Parking Ticket REMEDY and More!


Parking Ticket REMEDY and More!

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Parking Ticket Remedy.

Windows on the World Live EP-14.

Parking Ticket Remedy. Now more than ever it is necessary to focus on reality, not the reality of the post truth media and the endless terror games so this week we look at some remedies such as using the Bills of Exchange Act and VAT invoices to remedy the endless stream of revenue for land pirates aka parking charges. Pete Thomas has the site

Mark Windows and Tony Hurst with guest Peter go into the wider implications of using law against land pirates.

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Here are some of the other issues covered:


A situation in which people are more likely to accept an argument based on their emotions and beliefs, rather than one based on facts: or PROGRAMMING WITHOUT FOUNDATION EVIDENCE.

This tendency has been exploited over centuries (but never on the current scale) by Monarchy, Financially lead institutions, Governments, NGOs, Corporations and political organizations to destroy truth and law and replace it with fraud and deception.

Truth and Natural Law, that which is inherent and co exists with nature has been destroyed by Academia, Economic Fraud, Psychology and Fake belief systems and most importantly by those within the administrative system.

The Golden Rule of Law.

Everyone is equal under the law and nobody is above it.

So, with all that in mind let us proceed with honour whilst acting accordingly…

If your feeling hungry and looking for a new recipe, Pete Thomas has some ideas for you here

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Parking Ticket Remedy.

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