The Cult of Saturn



We have done several shows on the influence of  The Saturn theory .

In the show we talk about the possible conjunction (thousands of years ago) of Saturn, Venus and Mars depicted through symbolism in different parts of the world.



The Saturn theory posits that the gas giant was once a lot closer to the Earth and had a much bigger influence, being referred to as the Black Sun or the Best Sun when it bathed the Earth in a purplish light. The religious cults which worship Saturn are also featured in the shows.


Listen to our shows:

The Ancient Skies

The Cult of Saturn



Norman Bergrun – Ringmakers of Saturn


We also refer to catastrophist author Comyns Beaumont.

Here is our summation of his theories and our shows on the subject of –

Britain – Shattered Isles


Our 2014 show The Cult of Saturn with Troy McLaughlin and Jay Weidner

A follow on to our 2014 Show with Troy McLaughlin: 


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