America.Never let facts get in the way of a smear campaign when waging war by deception
The term far right is also meaningless and is now hurled at anyone who might disagree with Antifa and the Israeli propaganists who control it.

George Soros may have to dissappear altogether if enough countries wake up such as Hungary did. Soros was the subject of a poster campaign stating the country did not want him, he responded thet the posters were antisemitoc which was ironic as it was a picure of him, though he was by definition an antisemite who worked against his fellow tribe members during ww2.
The useful idiots and mental midgets who form this group though are not capable of any kind of real propaganda just reactionary responses which make no sense to anyone except their mentally challenged members it canot be overlooked that The mental age of these people is in line with what the puppet masters behind them use them for ..useful idiots to be used for destabilization.
These fake so called liberals will be the first to be sacrificed after their job of destabilization is done, thats if the puppet masters get away with it and those recruited by antifa are by definition useful idiots and easily controlled and triggered.
Their actions are way beyond or is it behind Pavlovian conditioning.
The future possible scenario could be that

Antifa are the useful idiots being used for destabilization and unrest. When they have served their purpose they will be destroyed by so called patriot or right wing groups who will be themselves absorbed into the One world government agenda. Using fear of the radical left and possible resurgence of Antifa type organizations as a threat to coerce the majority into police state control and microchipping
Another part of the agenda includes:

The campaign against anti semitism which only exists because it keeps creating more antisemitism all the time anf this organizatoion are well behind the attack dogs and useful idiots of Antifa, antifa do their dirty work for them while the Campaign for Finding antisemitism manipulate on an admin level by inciting hatred against people who dont agree with Israel and its genocidal lunactics ..and policies inflicted on governemnt through lobbyists and agents in the name of charity.
Another Israeli supremacy attack group masquerading as a charity for victims The community security trust which is actually not about community but one elitist group also report a massive rise in antisemitism which nobody else seems to be seeing. The occasional sprayed on swastikas have to be taken with a large pinch of salt as even mainstream news media have reported Jews spraying swatikas and kill the jews around their neighborhoods and university campus site to further the cause.

The CST have also set up a psychological help unit for those traumatised after major events, most of their time though is really spent on finding causes of pre traumatic stress disorder, a well known condition in the CST community as described by Gilad Atzmon.
Their statistics are their own and we dont see any breakdown or actual facts but we are told that there has been a 30 percent rise in antisemitic incidents. THIS IS LARGELY BECAUSE OF THE FUNDING WHICH OF COURSE RELIES ON THEM FINDING SOME.
If white eurpoeans had such an organization it would be inundated with reports as those subversives who shout about white male privelege and white privelege in general actually mean they at at war with white Europeans as are those who align themselves with the racist protocols of Zion and the lunatics of Antifa and all the manipulated fiends of Israel or in reality the shabos goy turkeys voting for christmas

A propagandist called Michael Wolgroch was posting this hateful nonsense fake news which incites hatred on socail media platforms so I responded with this. It is essential to use ridicule against their ludicrous claims.
Inresponse to the articles in IBN News, ans The Israel Times
This article is pure propaganda and the group referred to are mainly OAPs who discuss histrocal narratives. There was no link to Mossad, Israel or anything else until this Fake News story appeared. Jez Turner the far right so called activist is not even a part of the group. The e mail stating the meeting was about Mossad killing Diana was circulated to these organizations by him.
The keep Talking group was formed in Harrods Tea Rooms not in America. The campaign for finding Antisemitism is having a laugh with this one. The likes of Antifa and Hope not Hate who create these stories are the real “Nazis by their twisted definition of the term.
There was no response on the forum of libcom to this as there was nothing they could actually argue with.


Israel Times/ Int Business News/

Holocaust deniers said to be attending meeting in Holborn to discuss theories on how Lady Di died
By Ewan Palmer
August 8, 2017 11:40 BST

(file photo) An invitation to the meeting is said to be circulating among prominent neo-NazisGetty
A protest has been planned against a group of far-right activists and holocaust deniers who are holding a meeting in central London to discuss conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana.The latest meeting is believed to be discussing theories surrounding Princess Diana to coincide with the 20thanniversary of her death on 31 August.Keep Talking is run by conspiracy theorist Ian Fantom, who was pictured wearing a T-shirt saying “9/11 and 7/7 were staged” at an event also attended by Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers and notoriou Holocaust denier Nicholas Kollerstrom.


