Surviving the Mass Extinction

The recently announced “Climate Emergency” brought about by the state and Globalist backed “protest” group Extinction Rebellion (See our show Extinction Rebellion – The Facts) has been announced by councils in the UK and now the UK Government in the twilight hours of the Teresa May regime have announced Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 which in reality is the end of modern civilization.  Ireland has now stated that petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned by 2030. The 2030 UN plan for Ireland.

The escalation of the UN Agenda 21/2030, a global action plan implemented at local level means the removal of all inalienable rights, rights of travel and the depopulation of the countryside. Leo Varadker, the Irish prime minister recently announced the UN Agenda 2030 plan for Ireland, by 2030 the population will be forced to live in cities along with mass immigration of an extra million people.The high density housing was also referred to by this puppet politician who is merely imposing a globalist totalitarian system on behalf of the UN.

The endgame of this global action plan is to have the global population forced into Smart Cities, surveilled by the internet of things in what are in reality open concentration camps. The announcement of a Citizens Assembly also on the back of the demands of Extinction Rebellion is also examined, the template for hoodwinking the public through PR and “consensus” will mean the predicted outcome will be arrived at using agents of change who will be carefully chosen through profiling by the recruitment campaign. The solution is only to be found in the public liability of those who are enforcing the agenda. UK Parliament guide to “Citizens Assembly”

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Surviving the Mass Extinction

The Global Local Con

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