The Memory Hole

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The Memory Hole

The Mind Field


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The Memory Hole - Show

The Memory Hole

This show covers the nature of memory and the ability of recall. We also cover false memory syndrome, the rewriting and distortion of history and how to improve and access memory. The recent loss of memory amongst the population and its possible causes are also addressed.

The Mind Field

The Outbreak of thinking continues. Following on from where the last show, The Memory Hole left off . This show gives evidence of how, where and when the real is encountered.

The Gateway Experience, a method of entrainment using the frequencies of Alpha , Beta, Theta and Delta waves are used for learning or even encountering the state of “Energy in”Infinity”. None of this was secret, it was used by “Out of Body” experience pioneer Robert Monroe in the early 70’s and in his  publication, “Journeys Out of the Body”


Show notes and links:

The Memory Hole

The Mind Field


Further Links and reports referred to in the show:

Implanting False Memories

Consciousness Manipulation Experiments

New Zealand Herald 7/7 Bombers shot

7/7 Article from Wayback Machine

Schuman Resonance and Earths Magnetism




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