Ewan Palmer
August 8, 2017 11:40 BST
Anti-fascist organisations will hold a demonstration against the “secret meeting” in Holborn on 9 August organised by Keep Talking, an obscure far-right group known to promote a string of conspiracy theories regarding the Holocaust, 9/11 and climate change.
More from IBTimes UK


A meeting in Holborn where participants were planning to discuss how Israeli spies murdered Princess Diana was cancelled on police

advice this week.

he Keep Talking group, whose participants include neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers often dubbed “Nazis in suits” by anti-fascist campaigners, was to discuss conspiracy theories surrounding Diana’s death at the Millman Street Community Centre on Wednesday.

On Tuesday morning, however, organisers were told by the venue that the centre was withdrawing the hire of the room, which cancelled the meeting. Keep Talking’s Ian Fantom said the centre said it was acting “on police advice

The event was due to involve several figures known for their extreme far-right views and support of conspiracy theories, including London Forum organiser Jeremy Bedford-Turner, who this week claimed that “Mossad murdered Diana to stop her supporting the Palestinian cause as Dodi [Fayed, Diana’s partner at the time] wanted her to do”.

Gerry Gable, the long-serving editor of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said Keep Talking “has its root among American anti-Semites who spread the story that the ‘Jews’ were behind the 9/11 attacks.”

He said: “They put out the line that Jews employed in the Twin Towers were secretly ordered by the people behind the attack that they should not go to work on the day of the attacks… It was obviously easily disproved.”
Fantom said Bedford-Turner’s claims about Mossad murdering Diana were “the first suggestion of such a thing I have heard… that line has absolutely nothing to do with Keep Talking”. He added: “Jeremy Bedford-Turner has been on our mailing list, but I am about to strike him of
While welcoming the cancellation, Gable, 80, this week argued that an increasing prevalence of far-right voices in the United States meant that “we are in the worst situation since 1945”.
Gable said: “The combination of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s financial and political support, plus a growth of the far-right among those close to [President Donald] Trump, makes for a very dangerous situation. There are a growing number of alt-right people from the US and Canada now operating here.”
The Campaign Against Antisemitism claim the centre sought police advice after CAA alerted the hosts to the true nature of the event.

The release of the alleged Antifa training manual coincides with their relentless and mindless attacks some of which we have highlighted previously on wotw.

On 31 august the Antifa anti fascist handbook was published and available on Amazon. Amazon have banned hundreds of books on orders from Yad Vashem Holocaust Corporartion in Israel. All books on revisionism have been targeted.

Born soon after fascism was invented in the early 20th century, the anti-fascist movement – aka ‘antifa’ – has a long, fascinating history that is surprisingly little known. As it makes a dramatic and widespread reappearance in Trump’s America, this book is both a rivetting history, and an accessible guide to methods used over the years to fight repressive demagogism.
BiographyMark Bray is a political organizer and PhD Candidate who has been involved in the global justice movement, the anti-war movement, student and immigrants’ rights work and labor organizing for many years. Most recently, he was an organizer with the Press and Direct Action Working Groups of Occupy Wall Street in New York City. Mark is a PhD Candidate at Rutgers University studying modern Spanish history, focusing on anarchism, terrorism, state repression, and human rights around the turn of the 20th century.
aka Multicultural cultural Marxist meat puppet

His writings have appeared in Foreign Policy, Critical Quarterly, Theory in Action, The New York Times Examiner, We Are Many: Critical Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation (AK Press, 2012), and The End of the World As We Know It? Crisis, Resistance, and the Age of Austerity (AK Press, 2014).Translating Anarchy:

The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street is his first book. Doesnt he mean the globalism of occupy?
the manual hilariously teaches their members to use name-calling as a tactic to create for “tolerance” in America. “When all else fails, compare someone to Hitler.” They then discuss how to play the race card and use their minority status to gain the advantage. “Remember you are black first…American second.” or “Gay/Lesbian first” and “American third” and so on.
Use social media as a baton to slap down anyone who hold fascist viewpoints. Call them racist, homophobic, misogynistic. Create an echo chamber around you.” Here’s a few of the of quotes from the Media section of the manual:
“It’s important to gain control of the media through any means necessary.
“If you are seeking positions of power in the media, be sure to obfuscate and hide your true intentions on the various social media platforms.”

After demonizing the other side and using the media to propagandize Americans, the next step for Antifa terrorists is to threaten the livelihood of anyone who dares speak out against their agenda. They teach their followers to LITERALLY destroy the lives of anyone who opposes them.
An entire section is dedicated to being pro-abortion, where these terrorists talk about how white people can afford to have their “fetuses” aborted, while “people of color” must be forced to keep their “fetus” to term.
Finally, the terrorists lay out their ultimate goal, which is the New World Order and New World Government, and they will use violence, hatred, and “whatever means necessary” to completely destroy their opponent, AKA Americans.
There will be Antifa agents in control of the microchipping agenda.

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