BANNED Climate Conference Goes Ahead

CO2 Scam Exposed
                             Dawn of Truth Climate Change Conference


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Scientists putting on The Dawn of Truth Climate Conference were banned from UCL in London despite a UCL Lecturer booking the event. The conference did go ahead in London at Conway Hall who would not advertise the conference on its website. The scientists are all respected peer reviewed and hugely experienced in their selected fields. The problem seems to be in their questioning the now provably fraudulent data being used to enforce the CO2 Climate Change agenda. The IPCC who are behind this with the UN are imposing poverty, death, loss of rights and huge taxation on the worlds population. We hear from those courageous scientists who are questioning the Big Lie. Viscount Monkton also addresses the lies in The Guardian, Brian Cox and the UCL.

All Lectures can be seen here.


Climate Change Exit For Britain


Exit Climate Con



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